Parshas Va'eira
Shemos 6:2 - 9:35

The Words That Hashem Spoke To Moshe ©

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

This study is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Michael and Mrs. Channah Sakash, may they rest in peace.

Last week we concluded with these words in reference to the Gematria of 222: ‘So now we await the Moshiach who will again pick up the rod of our fathers. He will lead B’nei Yisroel. He will lead the entire world. He will hold the rod high like Moshe Rabbeinu did. B’nei Yisroel will look upon the rod in faith, then our enemies will be defeated.’

This week we see Moshe as the deliverer of Yisroel. Our parsha begins where we left off. The first word of this week's parsha is Vah Yih Dah Bayr {And Spoke [Hashem to Moshe]}. The Gematria of Vah Yih Dah Bayr is 222. This Gematria connects us to last week when Moshe picked up the rod. Mystically here we observe that our Creator’s words give new hope to B’nei Yisroel.

The Gematria of 222 is how we began last week’s discussion. Before B’nei Yisroel became slaves, Ha Torah stated they were Vah Yah Ahtz Moo {[exceedingly] mighty}. The Gematria of Vah Yah Ahtz Moo is 222. {Shemos 1:7}

Our sages say from the time of their enslavement until the time of their deliverance B’nei Yisroel declined to the 49th level. It was here in the depths of no hope that B’nei Yisroel again began their ascent to be "MIGHTY". What happened? Ha Torah says, Vah Yah Ah Mayn Haw Awm {they [B’nei Yisroel] believed}. The Gematria of Vah Yah Ah Mayn Haw Awm is 222. {Shemos 4:31}

Next we will observe that it was what Hashem said to Moshe, Vah Yih Dah Bayr, {‘and [the] words’} that separated Moshe, Yisroel and Pharaoh.

In this week's parsha we observe that the Gematria for Pharaoh is 355.

In last week's parsha we stated that the Gematria for Moshe was 345.

The difference between the normal Gematria of Pharaoh {355} and the normal Gematria of Moshe {345} is 10. The Ten is represented by the letter Yud.

The difference between the Mispar Katan Gematria of Pharaoh {22} and Moshe {12} is also 10. The Ten is represented by the Yud.

The Yud represents Hashem's power over His Creation, first represented by the ten commands of Creation and second by the ten commands {plagues} in Mitzriam.

The Ten represents the difference between Moshe and Pharaoh. Moshe submitted to Hashem's commands, Pharaoh resisted submitting to Hashem's commands until the tenth Plague.

The Ten represents Hashem's Grace to Pharaoh and to Mitzriam. They had ten opportunities to repent. They had ten opportunities to send Kal Yisroel out of Mitzriam to serve Hashem.

The Ten represents the Mispar Katan of Yisroel which is the difference between Moshe and Pharaoh.

The Ten represents Hashem's Grace for any Jew who desires to repent during the ten days of repentance between Rosh Ha Shannah and Yom Kippur.

The Ten represents Hashem's Grace for Sodom and Gomorrah. Had ten righteous people existed within Sodom and Gomorrah they would have been spared. The potential for ten righteous people existed just within Lot's immediate family. There was Lot, his wife, his two married daughters and their husbands, plus his grandsons and his two engaged daughters and their future husbands. {See Bereishis 19:8,12}

The Ten represents our forefather Avraham's submission to the ten trials of his faith by Hashem..

...Ten Commandments given to Moshe on Har Sinai

...The Ten camels that Eliezer took loaded with special things for Rebecca

...The Ten times Lavan changed Yaakov's wages

...The Ten spies that returned an evil report, plus much, much more...

The difference between the full Gematria of Moshe {452} and the full Gematria of Pharaoh {723} = 271.

The Gematria Mispar Katan for Moshe is 12.

The Gematria Mispar Katan of Lay Mohr {spoke to [Moshe]} is 10. This represents the words Hashem gave to Moshe as we mentioned in the beginning of this discussion. They were ‘Go speak to Pharaoh, king of Mitzriam that he send everything from Aleph to Tav of B'nei Yisroel out of his land.’ Shemos 6:10,11

It was these words ‘Lay Mohr’ given ‘to Moshe’ that separated Moshe and Pharaoh.

The Gematria difference between the Gematria Miluy of Moshe and the Gematria Miluy of Pharaoh is 281. This Gematria is not revealed to me...

It is interesting to note that the word Lay Mor {Spoke to [Moshe]} occurs about 49 times in Sefer Shemos. The 49 represents the very high spiritual level of Moshe Rabbeinu. He was just one step from the highest level any human can attain in this life. The 49 also represents the depth of struggle to which Kal Yisroel had slipped, going in the opposite direction. They were just one step from the bottom.

This shows that when Hashem speaks, when Hashem gives His words, they bring about life and redemption and judgment. Hashem's words must penetrate His leadership. Then the words that Hashem has given to His leadership will produce results for B’nei Yisroel. What a powerful combination. Moshe was sent to restore B’nei Yisroel to a high spiritual level. He received Hashem's words and used Hashem's words to restore B’nei Yisroel.

This is reinforced by the fact that the words, Vah Yih Dah Bayr Hashem Ehl Moshe Lay Mohr {And Hashem spoke to Moshe} are repeated 70 times in Ha Torah. Hashem selected 70 men as elders of Yisroel to assist Moshe. The very first time Ha Torah records these words,
‘Hashem spoke to Moshe,’ is in Shemos 6:10 which is this week's parsha. The first word of this phrase is Vah Yi Dah Bayr and the last word is Lay Mor. Ha Torah records the qualifications of leadership, ‘You must seek out from among the people capable, G-d-fearing men, men of truth, who hate gain.’ Shemos 18:21

This is the type of leader that Hashem has chosen to be the coming Moshiach of Yisroel, a capable, G-d - fearing man, a man of truth, a man who hates gain.

In addition the words Vah Yoh Mehr Hashem occur about 210 times in Ha Tenach. 210 represents the number of years B’nei Yisroel were in captivity in Mitzriam So Mystically speaking again when Hashem speaks, when Hashem gives His words, they bring about life and redemption and judgment throughout all of Tenach. In other words, every time we see the words Vah Yoh Mehr Hashem we should remember the great deliverance of B’nei Yisroel from Mitzriam. Regardless of whether or not Hashem’s words are life and redemption and judgment, the concluding result is freedom. This freedom is alluded to by the number of times the words Vah Yoh Mehr Hashem occur in Ha Tenach. Combined they equal the total number of years B’nei Yisroel was in captivity. Mystically they also represent the total number of years that Jews worldwide await the Moshiach. When Moshiach comes and fulfills our Creator’s words then all Ha Tenach will be complete. All that Hashem has spoken will be accomplished thus accomplishing all 210 occurrences of ‘And Hashem spoke..’

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Written in 5760
Updated in 5764

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