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Dear Holy Reader,
The services offered through JewishPath are offered in the loving memory of Mr. George W. Belk, Mrs. Ethel Channah Belk, Mr. Samuel Goodman, Mrs. Miriam Goodman, Mr. Arnold S. Litman, Mr. Mordechai R. Litman, Mrs. Augusta Litman, Mr. Michael Sakash and Mrs. Channah Sakash, may they rest in peace.

We are not a 501 C 3 {non profit} tax exempt organization. Even though our purpose is not political we reserve the right to express our thoughts and beliefs.

We began JewishPath outreach in 5759 {1999}. JewishPath, JewishLink and Seven Commands are all outreaches of B'nai Noach Torah Institute. Since then over 5 million individuals have visited, learned and benefited from the outreaches of BNTI.

BNTI offers many free services through these outreaches. However that does not mean they are FREE. BNTI does incur charges like any organization does. So even though we do not charge for the services offered through JewishPath and 7 Commands we do appreciate gifts of support. Every gift is greatly appreciated.

Hundreds of individuals have received quality Jewish and Spiritualist {B'nai Noachide} education through courses offered by B'nai Noach Torah Institute. Thank G-d! We offer over one hundered different courses and over one thousand five hundred different lessons. The courses at B'nai Noach Torah Institute are offered for a minimal charge. Everyone who gives to B'nai Noach Torah Institute shares in the mitzvah of our outreach services and our Institute.

Dear holy reader, can you think of a greater mitzvah than sharing in the rewards of reaching over five million individuals through the maggid outreach of JewishPath, 7 Commands, JewishLink and B'nai Noach Torah Institute? We need your prayers. We need your help. We need your support.

Your gift is used to continue our outreach, to pay for daily maintenance, software, hardware and internet costs.

Dear one, members of our staff join daily in prayer to request that Hashem bless those who help support our outreach. We ask Hashem to bless our supporters with continued spiritual growth and financial success.

Below we have set up a secure donation link through PayPal. We invite you to make a contribution through the above address or through this link!

May Hashem bless you!

Thank you for studying with us and thank you for sharing in our financial responsibility with your kind, generous gift.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk
Director / Cofounder, B'nai Noach Torah Institute

Daily / Weekly Studies

JewishPath, B'nai Noach Torah Institute and 7 commands offers dozens of tuition e - mail courses. Please visit BNTI's Tuition Courses page.
For Jewish Classmates: Gematria, Parsha, Tehillim, Medos, High Holidays and many more...
For Spiritualist Classmates: Bereishis, Torah, Blessings, Intro. Hebrew and many more...