Parshas Bereishis
Genesis 1:1 - 6:8

The Removed Yud In Creation ©

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Gematria is a particular study of Jewish mysticism based on the numerical value of Hebrew letters in the Aleph Bais (Hebrew alphabet) as inscribed in the Torah. Jewish Gematria has many disciplines.

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Mrs. Ethel Sakash Belk may she rest in peace..

The Shabbos Yod in Creation / Completion

In Bereishis 2:2 When Hashem ends His commands of Creation it says, "and He rested in day seven from all His creating that He made." What is exceptionally interesting here is the word Ye-Shabbos meaning "His Rest" or "He Rested!" When Hashem ceased from His creating the Yud appears with the word Shabbos to change its meaning from rest to "He Rested!" The Yud has a double meaning:

First, it represents Hashem.

Second it represents Hashem's ten commands of creating. The Gematria of the Yud is ten. This expression Ye-Shabbos is found thirty-one separate times in Tenach. Twenty-nine of those times Ye Shabbos is without any reference to Shabbos. Only twice is this expression "Ye Shabbos" used with the intention of Shabbos the seventh day, the day of rest intended. In each of the two occassions Ye Shabbos is in reference to Hashem ceasing from creating. The point is the commands of Creation ceased with the ten commands (Hashem) "He Rested." When Hashem ceased from creating He removed the Yud from Shabbos! The result is our Shabbos has no Yud, no act of creating.

Ye Shabbos {He rested}
712 = Sav 400 Bais 2 Shin 300 Yud 10

Finally the Gematria of Ye-Shabbos is 712 before the Yud is divided or separated from the rest of the word. The word bayn means to divide or separate, like G-d separated or divided the light from the darkness. The word bayn is spelled Bais 2 - Yud 10 - Final Nun 700. Together they total 712 when using Mispar Gadol, meaning the final letter can be considered as 50 or 700. Here bayin represents the division between entering into Sabbath by separating it from the rest of the week.

Gematria Mispar Godal
Bayn {Divided}
712 = Nun 700 Yud 10 Bais 2

Wishing you the best,
Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk