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The services offered through JewishPath are offered in the loving memory of Mr. George W. Belk, Mrs. Ethel Channah Belk and Mr. Michael Sakash and Mrs. Channah Sakash, may they rest in peace.

We are not a 501 C 3 {non profit} tax exempt organization. Even though our purpose is not political we reserve the right to express our thoughts and beliefs.

We began JewishPath outreach in 5759 {1999}. JewishPath, JewishLink and Seven Commands are all outreaches of B'nai Noach Torah Institute. Since then millions ofindividuals have visited, learned and benefited from the outreaches of BNTI.

BNTI offers many free services through these outreaches. However that does not mean they are FREE. BNTI does incur charges like any organization does. So even though we do not charge for the services offered through JewishPath and 7 Commands we do appreciate gifts of support. Every gift is greatly appreciated.

JewishPath teaches Torah observance at face value (meaning literally), honesty for everyone, and that no one is excused from his or her own pursuit of righteousness. Every Jew is expected to work DAILY on his or her own improvement of medos. A brief venture on JewishPath will reveal that our path is observant in thinking but we are unaffiliated. We try NOT to focus on the various religious groups within Judaism. We all are Jews. That is our focus!!

JewishPath is devoted to the Torah! The Torah of Hashem that is perfect. We teach and follow the written Torah literally (the best we can). We believe the Torah was intended to make a very positive contribution to living, defining roles for religious leaders, business people and families.

We at the JewishPath wish everyone well in their personal search for God!

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BNTI - B'nai Noach Torah Institute Hundreds of individuals have received quality Jewish and Spiritualist {B'nai Noachide} education through courses offered at B'nai Noach Torah Institute. Thank God! We offer over one hundered different courses and over one thousand five hundred different lessons. The courses at B'nai Noach Torah Institute are offered for a minimal charge. Everyone who gives to B'nai Noach Torah Institute shares in the mitzvah of our outreach services and our Institute.

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Copyright regarding all articles written by Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Gematria is a very special area of Jewish learning that uncovers hidden lessons using letters and numbers. This is available only to tutition classmates and supporting membership of Weaver level and above.

Glossary Word Definitions for Hebrew and Yiddish are provided with the hope that it will make learning easier. This is available only to tutition classmates and supporting membership of Weaver level and above.

Holy Days is where we discuss each specific High Holy Day in Judaism.

Humor lists hundreds of clean Jewish Jokes. We believe JewishPath Reststop to be one of the best Jewish humor sites on the internet.

JewishLink links thousands of interesting Jewish links worldwide. There is a small charge for listing your Jewishlink.

Messianic Reply is a Jewish response unlike any you may have heard. Dr. Belk, a former Messianic, discusses Torah and New Testament issues with great insights.

Mysticism Within the letters and words of Torah are millions of hidden meanings. Dr. Belk examines and discusses hundreds of hidden meanings and lessons. This is available only to tutition classmates and supporting membership of Weaver level and above.

Parshat is a weekly drash on the parsha for that week.

Readers' Response / FAQ is a discussion from some of the many E-Mails we receive from you our readership. This is available only to tutition classmates and supporting membership of Weaver level and above.

Self Improvement are discussions written with a particular meda (character trait) as a focal point. Dr. Belk discusses that meda and the steps of self improvement surrounding it.

Stories / StoryTeller lists hundreds of true to life stories to provide us with direction and assist in learning Torah and in remembering things that are important.

Survivors Page is dedicated to the feelings and thoughts of survivors of tragedy.

Weekly Parshat is a weekly drash on the parsha for that week.

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