Parshas Shemos Shemos
Exodus 1:1 - 6:1

Caught in the Grasp

of a Minute of Truth ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Michael & Mrs. Chanah Sakash, may they rest in peace.

One day Moshe saw a burning bush that the fire did not consume. This unusual sight gripped his attention. As an intellectual who had studied in the world's best schools in Mitzriam, Moshe was struck by the fact the bush was not consumed. He could not understand or explain this strange phenomenon. So at the age of eighty he climbed this large mountain to have a closer look. That event changed world history.

We could say that Moshe got caught in the grasp of a minute of truth that forever altered his life and the lives of millions. We know that the Gematria of Torah is 611.

611 Hey =
5 Reish = 200 Vav = 6 Sav = 400

Now we observe that Moshe Aw Soo Raw, meaning "Moshe turned aside" also shares the Gematria of 611. In other words Moshe became captured, stunned, captivated by a minute of truth. This is what eventually happens to each of us. We hear a comment by another Jew... by a teacher... by a Rabbi... by an article... a program... that captivates us. When this happens we begin an investigation as Moshe our teacher did. And what we find behind our investigation is G-d the author of the Torah... It all begins when we turn aside as Moshe did. It was Moshe's turning aside that would eventually result in the written Torah.

Moshe Aw Soo Raw
611 =
Hey =5 Reish =200 Samech =60 Aleph =1 Hey =5 Shin =300 Mem =40

The Shabbos My Life Changed...
Dear reader, if an event... if a strange phenomenon... if a word... if a thought... or if a comment can dislodge us from our daily routine, if we are disrupted and captivated by that disruption, then something begins happening that can change our life forever.

For me it was simply reading these words from a prayer book on Shabbos morning:

"Moshe rejoiced in the gift of his portion: that You called him a faithful servant. A crown of splendor You placed on his head when he stood before You on Mount Sinai. He brought down two stone tablets in his hand, on which is inscribed the observance of the Shabbos. So it is written in Your Torah:

"And the Children of Yisroel shall keep the Shabbos, to make the Shabbos an eternal Covenant for their generations. Between Me and the Children of Yisroel it is a sign forever that in six days Hashem made the heaven and the earth, and on the seventh day He rested and was refreshed.

"You did not give it, Hashem our G-d to the nations of the land, nor did You make it the inheritance, our King of the worshippers of graven idols. And in its contentment the uncircumcised shall not abide - for to Yisroel, Your people, have You given it in love, to the seed of Yaakov, whom You have chosen. The people that sanctifies the Seventh - they shall all be satisfied and delighted from Your goodness. And the Seventh - You found favor in it and sanctified it! 'Most coveted of days,' You called it, a remembrance of the act of Creation."

Now dear reader when I read the words, "You did not give it, Hashem our G-d to the nations of the land, nor did You make it the inheritance, our King of the worshippers of graven idols" I realized that the fashion, the assimilated way, in which I was living did not have a landing deck ... a receiving area for Hashem's blessings. It was necessary for me to prepare that landing deck, that receiving area through Shabbos observance. I realized that just as the non Jew could NOT enjoy, understand or abide within the parameters of Shabbos Observance the same was true for a Jew in their world. Contentment comes from finding your place in life. Like a puzzle piece, each of us has this unique individual shape and place in life's BIG puzzle. That Shabbos I began realizing mine... Thank G-d!

Dear reader, the same dislodgment... an interruption of discovery may have already happened to you... or this "turning aside" that Moshe experienced may be happening during this very discussion. The purpose for this interruption is to direct our attention away from our self toward G-d {the Aleph} ... toward the Torah. When we receive this we are receiving a challenge to diminish our self {the Vav} and to aggrandize G-d {the Aleph} in our life!

Now the word Soor, meaning to turn aside, is spelled Samech - Vav - Reish. However in this instance it is spelled Aleph - Samech - Reish - Hey {Aw Soo Raw, meaning to turn away from where one is}. The Vav which represents man is dropped and the Aleph which represents Hashem replaces it. The Vav is in the middle of the word but the Aleph is at the beginning of the word. This is significant because it shows that in Moshe's turning away he forsook the Vav {himself} and approached the Aleph {Hashem}. Now the placing of the letters is also important. The Vav disappears and the Aleph appears as first of all letters...and in the front of the other letters. In other words, dear reader, when Moshe turned aside he made Hashem the first of all in his life. Moshe listened to Hashem and followed His instructions. Hashem became Moshe's G-d!! This is what is intended to happen when we are captivated as Moshe was...

266 =
Reish = 200 Vav = 6 Samech = 60

Aw Soo Raw
266 =
Hey = 5 Reish = 200 Samech = 60 Aleph = 1

May Hashem bless each of us in replacing the Vav with the Aleph!

Best Wishes,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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