Parshas Terumah
Shemos 25:1 - 27:19

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By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

This study is offered in the very loving memory of Samuel and Miriam Goodman, may they rest in peace and may their memory be for good.

In Parshas Terumah, fifteen categories are listed that can be given for the Terumah offering. {Shemos 25:3-7} Fifteen represents the Gematria for the word Hod meaning glory, splendor, majesty, beauty, grandeur, magnificence and majestic splendor. That is exactly what the finished product resulting from these categories would produce:

Hashem’s presence dwelling in the Mishkon...

- The Mishkon with its drapes of fine twisted linen of greenish blue, dark red and crimson wool with the figures of the Cherubim woven into them, connected with planks and pillars and golden clasps...

- The Aron of the Covenant with the golden crown and the Cherubim wings spread upward...

- The Shool Chawn for the Lechem, Menorah of pure gold fashioned from one piece with its base, shaft, cups, knobs, flowers extending with three branches from each of its two sides...

- The Menorah tongs and scoops...

- The Mez Bayach overlaid with copper, with its grate of copper netting...

- The copper pots to remove its ashes, copper scoops, basins, flesh hooks and its fire pans...

From this we learn that Hashem’s presence desires to dwell in a beautiful place. We also learn that we, the Jewish people, will be attracted to the presence of Hashem dwelling within the Hod of the Mishkon. Spiritualist people will be attracted to the presence of Hashem dwelling within the Hod of the Mishkon. This attraction is represented by the first category, Zaw Hawv, meaning gold.

The Torah, the 613 mitzvahs drawn from the tablets of stone are designated to eventually be placed within the Aron Kodesh We read, ‘{the words of Torah}, are more desirable than gold, than even much fine gold; and sweeter than honey, and drippings from the combs.’ Tehillim 19:11

We are acquainted with the attraction of gold and the attraction of honey. Outside the Denver area, about forty miles to the west, is a small community, Idaho Springs. A short distance from the center of town along the banks of Chicago Creek, George A. Jackson discovered gold on 01- 07 - 1859. This was the site of the first major gold discovery in Colorado. Jackson’s discovery resulted in thousands of people flocking to Colorado. Today a monument of Jackson stands in that memorial place that forever changed Colorado. Gold mines still operate in the Idaho Springs area.

Dovid Ha Melech recognized the attraction of gold when he scribed Tehillim 19. That is why he compared the words of Torah to the finest gold. When we examine the Mispar Hamispari Hagadol for Zaw Hawv we arrive at the Gematria 1135.

The Gematria Mispar Hamispari Hagadol represents the Zaw Hawv of the Mishkon in its fullest splendor at its greatest height, in its complete magnificence. It is here that we notice the Gematria 1135 for Vih Heesh Tah Chah Vee Taw {and bow down [to them]}. Bow down to what?

With the enormous beauty and the presence of Hashem dwelling in the Mishkon, it is difficult to imagine that years down the road - in Devarim 4:19 - we will be reminded not to Vih Heesh Tah Chah Vee Taw {bow down to them} to the sun, moon, stars or the hosts of the heavens . How is it that we may be drawn from the Hod surrounding the Mishkon? What attraction could the created have when compared to the Creator?

The point here is that when the Mishkon was constructed in the Bamidbar, those living then were dwelling within sight of its attraction. They experienced its beauty and power daily. Now, over 3,000 years later, we do not enjoy that opportunity. Our closest experience is the Western Wall and Ha Torah. One generation after B’nei Yisroel entered Eretz Canaan and settled into their new homes, many could not view the Mishkon as they once did. Everyone was spread throughout the country.

Now thousands of years later, we Jews experience many disconnections. One of our greatest disconnections is that we did not live in the incredible Mishkon environment or in the environment of the Bet Ha Mikdosh. As a result some of us have unfortunately turned to the fool’s gold of other religions and objects which seem to cast off some attraction... some glitter.... G-d forbid, as Moshe warned us NOT to do in Deuteronomy!

We need to reconnect with that wonderful experience of thousands of years ago. Our living connection is the Zaw Hawv of Torah.

Wishing you the best,

Blessings and Peace!

Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Written in 5760
Updated in 5764

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