Parshas Metzoro
Leviticus 14:1 - 15:33

Preparing An Unclean House...For Pesach ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Lynda Elliott, may she rest in peace.

Since the beginning of Shemos Shemos we have discussed Shuvah. In Parshas Shemos we stated that many of the world's population were preparing to turn over a new leaf. Then in Parshas Beshalach we stated that "we have entered our fourth week from Parshas Shemos / January 2000. Already many who made a determination to change, to do shuvah and to be free from habits... from bondage... and from problems have fallen. The past three weeks we have discussed the monsters that bring us down, that cause us to fall and that induce us to fail."

Well, dear reader, we are now months from that date where many made a determination to change. That being the situation, it is time for us to assess where we are at. Have we returned to the bondage we so desperately attempted to escape from? Have old habits / addictions crept back? Have we fallen?

Well, Hashem - who created man - perceives everything about man's nature, man's shortcomings, man's failures and man's struggles... more than we could ever imagine. That is why Hashem stated in Parshas Metzoro, "if the {Hah} Neh Gah returns" in reference to one's infested house, Leviticus 14:43. However, when we consider the Gematria of just Neh Gah as in Leviticus 14:3 where the Kohen examines the individual to see if the Neg Gah tzora'as has healed so that the individual may undergo purification, we see an interesting bond. The Gematria of Neh Gah is 123. In years where we observe the second month of Adar, the total days from the beginning of Parshas Shemos from the first day, until the seventh day of Pesach totals 123 days. The next day which is the eighth day of Pesach is like the eighth day when the individual brings his sin offering to Hashem and the Kohen atones for him and declares him purified. This is also like the 122 / 123 days from the sin of the golden calf leading up to the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur.

{from right to left}
Neh Gah
123 = Ayin = 70 + Gimmel = 3 + Nun = 50

Now, dear reader, we return to the context of our thought. On Teves 17 of this year 5760 {December 26th of 1999} we discussed our journey towards Pesach as stated above. We return to the question. "WHERE ARE WE?" From the first day of Parshas Metzoro {4 Nisan} until the eighth day of Pesach are nineteen days. Rashi states, "after three weeks - actually 19 days, since each week begins and ends on the same day, either the affected stones have been removed and the eruption {Neh Gah tzora'as} does not return, or the house has been dismantled. The case is thus closed."

Where does that leave us? What are we to do? How can we be freed from this Neh Gah tzora'as? We have tried to break away from our problems, our habits, our addictions, our sins, but they G-d forbid have returned. Our problem is like "THE PLAGUE" which is exactly what Hah Neh Gah is, it is "THE PLAGUE." Each of us have our own specially prepared pack of difficulties designed to try us, to test us. However none of our tests or trials are intended to dismantle our spiritual house. They are intended, so to speak, as a spiritual workout. When we realize this and accept this, they become our spiritual program to growth, NOT DEFEAT, our problems have returned. Yet, that being the case, we must seize this opportunity to achieve the freedom we desire and have toiled and struggled for.

Pesach is the time for housecleaning both spiritual and physical. It is not the time for dismantling our house. It is the time to experience freedom. We are NOW in that time period! We are in the nineteen days. We have entered the Creator's natural zone especially designed for our freedom. Our yetzer tov is strong. Our yetzer tov is invigorated. Our challenger, the yetzer raw, is weak during this period. This is the Festival of Freedom. It is time to try with all our yetzer tov! It is the time to succeed! It is Hah Paw Sahach {meaning "the opening / the entrance"}, the Lee Zi Noohs {door for the one who has strayed} to return through, to enter freedom through.

The Gematria for Vi Eem Yaw Shoov {"if the eruption returns"} Hah Neh Gah {the Plague}, Lee Zi Noohs {"to go astray" and "the entrance, the opening"} and Hah Paw Sahach {"the opening / the entrance"} each is 493.

{from right to left}

Vi Eem Yaw Shoov Hah Neh Gah
47 = Mem = 40 + Aleph = 1 + Vav = 6
318 = Bais = 2 + Vav = 6 + Shin = 300 + Yud = 10
128 = Ayin = 70 + Gimmel = 3 + Nun = 50 + Hey = 5

493 = 47 + 318 + 128

Lee Zi Noohs
493 = Sav = 400 + Vav = 6 + Nun = 50 + Zayan = 7 + Lamid = 30

Hah Paw Sahach
493 = Ches = 8 + Sav = 400 + Pey = 80 + Hey = 5


Wishing you the very best,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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