Parshas Mishpatim
Exodus 21:1 -24:18

An Obvious Falsehood ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Mitchell Wolf, may he rest in peace.

Do not promote or listen to a lie / falsehood! Exodus 23:1

Our Gematria discussion centers around the word Shaw Vi, meaning, {an obvious} falsehood, a lie. Several issues are immediately obvious. Shaw Vi is spelled Shin Vav Aleph. Shaw Vi is a directional word moving from the lowest Gematrial letters on the left, representing man, to the larger Gematrial numbers on the right, representing Hashem. Normally this represents G-d {Aleph}, drawing man through prayers and Torah observance towards Him on the right as in the letter Hey mentioned in our Gematria Definitions. However as with all Gematria there is both a Yetzer Tov, a good inclination and a Yetzer Raw, a bad inclination. Here unfortunately the distinction is the Yetzer Raw.

Shaw Vi {[an obvious] falsehood}
307 = Aleph = 1 Vav = 6 Shin = 300

6 =
Aleph = 1 Hey = 5

The Gematrial direction of Shaw Vi is in the reverse. It begins with the letter Aleph which is representative of Hashem. Often, ironically, this is the path of a falsehood. Remember the pig who says, 'I am kosher because I appear kosher. I have split hooves.' Yet we know the pig is not kosher. In the same way the infectious fly that is flying about, spreading its vicious slander... lies... misinformation... falsehoods... often begins with the Aleph, G-d forbid! At first what they are saying appears kosher then it takes a sudden turn. It appears kosher because the Aleph is the first letter of Emes, truth. Yet the conversation quickly turns away from the truth with the Vav and the Shin. We teach that each letter of the truth stands on two legs and that each letter of the Sheh Kehr, meaning lie, has only one leg to stand on. We use this example to support and demonstrate that truth stands and that a lie falls.

Emes {Truth}
Sav Mem Aleph

She Kehr {lie / falsehood}
Reish Kuf Shin

Well in the Gematria direction of Shaw Vi deception is normally used. The deceiver begins with the Aleph, the Truth standing on two legs then proceeds to the Vav standing on only one leg and the Shin standing on only one leg. As in most vicious and contaminating conversations, the deception at first is coated with the truth unfortunately!

Now it is the Vav that is known as the connector. It is the Vav that connects the Aleph, the Truth with the Shin, the corruption, the lie, the Sheh Kehr. The interesting point here is that the letter Vav represents man. Man was created on the sixth day. The Gematria for Vav is six. This is one of man's great downfalls. Man can begin with the truth and end with the truth. Man can begin with the truth and end with something less than the truth, a deception, a lie. This is what is represented in the word Shaw Vi. Man is the conduit between the truth and a lie.

This is why the Torah commands us "Do not promote or listen to a lie / falsehood!" When the subject turns away from the truth that is the time to end the conversation. When the subject moves away from the Aleph to the Vav that is the time to end the conversation! It is at that point that the Shaw Vi, the obvious falsehood, makes its appearance.

It is for these reasons that the Shaw Vi is so incredibly serious. Last week in Parshas Yisro we briefly discussed the essence of a name. We stated in quoting an e-mail to a JewishPath reader that '... in Judaism names are sacred. Hebrew letters are the spiritual foundation for Hebrew names that represent the essence of what a person is and will be in this life..' Holy reader, the same can be said for each word of Torah. So to understand the essence of Shaw Vi we need to examine the combined essence of each letter, the Gematria Miluy. The Gematria Miluy for Shaw Vi is 483 which is also the Gematria for Soh Ay Vaw, meaning ABOMINATION!

Shaw Vi {Gematria Miluy}

360 =
Nun = 50 Yud = 10 Shin = 300
12 = Vav = 6 Vav = 6
111 = Pey = 80 Lamid = 30 Aleph = 1
483 = 360 + 12 + 111

Soh Ay Vaw {abomination}
483 = Hey = 5 Bais = 2 Ayin = 70 Vav = 6 Sav = 400

So what we see on the surface are a few unkind remarks, but beneath the surface we observe these unkind remarks are founded on abomination.

What is a Jew to do? Another word shares the Gematria 307, Shaw Vaw, meaning return. When one rebukes the Shaw Vi, they in essence are immediately offering that person the opportunity for Shaw Vaw {Shuvah] repentance. That is what we must do!

An interesting point when comparing Shaw Vi and Shaw Vaw:

Normal Gematria for both is 307
Shaw Vi
{[an obvious] falsehood}
307 = Aleph = 1 Vav = 6 Shin = 300
Shaw Vaw {return}
307 = Hey = 5 Bais = 2 Shin = 300

Gematria Kotel for both is 310
Shaw Vi
{[an obvious] falsehood}
310 = Aleph = 1 Vav = 6 Shin = 300 plus three letters
Shaw Vaw
310 = Hey = 5 Bais = 2 Shin = 300 plus three letters

Gematria Mispar Katan for both is 10
Shaw Vi
= Aleph = 1 Vav = 6 Shin = 3
Shaw Vaw
10 = Hey = 5 Bais = 2 Shin = 3

Gematria Mispar HaKlali for both is 94,249
94,249 =
307 x 307 = Aleph = 1 + Vav = 6 + Shin = 300
Shaw Vaw {return}
94,249 = 307 x 307 = Hey = 5 + Bais = 2 + Shin = 300

So in this we see many different levels for repentance when we confront the one who violates the Torah command, "Do not promote or listen to a lie / falsehood!"


Best Wishes,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk


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