The Story of Charlie the Chipmunk ©

by Akiva G. Belk


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There was a little chipmunk who lived in the mountains above Georgetown, Colorado. His name was Charlie. Charlie was very happy in his environment. He collected and sometimes stole food from campers at campground sites. Charlie was an actor! He performed several routines for the campers including: The Beggar; The Irresistible Cute Little Chipmunk; Stuff Your Jaws (campers love it); and Campers Pay Peanuts for pictures.

Charlie prospered in his environment. Then one day while running through the forest Charlie heard a faint wee little cry for help. He followed the cry to a hole by a rock under a cliff. Charlie approached cautiously. He was not familiar with this hole. It was larger than holes he dug. He carefully peered into the hole where the cry was coming from. What he saw was so cute it just captured his heart. She was tiny, furry, fat awkward and clumsy. Her name was Connie. She was really foxy. Charlie began visiting Connie four or five times a day with food and other things. In a short time Charlie and Connie fell in love. Soon Charlie moved in with Connie. Connie was a very big eater but Charlie was an excellent provider.

At first everything was wonderful. They were in love! Life had new meaning! They would run through the forest, jump over logs, play hide and seek and other such forest games. Spring soon passed. Summer was getting started when Charlie began to realize something was wrong. Connie had grown to twice his size in less than a month. She was still loads of fun but she enjoyed different games and her teeth were very sharp.
Then one dark gray day something happened. It was only twelve weeks after they began living together. Connie became observant. It happened so quickly. Charlie did not know how to react. However, before long it became very clear to Charlie that Connie had returned to the religion of her parents. He noticed that Connie had robbed the mouse cemetery. That disturbed him. Why would she do such a thing? This was opposed to the religion of chipmunks. Then today something tragic happened. While playing, Connie accidentally killed Charlie's friend Willard, a friendly little mouse (with a mildly deformed rear right leg) that lived with his family several fields away. This really disturbed Charlie. He went back to his old hole. He sat in his favorite chair. He pondered what to do. Charlie thought about how Connie had brought such meaning to his life. He really enjoyed being with her up until the last few weeks when she became religious. He rationalized! Connie has some very good points like one day last week when she killed that snake. Then there was yesterday when she beat up on Muggzy. Connie really hurt him. He was lucky to escape with his life. He was the bully that all the other little chipmunks feared! Muggzy was the head of the local campground Mafia. Charlie felt good! Charlie felt bad! He went back and forth about what he should do... Charlie wanted to continue on with his relationship with Connie. Then Charlie wanted to divorce Connie. He wondered, Why couldn't things be like they used to? Why did everything have to change so suddenly? Maybe Connie will change. Many thoughts rushed through Charlie's head as he sat there. Finally he made his decision. Charlie decided not be rash. He decided he would return to their relationship. Charlie left his secure little hole heading back to Connie's when it hit him right between the eyes. It stopped him dead in his tracks. For the first time in his life he realized he had fallen in love and married a religious fox... Charlie was stunned! He thought , I wonder if I can change her?...


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