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By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This essay study is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Paul Sakash, may he rest in peace.

This is routine language used by internet members via instant message that says: I will communicate with you if you are the desired age, the desired sex and in the desired location. How shameful! Your blatant honesty sickens me!

That is a smutty start to begin any conversation with. It is a giant RED FLAG WAVING in the air. It says in large bold letters: You are not the type of person that I would care to share any time with even if my age, sex and location were perfect!!! I feel like saying, Please retract your tongue from the gutter before it gets run over by the street sweeper! I could go on with my feelings of aggravation... However, maybe we can assist you in meeting your beshert, i.e. G-d appointed soul mate... Why not go to a Matchmaker or if your Jewish please visit us at jewishpath.org Fill out the form and we will post your information on our web sight for free! If not, we encourage you to search for a more dignified fishing pond. This is a new service so don't expect instant results... Good Luck!

What is Important?
To this internet member Age, Sex, and Location are NOT IMPORTANT. What is important is appreciation for G-d who created all things, appreciation for health even if it is feeble, and the opportunity to enjoy life. Each of us was created by G-d as a unique individual. Our individual DNA, our individual eye retina, our individual fingerprints and our individual voice are examples of unique characteristics given to us solely by the Creator. Please appreciate who you are. You are a very special unique individual. Enjoy, appreciate and be good to yourself.

Please don't lower your personal dignity to the acronym of ASL unless you are referring to Appreciation Scrupulous Lambent...

I encourage you to respond to our free offer and in the future when an internet member queries ASL respond by saying, NOT IMPORTANT!

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Akiva Belk

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