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April 25, 2000


Shalom Dear holy reader of our weekly studies at JewishPath,


The volunteer staff, my wife Naomi and I are so delighted that you are one of our students.

We have some wonderful news to share with you. Sometime, G-d Willing, within the next 72 hours someone will click on our 'SIGHT' as the five hundred thousandth {500,000} student for this year. We are so thankful to Hashem for his goodness' in blessing our outreach to the world!

We simply wanted to include you in this wonderful wonderful news! Thank you for studying with us! We ask Hashem to bless and enrich your studies as we G-d willing continue to learn together.

On May 31st we will conclude our second year on the internet. If you would allow us we have several requests:

First, If you have a web site please link to JewishPath.

Second, please send an invitation to your Jewish acquaintances inviting them to learn with us at Jewishpath. Our Glossary, Gematria, Humor and Stories among the best on the internet.

Third, we need volunteers to assist us with our Hebrew / Yiddish Glossary, our Humor Page, Story Page and serve as editors. Our Associate Editor Ben Silverman will be leaving us. He and Rachel Gold handle the majority of our hundreds of e-mail responses. We need a very special person for this task. Pray for us. We will miss Ben.

Fourth, please take this opportunity to share in a MOST POWERFUL MITZVAH, reaching over 500,000 students in our second year by sending a support gift. Each of us at JewishPath would dearly appreciate your partnership!

We need you as a partner.

Please remember not everyone can or will be able to do as we have requested. We wish it were possible. Many of the students visiting our "SIGHT' are from impoverished countries often with low earning capacities. The rate of exchange from their country to the USA is 3 to 1 or 4 to 1. Sometimes higher. These are Jews and sometimes non Jews that cannot offer any support. As a result we must turn to individuals like yourself with requests for assistance.

The Story Of Young Womans Gift
Last year we received an e-mail from a young woman living in an improvised third world country. She wanted to dedicate a parsha in the memory of her loved ones. This lady, her husband and their four children earned less than $15,000. per year. A few weeks later a money order arrived with Chai, $18.00 US dollars in it. Our staff was so touched by this enormous act of love and generosity. The rate of exchange was about four to one. Another words it was 4 x Chai {18) or $72.00 of her countries dollars.

This individual is a Baal Teshuvah that our staff has corresponded with over the past months. She is such a blessing!

Our students range from University educators to Rabbium, to business people, to college students, Jews and non Jews, wealthy and poor. We are so thankful for each of you!! May Hashem bless you! We need you! We need your partnership. Can you think of a greater Mitzvah than sharing in the blessing of reaching over 500,000 people in this past year.

My dear dear friend, Daniel Kravatz, his wife and children got the ball rolling yesterday with the first gift of 4 x 18 $72.00. Naomi and I joined with our contribution of $72.00 today. All of the staff of JewishPath will participate. Now we ask you our readership to join with us in a gift of $72.00 in the next 72 hours. Honor a friend with your contribution or remember a loved one! Please just do whatever you can.

Your name will included in our sponsorship page with a gift of any size.

Please send your support gift to:

JewishPath, Inc.
P.O.B. 1075
Georgetown, CO 80444-1075 USA

We thank you!

Warmest regards,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk
Director of JewishPath

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