This study is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Arnold Student Litman, may he rest in peace.

Our world can at times be a most trying place. Then there are other times that our world is the center of wonderful experiences and everything that’s good. Sometimes we live in a world that is lonely, cold and desolate. Then there are other times when we shift to the happier side of life. The path from good to bad and back to good, from elation to depression and back to elation, from crowds to lonely isolations and back to crowds is like the shifting sands of the ocean.

We have now entered the gate to the year 5,764. That means we are approaching the cycle of Torah that, G-d willing, will carry us successfully through this year. Hopefully we will enjoy the good things in life with real enthusiasm. That is what the first parsha for this year begins with, Enjoying the good things in life.

From G-d’s six days of creating we gain a perspective on enjoying the good things in life. In Bereishis 1:4 we observe that our Creator, the Creator of the universe receives special pleasure from the light He revealed. Ha Torah records, “And G-d saw everything from Aleph to Tav of the Light was for good...” Let’s stop and focus on how light gives us such pleasure for a minute.

The utmost enjoyment in life is the Pleasure of the Revelation of G-d {enlightenment}. First, the word “light” is “Ohr”. Ohr is spelled Aleph (1) on the right, Vav (6) in the middle and Reish (200) on the left. Now let’s observe them in their proper order from right to left: 200 = Reish - 6 = Vav - 1 = Aleph “Ohr” was created as a directional word from right to left. This means that as the letters travel from the right where G-d is, they increase in their numerical value. In the word “Ohr” this is especially significant because the letter on the right is an Aleph. The Aleph represents the one and only G-d, Creator of everything.

From this we learn that Ohr emanates from G-d, flooding all Creation. The Ohr that Creation experienced on Day One was that of Hashem. It was not sun, moon or starlight. It was not a created light since this light was always in existence. It was the “Revealed Light.” G-d chose to reveal Himself in His eternal existence. The light of Torah was unwrapped and revealed!

How do we know this? Gematria supports these statements fully. Notice Bereishis 1:4, words three and four, Eht Haw Ohr {everything from Aleph to Tav of the Light}.

We already know 613 represents the total number of laws recorded in Ha Torah. This is the only place in Ha Tenach where Eht Haw Ohr occurs together. This fact is most significant In addition Eht Haw Ohr occurs in the center of the words, “And G-d saw everything from Aleph to Tav of the Light was for good...” This is another subject, but very interesting... Light is at the center of all good... Torah mitzvahs are at the center of all good...

Second, the word “Ohr” is the Gematria of 20. {See above.} Zih Kay Neem {wise elders} is another form of light which shares the exact Gematria of Ohr. Zih Kay Neem is the light emanating from the wise, from the elders. So we have the Ohr emanating from G-d the Creator and we have the light that emanates from the Zih Kay Neem {elders, wise}. Mystically this teaches us that our Zih Kay Neem {wise elders} should be a reflection of the light of the Creator. Our Zih Kay Neem should reflect the words and wisdom of Ha Torah. This in turn means that just as our Creator revealed Ha Torah so should the Zih Kay Neem. In other words, the Zih Kay Neem are teachers / revellers of Ha Torah.

The utmost enjoyment is: The Pleasure of Revealed Prophesies

In Bereishis 1:9-10 Hashem makes preparation for sprouts, herbs and fruit trees by commanding Yee Kaw Voo - Hah Mah Yeem {Let the waters be gathered together} and by commanding Vih Tay Raw Eh {and let dryness} Hah Yah Baw Shaw, meaning {be seen}. We Mystically observe the prophetic destruction of the world centuries before it actually happened. How?

First, the word Yee Kaw Voo - Hah Mah Yeem has the Gematria Mispar Godal 777 which many consider to be G-d’s number. However the Mispar Katan of Yee Kaw Voo - Hah Mah Yeem is 28. In the Gematria Mispar Godal and Mispar Katan we Mystically see the prophetic destruction of the world by G-d centuries before it happens through the relationship of the word Vih Heh Eh Veed {And He Shall Destroy}.

The utmost pleasure is: The Enjoyment of the Covenant with G-d the Creator

Second, the word Vih Tay Raw Eh {and let dryness} has the Gematria of 612 which is the Gematria of the word Bih Reet {covenant} which is between Hashem and Kal Yisroel, His people. The Bris Milah {ritual circumcision} is performed on each Jewish male child on the eighth day after birth. It represents the covenant {Bris}, the agreement between Hashem and B’nei Yisroel. Similarly, the water was removed by G-d’s command, “Let dryness be seen.” The ‘foreskin’ was removed as a sign of the covenant by G-d’s command. This was the establishment of the covenant between G-d the Creator and the dry land through G-d’s Word in Creation. In the same way, when the foreskin of an eight-day old Jewish male child is removed by circumcision the agreement between G-d and Kal Yisroel is revealed.

We have an additional connection here. For each non Jew who chooses to accept the covenant between G-d and Kal Yisroel by conversion {it is not easy}, a Bris Milah for males is required along with immersion for males and females in a kosher Mikvah. In other words, the pre-convert goes 100% under the water of the mikvah then surfaces from the water as a convert to Judaism. The surfacing from the water of the mikvah is like the dry land appearing in evidence of the covenant between G-d and B’nei Yisroel.

Now there are two more very deep and very powerful levels of understanding not revealed in this Gematria study of 612. They are truly the topping.

When Hashem reveals prophesy it is an unbelievable pleasure just as understanding the depths of the fine print in the covenant between G-d and His people is. Then the Torah records, “G-d saw it was good.”

The utmost pleasure is: The Enjoyment of Vegetation Created by G-d

We have shared enough Gematria so we will look at some of the simpler enjoyments of G-d’s pleasure in creating vegetation... In Bereishis 1:11-13 Hashem commands the earth to bring forth grass, herbs and fruit trees. Hashem specifically observes that grass sprouts, seed-yielding herbs and fruit trees bearing fruit of its own kind are good.

Isn’t it interesting that Hashem takes pleasure in Light, Water, Land, Sprouts, Herbs, Fruit Trees and Sunlight? This points us in the direction of what G-d says is good. Water that does not flood the earth, water that does not wash away topsoil, water that does not inhibit growth, water that is contained within boundaries is good. Water that is used as a tool to assist and encourage growth on the land is good. Land prepared for seed is good. Seed planted in the earth is good.

Notice carefully what is written in Bereishis 1:29:
“Behold, I have given you {Adam, Chava and their descendants} all seed-yielding herbs {like alfalfa sprouts, radish sprouts, clover sprouts, onion sprouts, basil, rosemary, cucumbers, lettuce,... etc.} That are on the surface of the earth, and every tree that has seed-yielding fruit {like apple, cherry, walnut... etc.}; to you it shall be food.”

Humankind was not originally permitted to eat or take the life of fish, fowl or animal life. This came about after the flood many centuries later. Humankind was originally vegetarian! Again, Ha Torah records “G-d saw that it was good.”

The utmost pleasure is:
The Enjoyment of the Seasons Created by G-d Through the Sun and the Moon

In Bereishis 1:14-18 Hashem follows preparation of land, water and planting of grass sprouts, herbs and fruit trees with sun, moon and starlight. Yes, the light that encourages vegetation growth to prosper is good. That is for the pleasure of the physical, but the Creation of seasons resulting from the sun and the moon / night and day precipitates pleasure of Shabbat and the many High Holy Days for the spiritual being. This points directly towards the words on the fourth day of Creation. Ha Torah speaks directly to this issue with the word Li Oh Toht {signs} Oul Moh Ah Deem {and [signs] for seasons] Oul Yaw Meem {and [signs] for days Vi Shaw Neem {and [signs] for years}, Bereishis 1:14. This pleasure results from the enjoyment of Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh, the Holy Days and the signs connected with them. This is the fourth time in Creation that G-d enjoys what He has created. Ha Torah records “G-d saw that it was good.”

The utmost pleasure is: Simply Viewing Fish Life, Fowl Life and Animal Life

Can you imagine a world where cats and dogs got along, where sharks didn’t attack, where eagles did not swoop down from the sky or where the king of the jungle, the lion, did not feast on other animals? Originally that is how this world was created. Notice Bereishis 1:30. So if in today’s world we can receive pleasure from wildlife movies, pictures and magazines can you imagine what it must have been like before the flood? At various places along Interstate 70 going west from Denver to Loveland Pass there are several scenic stops. One provides views of buffalo and another of big horn sheep. People are normally crowded around the viewing areas. Why? It is pleasurable to view G-d’s Creation in their natural habitat. Is it pleasurable to view a beautiful aquarium.

Next in Bereishis 1:20-22, G-d created sea life and fowl and “G-d saw that it was good.”

Then in Bereishis 1:24,25 G-d created cattle, creeping things and beasts and “G-d saw that it was good.”

The utmost pleasure is: Offering Praise to G-d as the King of the Universe

Bereishis 1:29-31: Then G-d created man and G-d gave man all herbage yielding seed and every tree with seed yielding fruit for food. “Then G-d saw, behold it was very good.” The ultimate purpose of man’s Creation was to guard the earth and work the soil from within Gan Eden {the Garden of Eden}. The ultimate purpose for Jews is to honor G-d’s Creation by remembering the Shabbat and by offering praise to G-d by our own free choice whereby we have chosen G-d as King of the Universe. This is why the Jew says, “Blessed are you G-d, King of the Universe...” We choose to bless G-d and His Creation.

The utmost pleasure is: Observing the Shabbat Day...

Bereishis 2:3: G-d completed His creating in six days. G-d blessed the seventh day. G-d sanctified the seventh day. Many Christian / Messianics have chosen Yom Echad {Sunday} as their day of rest... The First Day is NOT BLESSED! The First Day IS NOT SANCTIFIED! Only Shabbat, the Seventh Day, is Blessed! Only Shabbat is sanctified, separated from all other days. Remember, G-d worked on Sunday and rested on Shabbat.

Sunday does NOT OFFER PRAISE TO THE G-D OF CREATION FOR HIS CREATION! One of the main purposes of the Jew observing Shabbat is to testify to the entire world that G-d created everything in six days then rested on the seventh day. Honoring the First Day ignores that witness! In fact one could argue that honoring the First Day is rebellious to what our Creator commanded.

We {Jews} are commanded to “Remember the Shabbat to keep it holy,” Shemos 20:8. To us, the Jews, is given the honor and pleasure of keeping the Shabbat “SEPARATED”.

Ha Torah’s record of Creation begins in Bereishis 1:1 and concludes in Bereishis 2: 5. This is a total of 480 words. The Gematria of 480 = Sukkot... Isn’t it interesting that at the completion of Sukkot we begin the Torah cycle for the year again? It also means Ay Doht {witness / evidence}.

As we have observed, there are many areas in which we can receive pleasure and enjoy the best of what life has to offer!

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Originally written 5760
Updated 5764

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