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R E S T S T O P!

Traveler, stop! Relax! Rest you tired bones here at the fork in the road for a few minutes. Lets enjoy a little humor.  Over there is a nice comfortable chair.  Please sit down and kick back! Lets spin a few tales. Can I offer you a few words of encouragement or maybe some advice? Maybe you'll join us for super later?

Friend, every traveler needs a pause from time to time.  At the rest stop you can find physical and mental relief.  Please feel free to drink from our streams, eat at our table and spin a yarn at our camp fire.  Park your Bluebird (RV) in any sight except No. 7. which is reserved for the Rabbi and his family.  That sight is easy to reconize.  It's the double wide sight at the entrance to the rest stop where you pay to get in.  Also sights 21 through 30 at the far end of the camp, on the extreem right  of the camp are for the orthodox. They are the only sights with two tables, fire grills, automatic timmers an Evru and a mechitiza. Sights 31 through 100 are for the traditionalist who want to be close to the orthodox but....  they have parking spaces.  All other sights are first come first serve except for a few sights in the back of the camp on the far left of the camp.  Those sights come with an extra mother in law space.   Obviously the Rest Stop is about humor.   The five star hotel is just down the street...  You are also welcome to share your clean humor with us via E-mail. MAKE SURE TO SCROLL ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE...


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