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Abraham - aka Avraham #85 and Avram - See Genesis 17.5 [Avraham ben Terach] - means' Father of Nations.

Abram - aka Avram #87 - See Genesis 11.26

Abimelech - Avimelech #40 king of Gerar - means 'Father of king.'

Adam - aka [הָאָדָם] Ha Adam, Adam #120 Ha Reshon Adam #120 - meaning - 'man, the man, men, humankind.'

Akeidah - The Akeidah עקדה - See Genesis 22 - See The Schottenstein Edition Siddur for Weekdays With An Interlinear Translation) - The Akeidah is a prayer in which a Jewish Siddur prayed every day. - means 'the binding, the self-sacrifice.'

Aleph - [א] The Aleph #502 - #507 is the first letter of the Hebrew Aleph Bet / Hebrew Alpha Bet. The Aleph = One. The Aleph is representative of HaShem / the L-rd. The Aleph means - 'to learn, to train, one thousand.'

Aleph Bet - means 'the Hebrew Alphabet.'

Aleph to Tav - [א ת ] When I use the words 'from Aleph to Tav,' I mean 'from the first L etter of the Aleph Bet, the Letter Aleph [א] to the last Letter of the Aleph Bet, the Letter Tav [ת].' The Eht represents being all-inclusive from the beginning of one letter to the conclusion of another letter. 'The word את Et is spelled א Alef ת Tav, the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It, therefore, implies a transition from beginning to end. Rabbi Ishmael, therefore, states that its main purpose [in the instance he is referring to] is to indicate the transitive sense of the word "created."

Rabbi Akiba, on the other hand, replies that the very fact that Et contains the Alef Tav implies that it superimposes the entire alphabet between the subject-verb and the predicated noun, adding all things that pertain to that noun(Cf. Or Torah, Bereisheit). See The Bahir p p 108, 109 

Amorah - Ha Torah Says, [עַל־סְדֹם וְעַל־עֲמֹרָה] 'On Sedom and on Amorah. The KJV says, 'upon Sodom and Gomorrah. However, there is no letter [ג] Gimmel, the only Hebrew letter with the 'G' sound.

Angel - See Malach - Angel #4397 means' messenger.'

Ark - Ark # 8392 means a box, a chest.'

Avram - See Abraham.

Avraham - See Abraham

Avinu - [אבינו] means 'our father.'

Azel - One of the Angels who fail and sinned.

Baal Teshuvah - Is a Jew who has begun her / his return to Judaism.

Babel - Bavel or Babylon #894. See Genesis 10.10; 11.9 - It was in Babylon where one language, Hebrew, was confused into seventy languages.

Bayit - Bayit #1004 means' house'.

Bereisheit - [בְּרֵאשִׁית] is the Hebrew name for Genesis. Bereisheit is the first word of Ha Torah. Bereisheit is the first book of Ha Torah. There are fifty chapters in Bereisheit. Bereisheit means 'in the beginning.

Bereisheit Bereisheit - Genesis 1.1 - 6.8

This is one of twelve Parshat in the book of Genesis. Bereisheit means beginnings. When Bereisheit is repeated, it is 'Great beginnings.'


Bereisheit Chayei Sarah - Genesis 23.1 - 25.18

This is the fifth Parshat of twelve within the book of Genesis. Chayei Sarah means 'the life of Sarah.'

Bereisheit Noach - Genesis 6.9 - 11.32

This is the second Parshat of twelve within the book of Genesis. Noach is the Noah of the flood. Noach means 'restful.' 

Bereisheit Lech Lecha - Genesis 12.1 -17.27

This is the third Parshat of twelve within the book of Genesis. Lech Lecha means 'Go! Get out!'

Bereisheit Mikeitz - Genesis 41.1 - 44.17

This is the tenth Parshat of twelve within the book of Genesis. Mikeitz means at the end.'

Bereisheit Toldot - Genesis 25.19 - 28.9

This is the sixth Parshat of twelve within the book of Genesis. Toldot means 'history or generations.'

Bereisheit Vayechi - Genesis 47.28 - 50.26

This is the twelfth Parshat of twelve within the book of Genesis. Vayechi means, 'and he lived.

Bereisheit Vayeishev - Bereisheit / Genesis 37.1 – 40.23 This is the ninth Parshat of twelve within the book of Genesis. Vayeishev means, 'and he settled.'

Bereisheit Vayeitzei - Genesis 28.10 - 32.3

This is the seventh Parshat of twelve within the book of Genesis. Vayeitzei means, 'and he left.

Bereisheit Vayera - Genesis 18.1 -22.24

This is the fourth Parshat of twelve within the book of Genesis. Vayera means 'and He Appeared.'

Bereisheit Vayigash - Genesis 44.18 - 47.27

This is the eleventh Parshat of twelve within the book of Genesis. Vayigash means, 'and he approached.'

Bereisheit Vayishlach - Genesis 32.4 - 36.43

This is the eighth Parshat of twelve within the book of Genesis. Vayishlach means 'and he sent.

Bet - [ב] is the second letter of the Hebrew Aleph Bet. Bet #1004 - #1006 means' house'.

Bilhah - See Genesis 29.29 Bilhah #1090 means' terror, disaster, calamity troubled'.

B’nei Yisroel - [בְנֵי־יִשְׂרָאֵל] - See Genesis 32.33 {He]; Genesis 32.32 Bnei Yisroel means ‘children of Israel’.

B'nai Noachides - B'nai Noach [ בְנֵי־נֹחַ] See Genesis 18.9 means 'the sons/children of Noach.'

B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC B'nai Noach Torah Institute, LLC is a Jewish school offering courses to anyone on Judaism, Sabbath, Kashrut, Biblical Gematria, Jewish Kabbala, The High Holidays, Hebrew, Prayers on the internet to Jews and Noachides. 

Brit Milah - [ בְּרִית מִילָה] is the ritual circumcision. Brit #1285 [בְּרִית] means 'covenant'. Milah #4139 [מִילָה] means 'circumcision'.

Cain - aka Kayin [He]; Cain - Cain is the first son of Adam and Chavah / Eve. See Genesis 4.1

Canaan - Canaan #3667 [כְנָעַן] is the land of Israel. Canaan means 'merchant, merchandise trader.'

Chadashim -' Months'

Chametz - Products with leavening/yeast. Products with Chametz time for the dough to rise.

Chanoch - aka Enoch- Chanoch [He]; Enoch #2585 is the Father of Methushelach [He]; Methuselah means 'education or training. However, there is no Letter [א] Aleph or Letter [ע] Ayin, the only Hebrew letters with the 'Ee' sound.

Charan - is a city in northwestern Mesopotamia, just east of the Euphrates River. It is usually a seventeen-day journey from Chevron. See The Midrash Says p 217.

Chavah - aka Chavah [He]; Eve #2332 - There is no Letter [א] Aleph or Letter [ע] Ayin, which are the only Hebrew letters that have the 'Ee' sound. Chavah means - 'life, living.

Chief Baker - 'officer over the bakery.'

Chief Butler' officer over butlers'.

Chief Executioner - [שַׂר הַטַּבָּחִים] 'officer over executions'.

Chof [כ] is the eleventh Letter of the Aleph Bet. Chof means 'spoon' or the 'palm' of one's hand. 

Chodesh - 'Month'

Commandment - [צוה] See Mitzvah Command, Commanded, and Commandment #6680 come from the same root. A commandment is an 'order.' 

Creator - Creator is a name I like to use for HaShem God, the L-rd God.

Deenah - Deenah [He] Dinah # 1783 is the first daughter of Yaakov and Leah. See Genesis 30.21 Deenah means' judgment'.

Divine - I use Divine to mean from or of God. Divine can mean holy, as in the Holy Scriptures.

Dream - Dreams # 2472 recorded in Ha Torah are prophetic. 

Egypt - aka [מִצְרַיִם] Mitzrim {He] Egypt #4714 . This is the country that gave birth to B'nei Yisroel. Mitzrim is in the northeastern part of Africa, next to Palestine. Mitzrim means 'heavy darkness, gloom.'

Elifaz - [אלפז] is the son of Eisov, Grandson of Yitzchok, and nephew of Yaakov. 

Emeinu - [אמנו] means ‘our mother’.

Erev Shabbat - [ערב שבת] This is Yom Shi Shi / the sixth day in the evening; It is Friday evening.

Eisov - aka Eisov [He]; Esau # 6215 means 'hairy'.

Eretz Canaan - [אֶרֶץ כְּנַעַן] aka Eretz Canaan [He]; the land of Canaan 

Esav - See Eisov

Evier - aka Evier [He]; Eber #5677 is the great-grandson of Shem ben Noach, the son of Noach. Shem and Eiver established a school / Yeshiva where Avraham, Yitzchok, and Yaakov learned. Evier means 'to Hebraize, to [teach[ the Jewish religion culture].'

Feast of Unleavened Bread. - This is a seven-day period in Israel and eight days outside of Israel, where Jews do not consume or use leaven. 

The Festival of Matzos is the same as the Festival of Unleavened Bread. There is no yeast in the Bread. The Bread is not given the time to rise. Less than 18 minutes pass from when the water and flour touch, are mixed, rolled out, and baked. 

Fo'c'sle - This is the extreme forward compartment of a ship.

Flood - When Ha Tenach speaks about a flood #3999, it references the flood in Noach's time. The flood began in 1656 CF [from Creation]. See Dr. Akiva Gamliel's 16-month calendar.

Gabriel - This is about the Malach / Angel Gabriel #1403, whose name means 'God of strength' [He] or 'Man of God. See Bava Metzia 86b - n (37)

Gematria - This is a systematic method of revealing and understanding Biblical exegesis through the relationship of Hebrew letters and numbers. Gematria applies to the Torah, Tenach, Prayer Siddurim, and other books. The origin is not Hebrew but possibly from the Greek 'Geometria.'

Gargantuan - Very large task.

Gematria Miluy - means 'each Letter of a Letter Hebrew Aleph Bet is spelled out.'

Gomorrah - See Amorah

Goshen -  The area of Egypt that the Children of Israel dwelt in

Gregorian Calendar - It is also known as the 'Western Calendar,' 'The Christian Calendar,' and most notably 'The Civil Calendar'. . It was named after Pope Gregory XIII. The Gregorian Calendar changes day to midnight instead of sundown, uses pagan names, celebrates pagan holidays, and follows the sun's movement. 

Ha Adam - See Ha Reshon - Adam #120

Haftarah - : (lit., final passage) This passage is from the Nevi'im / Prophets, which is read in the synagogue after the Parshat reading from the Torah Portion of the Bible. The Haftarah is read in the week it chronologically occurred during that Parshat week.

Hagar - Hagar #1904 was the daughter of Pharaoh, a Princess who was given to Sarah as a servant because of his miss deeds. Pharaoh tried to take Sarah for his wife when she was already married to Avraham. Hagar became the wife of Avraham. She bore Avraham a son, Yishmael. Later Sarah told Avraham to 'Drive out this slave woman and her son...' Genesis 21.10. Later after Sarah's death, Avraham took Hagar back as his wife. Hagar's name was changed to Keturah. See the Artscroll Tanach Series, Bereisheit Vol 1 pp 965, 966

Ha Mikdosh - [בית מקדש קדוש] means the 'Holy Temple.'

Ha Reshon - When one carefully examines Ha Torah, they will notice that the original reference to [הָאָדָם] Ha Adam was to both Adam the first man and Chavah / Eve the first lady. See Genesis 1.27. They shared the same body known as Ha Adam. See Genesis 1.26, 27; Genesis 5.1, 2 'This is the Book of Generations / Histories of humankind in the day God Created [singular] Adam [singular]. He created them with male and female parts [in one body]. He blessed them and named them [Adam]. on the day they were created.' See The Metsudah Chumash / Rashi p 54; See The Midrash Says p 33 

Ha Reshon means 'the first man.

Ha Reshonah - means 'the first lady.' 

Har Sinai - Mount Sinai

HaShem - Ha means 'the,' and Shem means 'Name.'

Hevel - aka Hevel [He]; Abel #1893 was the brother that was the first human being on earth to be murdered. Hevel was murdered by his brother Kayin. See Genesis 4.8. There is no Letter [א] Aleph or Letter [ע] Ayin in Hevel. These are the only Hebrew letters that have the 'Ah' sound. Hevel means 'emptiness, breath, steam.'

Horticulture - is the art of practicing garden cultivation.

Isaac - aka Yitzchok [He]; Isaac #3327 See Yitzchok Isaac means 'laughter.' 

Jordan River - aka [נהר הירדן] Nehar Ha Yarden is a river in southwest Asia that flows 251 kilometers / 156 miles and ends at the Dead Sea. 

Judaism - observes the 613 mitzvot of ha Torah.

Kaddish - This special prayer of praise is recited by a mourner for a departed loved one. Kaddish is said during the seven days of mourning and at the Yahrzeit.

Kal Yisroel - means 'all of Israel.'

Katan - means 'smaller.'

Kayin - aka Kayin [He]; Cain - Kayin is the first son of Adam and Chavah / Eve. See Genesis 4.1

Kivod Av Vih Aym - This is an honor for one's Father and mother.

KJV - King James Authorized Version of the Bible 1611.

Kohein - aka Kohen - A descendant of Aharon the Kohen Gadol / High Priest. The Kohein was responsible for performing duties in the Holy Temple.

Kohen Gadol - High Priest. There is only one high priest at a time.

Levi - Levi #3878 is the third son of Yaakov and Leah. See Genesis 29.34

Limood - 'Study' The Limood is a study of Genesis chapter by chapter each week by Noachides. The study begins each year with a new beginning, the week of Rosh HaShanah, the Day of Judgment, and the birthday of the World.

Lot - The nephew of Avraham. Lot #3876 means 'to wrap, to cover.

Malach - See Angel #4397 - Malach means 'messenger.'

Matzah - There is no yeast in the Bread. The Bread is not given the time to rise. Less than 18 minutes pass from when the water and flour touch, are mixed, rolled out, and baked. 

Maariv prayers - Evening Prayers are offered immediately after sundown at nightfall.

Malki Tzedek - which means 'King of Righteousness,' is Shem, the son of Noach. After the flood, he was known as the king of peace and righteousness.

Mem - [מ] The Letter Mem is the thirteenth Letter of the Hebrew Aleph Bet. The Mem is used to define 'comparative thought.'

Menasheh - aka Menasheh [He]; Manasseh #4519 

Methushelach - aka Mesushelach [He]; Methuselah # 4968 [מתושלח] [מת] death [ו] and [שלח] to send - Methushelach means '[when this child] dies send death .'Methushelach is the oldest person in the Bible. He lived for 969 years. He died seven days before the Noach flood when Noah and his relatives entered the ark.

Midrash - Commentary of the Sages... Sefar HaYasher, quoted in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18, is an example of instruction and Rabbinical Commentary.

Milkah - aka Milkah [He]; Milcah #4435 ; was the mother of Rivkah / Rebekah. Milkah means 'the queen.'

Mishlei - [משלי] is the Book of Proverbs

Mispar Katan - is where ONLY the first number is counted. For example, 10 is 1, 100 is 1, 90 is 9, 60 is 6, and 400 is 4.

Mitzvah - [צוה] Command, Commanded and Commandment #6680 come from the same root. A commandment is an 'order.' 

Mitzvot - See Mitzvah - means' Command'.

Mitzraim - See Egypt

Mount Sinai - This is the location The Lord God Gave the Oral and Written Torah to Moses.

Mysticism - Jewish Mysticism is an integral part of the Chassidic movement within Judaism. The mystical school of thought is known as Kabbalah. Mysticism explains many things not understood. Mysticism opens the door to esoteric thought.

Mystical - Mystical relates to mystics of Jewish thought who study allegory and symbols transcending human understanding.

Mystically - See Mystical

Nephilim - The Fallen is about the giants, the sons of God. Angels who fail who sinned.

Neshamah - [נשמה] Neshamah is the third level of the soul. Neshamah means 'Spirit Mind .'This is the intellect that permits us to connect with Creator. [רוח] Ruach is the second level of the soul. Ruach has mortal virtues and distinguishes between good and evil. [נפש] Nefesh is the first level of the soul. The Nefesh is our animal-like instincts and cravings. 

[חיה] Chayyah is the soul that opens our awareness of the Divine life force. [יחידה] Yehidah is the fifth level of the soul that has the ability to unity with the Creator.

Noach - aka Noach [He], Noah #5146 - means' rest'.

Noachide - The Lord God Gave Seven Observances to Adam and Eve to Observe in Genesis 2.16. Anyone that carefully Observes the Seven Commands automatically enters Heaven upon departing this world/

Osnat - aka Osnat [He] Asenath # 621 is the daughter of Deenah, whom Shechem assaulted. She is the granddaughter of Yaakov and the daughter-in-law of Yaakov. Osnat was driven from Yaakov's house as a child by her uncles, according to Pirkei d'Rabbi Eliezer. Her uncles were concerned that people would speak of licentiousness in their tents. They were concerned that people would think that they were morally perverse. Yaakov engraved a metal plate and put it around her neck. The words stated that whoever married her would marry a relative of Yaakov's family. Osnat was placed under a bush. A Malach took her to the house of Potifer in Mitzriam. His wife, Zulaicha, raised her as their daughter. Twenty-two years later, Pharaoh ordered that Osnat marry Yoseif. See Artscroll Bereisheit Vol 2 pp 1800, 1801.

Parshat / Parsha - The Torah portion of the Bible is divided into a portion. The portions are divided into one per week for the entire year. The portion is called the Weekly Parsha or Parshat. The Parshat is to be studied in its given week.

Passuk - means 'verse.'

Pesach - 'Passover'

Pharaoh - Pharaoh # 6547 means' great house'.

Pirkei d'Rabbi Eliezer - This is a Tannaitic midrashic book by Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrcanus.

Potiphar - aka Poti-phera, Potipherah #6319, was the stepfather-in-law of Yoseif. See Genesis 41.50

Potifer's Wife - See Zulaicha

Pidyon HaBen - Redemption of the firstborn - Every firstborn among the Children of Israel must be redeemed. All firstborns from among the Children of Israel, rather human or animal, belong to The Lord God and, therefore, must be redeemed according to the direction in the Torah Portion of the Bible.

Rachel - Rachel [He] Rachel #7354 means' ewe, sheep'.

Raphael - [רפאל ]means 'Angel of healing.' Bava Metzia 86b -n (360

Rashi - Simon ben Isaac, a French rabbinical scholar 1040 -1105.

Raw Shaw - means 'evil.'

Reuvein - aka Reuvein [He], Reuben #7205 is the first son of Yaakov and Leah. See Genesis 29.32

Rivkah - aka Rivkah [He], Rebekah #7259 means' team'.

Rosh Hashanah - [ראש השנה] Rosh Hashanah is the birthday of the World. It is the day all created things stand in judgment before their Creator. Rosh Hashanah means 'head of the year.

Rosh - 'Beginning'

Rosh Chodesh - The date on which the new month begins. For more detail, review the Year Month Guide.

Sabbath - [שבת] Sabbath [He] Sabbath #7676 is the seventh day of the week. B'nei Yisroel is commanded to rest on the seventh day. Sabbath means 'to rest, to cease from labor.

Samech - [ס] The Letter Samech is the fifteenth Letter of the Hebrew Aleph Bet. Samech means 'support, i.e., One can be relied upon.' 

Sarah - aka Sarah or Sarai was the wife of Avraham. See Genesis 11.29 and Genesis 17.15. Sarah #8283 means a noblewoman, a Minister'.

Seudah - A meal

Shechem - Shechem #7927 is the name for the prince of Shechem who assaulted Deenah, the daughter of Yaakov. Shechem means 'back, shoulder.'

School of Shem and Evier - See Evier

Sefer Ha Yonah - means 'The Book of Jonah.'

Seven Commands - originate from Bereisheit 2.16. The Seven Commands were given to Adam and Chavah / Eve to observe.

Seven Laws - See Seven Commands

Seventy Languages - See Genesis 10.10; 11.9 - It was in Babylon where one language, Hebrew, was confused into seventy languages.

Shamchazzi -  One of the Angles who fail and sinned.

Shavuot - The 50th Day - The Omer is counted beginning the second evening on Chodesh Reshon day 16. The Omer is counted for 50 days. The 50th day is Shavuot.

Shechinah - is the 'Presence of the Alm-ighty.'

Shem - Shem #8035 was a son of Noach. Shem means 'name.'

Shema Yisroel - [שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל] means ‘Hear Oh Israel’. See Deuteronomy 6.4 - 9

Shimon - aka Shimon [He], Simeon #8095 is the second son of Yaakov and Leah. See Genesis 29.33. Simeon means 'heard.'

Shlomo Ha Melech - aka Shlomo Ha Melech [He], king Solomon #8010 'Solomon' means 'peace.' 

Spirituality is a Spiritual person, i.e., they observe the Seven Laws of the Bible.

Spiritualist / Noachide Covenant - This was given to Noach after the flood. See Genesis 9.8 - 17

Sodom - Sodom #5467 is the city that Avraham's nephew, Lot, lived in that was destroyed by fire from Heaven. See Genesis 19.24.

Solomon - Is the Son of David and King of Israel and the writer of several books of the Bible.

Talmud - The Talmud is a commentary on both the oral and written Torah.

Taryag Mitzvot - [תריג מצות] are the 613 Commands from Ha Torah given to the B'nei Yisroel.

Tav - [ת] is the twenty-second letter, i.e., the last letter of the Hebrew Aleph Bet. Tav means 'sign, mark.'

Tehillim - [תהלים] Tehillim is the Hebrew word for the Book of Psalms. Tehillim means 'psalms.' 

Tenach - [תנ''ך] aka Tenach, Tanach, or Tanakh is an acronym that identifies 

[תורה נביאים כתובים] The acronym represents the Writings [ך] the Prophets 

[נ] the Torah [ת]. Christians refer to Ha Tenach as the Old Testament.

Terach - means ‘imbecile’.

Torah -[תורה] is Genesis / Bereisheit}, Exodus / Shemot, Leviticus / Vayikra, Numbers / Bamidbar, and Deuteronomy / Devarim are the five Books of Ha Torah. The Five Books of Moshe {Moses} and the Pentateuch are other names for Ha Torah. God gave the books of Ha Torah to Moshe on Har Sinai. In addition to the Torah, the Written Law, God Gave Moshe a more comprehensive explanation of the Written Law known as the Oral Law; both the Written and Oral Law constitute the Torah. Torah means 'Law.'

Tzaddik - means 'righteous' - A tzaddik is a righteous person.

Tzedakah: Charity given to help others is often given in memory of a deceased loved one.

Ur Kasdim - is defined by our sages as the fiery furnaces of Chaldee. See the Artscroll Tanach Series, Bereisheit Vol 1 348, 349; 515

Weekly Parsha / Parshat - See Parshat

Viceroy - One who rules on behalf of a sovereign.

Yaakov - aka Yaakov [He], Jacob #3290 is the son of Yitzchok and grandson of Avraham. See Genesis 25.26. Yaakov means 'grip his heel.'

Yahrzeit - Yahrzeit is a Yiddish term representing the Hebrew anniversary date of a departed loved one. On this date, the neshamah {spirit/breath} and the goof {body} separated. The spirit entered into the World of spirits. Some spirits are close to the Creator in Gan Eden, while others are distant. Those distances can be elevated through the good deeds of children, relatives, and friends. And the body of our departed loved one, God Willing, was placed in the ground to decay. This is a form of repentance after death.

Yardon River - See Jordan River

Yay, Tzehr Raw - means 'evil inclination.'

Yay, Tzehr Tov - means 'good inclination.'

Yehudah - aka Yehudah [He], Judah #3063 is the fourth son of Yaakov and Leah. See Genesis 29.35. Yehudah means' praise'.

Yerushalayim - aka Yerushalayim [He], Jerusalem # 3389 means 'to teach peace.

Yishmael - aka Yishmael [He], Ishmael #3458 means 'He, God will hear.

Yitzchok - aka Yitzchok [He]; Isaac #3327 Yitzchok is the son of Avraham and Sarah and the Father of Yaakov. See, Yitzchok Isaac means 'laughter.' 

Yom Kippur - means 'day of atonement.

Yoseif - aka Yoseif [He], Joseph #3130 is Yaakov's eleventh son and Rochel's first son. See Genesis 30.25 Yoseif means 'HaShem added.'

Yud - [י] The Letter Yud is the tenth Letter of the Hebrew Aleph Bet. Yud means 'a jot.' 

Zayin - [ז] The Letter Zayin is the seventh Letter of the Aleph Bet. Zayin means 'arms' or 'weapon.'

Zulaicha - Foster mother of Osnat. Wife of Potifer.