Parshas Eikev
Deuteronomy 7:12 - 11:25

Learning Between The Lines ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Dr. Kathryne Lynn Wright, may she rest in peace.

Last year in Parshas Eikev we discussed the words:
Hashem Eh - Loh - Hay Chem Hoo Eh - Loh - Hay Haw Eh - Loh - Heem
Vah Ah - Doh - Nay Haw Ah Doh Neem Haw Ayl Hah Gaw Dol . . .

This phrase means:

"For Hashem, your G-d, is G-d over judges and Master over lords; the Alm-ghty - the Great..." Deuteronomy 10:17

The normal Gematria for this phrase is 570.

From right to left:

Kee Hashem
56 =
Hey 5 Vav 6 Hey 5 Yud 10 - Yud 10 Chof 20

Eh - Loh - Hay Chem
106 =
Mem 40 Chof 20 Yud 10 Hey 5 Lamid 30 Aleph 1

Hoo Eh - Loh - Hay
58 =
Yud 10 Hey 5 Lamid 30 Aleph 1 Aleph 1 Vav 6 Hey 5

Haw Eh - Loh - Heem
91 =
Mem 40 Yud 10 Hey 5 Lamid 30 Aleph 1 Hey 5

Vah Ah - Doh - Nay
71 =
Yud 10 Nun 50 Dalet 4 Aleph 1 Vav 6

Haw Ah Doh Neem
110 =
Mem 40 Yud 10 Nun 50 Dalet 4 Aleph 1 Hey 5

Haw Ayl Hah Gaw Dol
78 =
Lamid 30 Dalet 4 Gimmel 3 Hey - 5 Lamid 30 Aleph 1 Hey 5

570 = 56 + 106 + 58 + 91 + 71 + 110 + 78

Now in addition to this phrase there is another one that we should say every morning upon arising:

Moh Deh - Ah Nee - Li Faw Neh Chaw - Mel Lehch - Chah - Vi Kah Yam

This Phrase means:

"I am thankful before You, [my] Living and Eternal King"

Moh Deh - Ah Nee
116 =
Yud 10 Nun 50 Aleph 1 - Hey 5 Dalet 4 Vav 6 Mem 40

Li Faw Neh Chaw - Mel Lehch
280 =
Chof 20 Lamid 30 Mem 40 - Chof 20 Yud 10 Nun 50 Pey 80 Lamid 30

Chah - Vi Kah Yam
174 =
Mem 40 Yud 10 Kuf 100 Vav 6 - Yud 10 Ches 8

570 = 116 + 280 +174

Now this is a lot of Gematria, however it demonstrates how one phrase, "I am thankful before You, [my] Living and Eternal King" mystically acknowledges "For Hashem, your G-d, is G-d over judges and Master over lords; the Alm-ghty - the Great..." Why is this important?

Whenever we arise from sleeping {sixty breaths or more}, approximately 30 minutes, our body experiences a transition passing from life to death and from death to life. When we awake we are refreshed. We are refreshed because our new spirit has just disposed of our previous spirit. This means any previous bad karma has just been removed from our being. In computer terms, we have just received a clean install.

Now after being "REFRESHED" we begin saying, "Moh Deh - Ah Nee - Li Faw Neh Chaw - Mel Lehch - Chah - Vi Kah Yam..." these six words are the first part of twelve words that our 'REFRESHED SPIRIT' is to say IMMEDIATELY upon awaking... being "REFRESHED"!! WHY? Because we must first honor G-d our Creator who has just refreshed us! We must express thanks for being refreshed.

HOWEVER our previous spirit has NOT entirely departed our being as of yet. Our previous spirit with whatever karma it has is still clinging to the tips of our fingers... So whatever we touch with our fingertips becomes contaminated. This contamination has the power to soil our refreshed being with the past. It has the power to negate what the Creator has just done for us.

In a sense this is similar to the contamination of a dead person. If a Jew touches a dead body that Jew is unclean for seven days. Anything he touches becomes unclean. His unclean condition has the power to contaminate anything he touches. Numbers 19:11-13 The method that the unclean one uses to become clean is washing with water... Now that is also the same method that one who has just experienced being 'REFRESHED' uses to cast off their previous spirit still clinging to their fingertips. Until one cleanses their hands, anything they touch becomes contaminated with their previous karma. In addition to cleansing one's hands, one also washes their eyes and rinses their mouth.

Until one washes their hands and eyes and rinses their mouth, it is improper to say the Holy Name of Hashem. While we are in this short temporary state of the final stages of transition from contamination to being fully refreshed, we honor Hashem by saying these twelve words of which the first six relate to putting on spiritual Tefillin, saying the Shema and acknowledging "For Hashem, your G-d, is G-d over judges and Master over lords; the Alm-ghty - the Great..."

This special prayer is a hidden code of sorts that greatly honors G-d! To learn more about this please visit our other lessons on Gematria 570 found in our Gematria Number Index.

I would like to point out that while many seriously observant Jews do observe this mystical practice, it is NOT a commandment of the Torah. It is rabbinical in nature and it is an extremely beneficial directive to follow. Sefar Shulchan Aruch soundly expounds on the reasoning for observing this mystical practice.

Chassidim, we see how our mystical practices have far reaching effects. Learning these practices are, so to speak, like Learning Between The Lines.

Blessings and peace!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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