Walking In Yitzchok’s Revelation ©

Parshas Toldot
Bereishis 25:19 - 28:9

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

This parsha study is offered in the loving memory of Samuel and Miriam Goodman, may they rest in peace.

This week’s parsha is filled with the sadness of family problems. Every year at this time {close to Chanukah} family problems rear their ugly head in the weekly parsha. None of us are immune.

Consider Yaakov and Eisov, with each other from conception as twins, fighting within their mother’s womb. They were twins but not in the sense of righteousness. Yaakov was very righteous. Eisov was very evil.

Our sages explain that each time Rivkah, their mother, would pass the doorway where Torah was being studied by Sheim and Eiver Yaakov would rush to be born. Then when Rivkah would pass the doorway of a house where idolatry was practiced Eisov would rush to be born. This struggle within her was so great that Rivkah actually asked Hashem, “Why am I experiencing this?”

This is the same question parents worldwide have asked about their own children after they are born. Yitzchok and Rivkah raised their children properly. They were very righteous parents. They took an active part in each child’s life. Both children were sent to learn in Yeshiva, a house of study for young boys. Both boys did learn for awhile but eventually their true personalities surfaced.

The boys attended the Yeshiva of Sheim and Eiver for approximately two years before their zaidy, Avraham Aveinu, died. Both boys lived righteously up to the age of fifteen. We know this because Ha Torah says of Avraham that he “expired and died in a good old age and satisfied.” It would not have been good and it would not have been satisfying for Avraham to see either of his grandsons disobeying Torah!

Yitzchok loved Eisov. Rivkah loved Yaakov. From young in the brothers’ lives, their parents help to set the foundation for the strife that existed between them {the brothers} even before birth.

It was on the day of Avraham’s death that Eisov went hunting. He returned without success. He was very hungry. Yaakov was cooking red lentils as a first meal for mourners. Eisov wanted to eat. Yaakov prohibited him from eating until he promised to sell the right of being firstborn to Yaakov. Can one actually sell his birth position? NO! Just as a Kohen cannot sell the priesthood to a non Kohen and a Jew cannot sell being born Jewish neither can a firstborn sell his position. IT CANNOT BE DONE. All that it shows was Eisov was unworthy to be the firstborn. Later that is why Eisov stated, “This one has cheated me twice.”

It was before the age of forty that Eisov, according to our sages, kidnaped the wives of other men and took them forcibly. These were grievous sins of stealing, fornication and possible rape! It was at the age of forty that Eisov married two women from outside the religious beliefs of Avraham, Sarah, Yitzchok and Rivkah. These were idol worshipers who did not serve or worship Hashem Echad. “They were a source of spiritual bitterness to Yitzchok and Rivkah.” see Bereishis 27:35 These were grievous sins! When a Jewish child marries outside of Judaism or a Spiritualst child marries a non observant Spiritualist mate this should cause grief to the parents like it did for Rivkah.

It appears that Eisov’s parents continued to give him the benefit of the doubt in these matters. I cannot begin to understand what they were thinking of. Eisov was wrong! What he did was wrong! Yet we read of no punishment or retribution. In fact Yitzchok was going to bless this son who was vilely evil in place of the son who was honest, good and a student of Ha Torah! Why?

Eisov was at the age of 62 when Yitzchok called him saying, “My son...Behold, if you please, I am old. I do not know the day of my death. Now {therefore} please take your sword and your bow. Go out to the field and trap a tasty dish for me, the way I like it, and bring it to me that I may eat, so that my soul will bless you before I die.”

What brought this on? Yitzchok was 122. He would live for another fifty-eight years. He was now approaching the age {127} when his mother Sarah died. R. Yehoshua B. Korcho said, “When a person nears the age {of the death} of his parents he should be concerned five years before and five afterwards.”

It was at the age of about 63 that Eisov again married. He married the daughter of his half uncle, Yitzchok’s half brother Yishmael. It was during this period of betrothing that Yishmael died and Nevayos, Yishmael’s son, gave his sister to Eisov in place of his father. Ha Torah does not record Eisov divorcing his other two idolatrous wives...

Now there is a point to all of this...

Again, why was Yitzchok going to bless this son who was vilely evil in place of the son who was honest, good and a student of Ha Torah? Why?

Yitzchok did not have Rivkah’s revelation. Yitzchok did not know that Eisov, who was the greater son, would end up serving Yaakov, the son who was smaller. Only Rivkah had the revelation. Why didn’t Rivkah share her revelation with Yitzchok? Why did she keep it from him? Would sharing her revelation have changed anything?

I cannot say...However,

Yitzchok could only go by what he knew to be true. He could only go by what Hashem had told him... He could only go by what he had learned from his father Avraham and his mother Sarah... He could only go by what he had learned from the Yeshiva of Shem and Eiver... He was faithful to his degree of revelation even in the view of the sinful humiliation of his oldest son Eisov. Yitzchok was not spiritually blind. He was not overcome or blinded by love for his son Eisov. He was completely true to what he had learned.

In the same way Rivkah was completely true to what she knew to be true. As a result, she stepped in when it was necessary to do so. Until then she remained in the background with her revelation. What she did was not wrong! Her actions were based upon her revelation.

Now in the same way, to a certain degree, I can understand Jews who believe Jesus is the Messiah. They are operating within the limitations of their revelations / beliefs. Generally they have studied under weak revelation in this area. They have not advanced to greater levels because in the same fashion that Yitzchok loved Eisov they love and identify with Jesus. In actuality they believe that they have reached the conclusion of their search for the truth when in actuality they are stuck in neutral. Their search will begin again when the shock of Rivkah takes hold.

I have carefully examined their claims about Jesus. I have written over one hundred articles showing the problems of these claims. I give them credit. They are true to what they believe, as I am. Yet they cannot respond to these articles with anything but BELIEF!

This is where Christians Messianics differ with Yitzchok. While Yitzchok did believe that Eisov was to be the chosen heir, even in view of Eisov’s awful sinfulness, he had nothing to show him Yaakov was the actual heir. Now Christians Messianics , on the other hand, have many opportunities to know the truth. Yitzchok researched all levels available to him. He remained steadfast because there was nothing to dissuade him. Now, Christians Messianics make many big claims of Jesus / the New Testament, etc. that cannot be substantiated by anything but their own beliefs. They have the opportunity to read and study and carefully examine but it really requires learning Hebrew and openess to all the possibilities. It is much easier to make claims based on belief than to spend decades of one’s life carefully researching the facts and arriving at a conclusion as I have done. The opportunity for learning and knowing exists for those willing to do serious homework. This is why we encourage you to study at a Bet Yaakov or Yeshiva of your choice. We invite you to learn at B’nai Noach Torah Institute.

Within the religious families of the world we have this strife between G-d fearing people. Like Yitzchok and Rivkah we teach our children based upon our individual revelation. Yet we have this difference of revelation that will not be decided until, like Yitzchok, we go right up to the very point of blessing -- even after the point of blessing... then POW we all receive the same clear revelation of who Hashem had chosen as Messiah.

Again Yitzchok stood by his revelation. He was correct in doing this. Without Rivkah telling him, there was no greater revelation. In our world there are clear proofs. Not guesses! Not estimates like when the New Testament’s books were written! These proofs are in the clear revelation of Tenach. These proofs are in the many problems of the New Testament. These proofs are established in fact first, then built upon by faith. They are NOT established in faith alone.

In addition, these facts are established in what Hashem G-d intended for non Jews to follow and believe, simply: The Seven Noach Commandments... No fear of hell... No worries about who the Jewish Messiah is... Just observing seven commands given thousands of years ago BEFORE Ha Torah.

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Written in 5760
Updaten in 5764

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