Parshas Ki Savo

Deuteronomy 26:1 - 29:8

Jubilee In Jerusalem - The Place That Hashem Chooses ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in loving memory to a dear old friend , Mr. Michael Menzer, may he rest in peace.

If we could expand on this thought... There are so many religions in the world throughout every land... every nation... every country... every city... every town... every nationality... Yet there is ONLY ONE G-d and one place that G-d has selected to dwell. This is a powerful thought, a very powerful thought! Everyone wants part of that place, so Yerushalayim the City of Peace is far from that in the physical sense today. Yet there is a day coming when Yerushalayim will indeed be the City of Peace.

Notice that the following words speak of the year of Jubilee: "You count for yourself seven [cycles of] Sabbatical years; seven years times seven. The days of the seven Sabbatical years [equal] forty-nine years. [Then] you shall sound the broken blast of the shofar [shofar teruah] [meaning, you shall set apart] in the seventh month, on the tenth day of the month, on the
Day of Atonement, [Yom Kippur] you shall sound [proclaim] the shofar throughout the land. You shall sanctify the fiftieth year and proclaim freedom in the land for all its inhabitants; it shall be the year of Jubilee for [all] of you. You shall return each man to his ancestral land. You shall return each man to his family." Leviticus 25:8-10

Now what is the point? The Gematria of Vi Hah Ah Vahr Taw, meaning "you shall set apart," mystically connects with Jubilee in Jerusalem. How shall we set this day apart? We shall sound the trumpet of Freedom. We shall blow the broken blast of shofar teruah. We shall proclaim freedom with the shofar blast!! The Gematria for Vi Hah Ah Vahr Taw is 683 which is 70 Gematrial numbers past the 613 mitzvahs of Torah. Yet like all true Gematria, Vi Hah Ah Vahr Taw is only from within the Torah. What is the significance of this? The purpose the Torah explicitly states, "Vi Hah Ah Vahr Taw - Shoh Fahr - Ti Roo Aw, meaning, "you shall set apart [with the sound from the blast of] shofar teruah, [the day of Jubilee].'

Vi Hah Ah Vahr Taw {you shall set apart}
683 = Sav 400 Reish 200 Bais 2 Ayin 70 Hey 5 Vav 6

70 = The Hebrew Letter "Ayin"

Chassidim, the sound of shofar teruah transcends any language barrier. It transcends all "70" languages, understand! All the 70 elders of all the 70 nations understand the meaning of shofar teruah. How will they understand? When will they understand? They will know when shofar teruah is sounded from Vi Haw Lahch Taw - Ehl - Hah Maw Kohm, meaning "and go to The Place [that Hashem has chosen to dwell]." So mystically speaking all the world will know and understand when the shofar teruah is sounded on Yom Kippur on the day of Jubilee from the new Bais Ha Mikdosh. The Gematria for Vi Haw Lahch Taw - Ehl - Hah Maw Kohm is 683. So we see the day of separation and the place of separation in advance! Jubilee In Jerusalem - The Place That Hashem Chooses.

Vi Haw Lahch Taw - Ehl - Hah Maw Kohm
{and go to The Place [that Hashem has chosen to dwell]}

683 = Mem 40 Vav 6 Kuf 100 Mem 40 Hey 5 - Lamid 30 Aleph 1 - Sav 400 Chof 20 Lamid 30 Hey 5 Vav 6

Ayin, the Hebrew letter of "SIGHT", equals 70 which mystically points out that all "70" languages will understand shofar teruah and that all the 70 elders of all the 70 nations will understand the meaning of shofar teruah on Jubilee year from Jerusalem - The Place That Hashem Chooses...!

Thank G-d this day is coming!!

To this I would like to note that a reader of JewishPath sent the following request:

The above link is for the United Jewish Communities information page on the "IsraelNOW" Solidarity Rally In New York City, Sunday, September 23, 2001.

I am writing to leaders of the Denver and Colorado Jewish Communities
urge our city and state synagogues and organizations to support this urgent demonstration of solidarity with Israel. I am also asking our local Allied Federation and the Rose Community Foundation to allocate funds to allow people from Colorado to attend this rally. If we can put together a large contingent and the airfare and trip are subsidized by the Federation and/or Rose, we will be able to bring a large group from Colorado to New York and once again demonstrate that Colorado stands in support of Israel.

We must join in solidarity with our brethren here in the United States and
in Israel to demonstrate our support and love for the State of Israel.

I have included as many leaders and organizations as I could find. If anyone you know is missing from this list, please forward this
email to them. We don't have much time to organize this trip, so I'd like to get responses from those people who are interested as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Ben Kurtzer
Denver CO

I have done as this gentleman has requested.

May Hashem bless any effort that can bring lasting peace to our land {Eretz Yisroel}, our city {Yerushalayim} and our future Temple {Bais HaMikdosh} and the establishment of the Kingship of David within our Holy City so that EVERYONE WILL KNOW: Jubilee In Jerusalem - The Place that Hashem Chooses.

Best wishes!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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