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Ortodox Congregation
Rabbi Pesach Sheiner
4900 Sioux Drive
Boulder, CO 80303
Phone 303 494-1638
Fax 303 938-8350
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BLOW YOUR VERY OWN SHOFAR THIS ROSH HASHONA Fashion your very own Shofar from a real animal horn, as you learn the entire process from the cooking to the final polishing. A Truly meaningful and
Enjoyable Experience Admission free. Shofar Making ($25.00 value), $15.00 without reservation, $12.00 with reservation by August 27. Join Rabbi Yisroel Engel of Denver, CO who has directed Shofar factories for the
past 20 years at The Jewish Community Center in Boulder 3800 Kalmia Ave. at 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM and 3:30 PM. The Free Shofar making Demonstration will be followed by Shofar Making. Reserve now to ensure you
will be able to make your own Shofar. Horns are limited. Call Chany Scheiner @303-494-1638 or e-mail @lubofbldr@juno.com.


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