Parshas Tezaveh
Exodus 27:20 - 30:10

Light! ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Paul Sakash, may he rest in peace.

Hashem, the source of Light, is unimaginable. His Light is amazing and astonishingly unique. His Light is pure, transparent brilliance. His Light is virtually unknown to man, even great men. In the beginning when "G-d said, 'Let there be light'" {Genesis 1:3}, it is not meant to imply the absence of light. Yet Light was G-d's first recorded command of Creation. So if Light existed why was it necessary to create new light?... different light?... additional light? Notice that Hashem created Ehs - HaOhr, meaning "the light". The Gematria of Ehs - HaOhr is 613 as I discussed previously in the article "Receiving Pleasure And Enjoying the Best of What Life Has to Offer." I said, "From this we learn that Ohr emanates from G-d flooding all Creation. The Ohr that Creation experienced on Day One was that of Hashem. It was not sun, moon or starlight. It was not a created light since this light was always in existence. It was the "Revealed Light." G-d chose to reveal Himself in His eternal existence. The light of Torah was unwrapped and revealed!"

Ehs - HaOhr {the light}
613 = Reish = 200 Vav = 6 Aleph = 1 Hey = 5 - Sav = 400 Aleph = 1

Holy reader, last week we discussed one mystical interpretation of Genesis 1:1,2 in the article entitled "The Purpose of Creation: Prepare A Place for Me!" We said that in the mystical sense Genesis 1:1,2 translates as follows, "In inception G-d created the heavens and the earth. And the earth became desolate and chaotic. And darkness encompassed the face of the abyss. And the Spirit of G-d hovered upon the waters." We continued in explanation, "The heavens and the earth were created perfect in the mind of G-d. Then G-d chose to create freedom. G-d created the freedom to obey or to disobey. G-d created choice. G-d knew that in creating choice He was permitting His perfect inception to become desolate and chaotic. Which it did. Then when G-d's perfect inception did become desolate and chaotic... when man sinned... when man became rebellious... when man turned away from G-d... when man rejected G-d's perfect inception, essentially when man ruled the earth the earth became void and empty, the earth became desolate and chaotic... It was then that darkness covered the face of the abyss, the world that man destroyed... It was then after man's failure that the Spirit of G-d hovered over Ha Maw Yeem, meaning the waters." Then we explained that water represented a cleansing agent. Water is a purifier. The water encompassing, covering the earth acted as a purifier of our destructive, chaotic past. {We urge you to read the whole article to get the full gist of this interpretation.}

Ha Maw Yeem {meaning the water}
95 = Mem = 40 Yud= 10 Mem = 40 Hey = 5

Now, dear reader, immediately following our destructive chaos {verse two} we continue on to the revelation of light {verse three}. As stated, this was not just any light, it was the revelation of the Torah. We recognize Ehs - HaOhr as the Torah because its Gematria is 613. The Torah has 613 mitzvahs, commandments.

Now last week we stated that the Gematria of Ha Maw Yeem is 95. We correlated this to the ninety-fifth mitzvah of Torah which is "And [B'nei Yisroel shall] prepare a holy place for Me [so] I shall reside among them." Exodus 25:1,2,8 Holy reader, that place was and is the Mishkon {the Tabernacle in the wilderness}, the Bais HaMikdosh {the Holy Temple} and the Mishkon / Bais HaMikdosh of our inner being. Now within that Temple are the Commandments of G-d, the Torah, all 613 mitzvahs! Not one of them is omitted or done away with! They are all there! They are there in our Temple...

In these mystical lessons we learn that not only is the Light the Torah, but we learn a little about the source of that Light. The Torah says {Hashem speaking to Moshe}, "'And, you command B'nei Yisroel. And have them bring to you... olive oil.'" What olive oil? "'...have them bring to you Zawk olive oil.'" What is Zawk olive oil? Zawk olive oil is representative of Hashem, the source of Light. So what is Zawk? Zawk means "Perfect... Pure... Clean... Clear... Spotless... Translucent! Dear reader, Zawk is representative of Hashem!!

Now we return to Genesis 1:3 and observe that after G-d revealed the Light {the Torah}, it was revealed in the midst of darkness. Then G-d viewed the Light {the Torah} while it remained in darkness and "G-d saw the Light [the Torah] was good. He differentiated. G-d divided the Light [the Torah] and divided the darkness."Genesis 1:4

Observe the words Haw Ohr Voo Vayn Ha Cho Shech, meaning "the Light [the Torah] and divided the darkness." In other words, the word "FROM" does NOT exist here! G-d did not divide the Light "FROM" the darkness or divide the darkness "FROM" the Light. G-d divided the Light [the Torah] and divided the darkness, PERIOD!! This means that the Light and the darkness exist separately. Yet G-d calls the Light Yom {meaning day} and the darkness Law Yi Law {meaning night} even though this was Day One of Creation and the sun, moon and stars were not created until Day Four of Creation. So when we move to verses 14 through 19 we learn that even though Yom and Law Yi Law were divided / separated on Day One, their division was not distinguishable by nature until Day Four. That means that the evenings and the mornings of Days One, Two and Three were NOT distinguishable as we know them today. This is very important because it assists our human understanding in that within the Torah there are mitzvahs we cannot humanly understand. {'Why do we do this?' 'Why do we observe this mitzvah?'} Yet they are part of the Torah, of the Light, even though we do not understand their purpose...

Haw Ohr Voo Vayn Ha Cho Shech {the Light [the Torah] and divided the darkness}

Haw Ohr {the Light [the Torah]}
212 = Reish = 200 Vav = 6 Aleph = 1 Hey = 5

Voo Vayn Ha Cho Shech {and divided the darkness}
401 = Chof = 20 Shin = 300 Ches = 8 Hey = 5 - Nun = 50 Yud = 10 Bais = 2 Vav = 6

613 = 212 + 401

In addition to this, the Torah confuses many Jews and non Jews. We attempt to rationalize and understand things that are beyond our reach, beyond our possible understanding. In the mystical sense notice the Gematria of the following:

Bayn Haw Ohr Voo Vayn Ha Cho Shech, meaning "divided the Light [the Torah] and divided the darkness." The Gematria of Bayn Haw Ohr Voo Vayn Ha Cho Shech is 675. Bayn Haw Ohr Voo Vayn Ha Cho Shech is representative of the physical part of Creation, NOT the spiritual, NOT the mystical! Now notice when the first divider {Bayn}, the divider of Light, is dropped we have Haw Ohr Voo Vayn Ha Cho Shech, meaning "the Light [the Torah] and divided the darkness." We have the darkness being separated BUT the Light, the Torah is NOT separated! In other words the Light has NO BOUNDS only the darkness has bounds, Thank G-d!! If the Light... the Torah had the same prescribed bounds as darkness in the spiritual sense, then our questions would have obvious answers. But this would be at the cost of the Light being able to reach into the dark places and rescue a Jewish soul. The Light, G-d forbid! would be prevented from reaching through generations of assimilation to find that one Jewish soul that could be salvaged, that could be revived, that could be returned to Torah Judaism!

Bayn Haw Ohr Voo Vayn Ha Cho Shech{divided the Light [the Torah] and divided the darkness}

Bayn Haw Ohr {divided the Light [the Torah]}
274 = Reish = 200 Vav = 6 Aleph = 1 Hey = 5 - Nun = 50 Yud = 10 Bais = 2

Voo Vayn Ha Cho Shech, {and divided the darkness}
401 = Chof = 20 Shin = 300 Ches = 8 Hey = 5 - Nun = 50 Yud = 10 Bais = 2 Vav = 6

675 = 274 + 401

Holy reader, we see the limitation of darkness and the limitlessness of Light in the Gematria 613. 613 is the Gematria of Haw Ohr Voo Vayn Ha Cho Shech, which does not limit or bound the Torah, and 613 is the total number of mitvahs {commandments} in the Torah!

Best Wishes!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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