Parshas Beha'aloscha
Numbers 8:1 - 12:16

Aharon, the Man in the Mishkon:
Two Sides to Humiliation! ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of the weekly parsha is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Anna Schwartzman, may they rest in peace.

Holy readers, in this week's parsha we are informed by our sages that Aharon the Kohein was humiliated. We are informed that he was humiliated because in the previous parsha, Naso, the other tribal leaders brought dedication offerings before Hashem in behalf of their tribe. Aharon was not permitted to join them. The tribe of Levy was excluded from bringing an offering with the other tribes. Aharon was humiliated because he and his tribe were not permitted to bring an offering. They felt hurt!

We are told Hashem responded to Aharon saying that 'By your life, yours is greater than theirs! Why? Because you will light and cleanse the lamps of the Mishkon." This is the intended meaning of Numbers 8:2 where we read, "Speak to Aharon saying to him, 'When you light the lamps face in front of the Menorah where the seven lamps shine off of you.'"

The word for humiliation, degradation and demeaning is Hash Paw Law. The Gematria for
Hash Paw Law is 415.

415 = Lamid 30 Pey 80 Shin 300 Hey 5

The other side to humiliation is the side that can change the world. It is the side that Hashem uses for His purpose. It is the motivator of the silent. It is the will power of the humble. It is definitely a sign of Hashem's control in one's life. It is Hah Kaw Dosh, meaning "the Holy." Dear reader, it is one thing to be humiliated, to make a fuss over it, to retaliate; and it is entirely another to remain silent, to be an example - like Aharon - of the holy.

Hah Kaw Dosh {THE HOLY}
415 = Shin 300 Vav 6 Dalet 4 Kuf 100 Hey 5

Humiliation is NOT pleasant, yet when one responds as Aharon the Kohein did, it truly proves that the LIGHT OF THE MENORAH IS REFLECTING from their being. It also shows that Hashem did not make a poor choice with Aharon. He was indeed among a select group known as the righteous, as the holy.

Story: Enduring Humiliation
There was a good Jew and his family. He was employed as an assistant in a religious organization. He was frequently called upon to do jobs of a degrading nature. Once an hour before Shabbos he was ordered to pull weeds out of the asphalt and sidewalk in front of the school. This was extremely embarrassing for a learned man with a doctorate degree who normally would be home preparing for Shabbos. Seeing his father's humiliation, his son came to assist him, no doubt wondering why these weeds were more important than his father's dignity or preparation of Shabbos.

On another occasion this man received a call from the head of the school several hours before Shabbos was to begin stating he needed him to quickly design fancy name cards for place settings. They were planning a homecoming Erev Shabbos meal for an alumnus who would be teaching in the local day school. Most of the staff members were invited to this meal. Guess who was excluded? The man made the name tags for the place settings. He finished them minutes before Shabbos began. He and his wife and family were hurt, embarrassed and humiliated.

In both instances he felt it was unfair to require him to work just minutes from the beginning of Shabbos. Others in the community felt he was very dedicated and he was. Yet it was wrong that he was required to work within minutes of Shabbos beginning when other men were already walking to shul for evening prayers. It was humiliating to be treated in such a degrading fashion where he had to jet home, take a 30 second shower throw his clothes on and head out for shul feeling half baked, so to speak.

Dear friends, he never complained about these misdeeds. He worked for that organization in some capacity for seven years before he left. The men who ran that organization had little regard for this man's self worth. They displayed disdain for his self esteem. Yet he continued in their service even as a chauffeur when required.

Now dear ones, what was done to this man was wrong, yet he made the best of things. Through Hashem's guidance along with some loyal friends, he founded and presently directs a sucessful non profit corporation which now reaches over 750,000 Jews annually with the reflection of Torah! Holy readers, each of us is challenged to respond to humiliation with the reflection of Torah light. May Hashem help us to do so as Hah Kaw Dosh, "the Holy."

Hashem elevates those who are lowly... those who are embarrassed... those who are mistreated... those who are humiliated. Some of the finest Shabbosim I have experienced have been among the lowly, the rejected, the poor. That is why Hashem chose Aharon as His man in the Mishkon. The holiness of the Mishkon was not a place for stuffiness. The beauty of Aharon's humility reflected from the Mishkon as ours should.

Best Wishes!

Dr. Akiva  G. Belk


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