Parshas Shlach
Numbers 13:1 -15:41

My Servant Caleiv ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated by Carlota A. Lesava in the loving memory of her parents, Mr. Manuel M. Alican and Mrs. Monica Bardillon Alican, may they rest in peace.

We wish to thank those who shared in the Mitzvah of during our first year on the internet... "MAY HASHEM BLESS YOU FOR SHARING IN OUR VISION AND SHARING IN OUR EXPENSES!" - Akiva and Staff

As Kal Yisroel prepared to enter the Promised Land they sent spies out on 29 Sivan {July 3rd this year} in the year 2449. The twelve spies {the highly respected leaders of Kal Yisroel} were dispatched to Eretz Canaan. They returned on the eve of the ninth of Av {August 11th this year} which was the fortieth day.

All twelve of the leaders addressed the people: Moshe, Aharon and B'nei Yisroel. Two views were presented:

Caleiv said, "We can surely go up {to the land} and we shall possess it for we are surely able to overcome it." Numbers 13:30

But the men who went up with him said: "We are not able to go up against the nation, for they are more powerful than we." Numbers 13:31

However, the story does not stop there. The Torah continues the narration, "They spread slander about the land that they had scouted..." Numbers 13:32

This is why Hashem said, "...and they have not listened to My voice." Numbers 14:22

Caleiv spoke for Hashem!

"However, just as I live and the Glory of Hashem fills the entire land; For, all the people who see My Glory and My signs which I have done in Mitzriam and in the desert, and they have tested Me these ten times and they have not listened to My Voice. If they will see the land that I have sworn to their fathers; all those who angered Me will not see it. My servant Caleiv, because he possessed in him a different spirit, and followed Me fully, I shall bring him into the land to which he came, and his children will cast {its inhabitants} from it." Numbers 14:21-24

Holy reader, from this we learn several things. One is NOT to speak slander against Hashem, His Word, His Promises or Eretz Yisroel. To do so is like speaking a curse against one's own self, G-d forbid.

The Gematria of Saw Ohr, meaning "Curse" is 601.

The Gematria of Say Ayr, meaning "to describe, portray, draw, sketch, outline, narrate, mark as a boundary" is also 601. Saw Ohr and Say Ayr are spelled with the same letters in the same positions. Only the nakudos are different.

{From Right to left}

Saw Ohr
601 = Reish = 200 + Aleph = 1 + Sav = 400

Say Ayr
601 = Reish = 200 + Aleph = 1 + Sav = 400

The Gematria for the words, Vi Loh Shawm Ooo Bi Koh Lee, meaning "and they have not listened to My Voice" are combined for the Gematria of 601.

{From Right to left}

Vi Loh Shawm Ooo Bi Koh Lee

Vi Loh
37 = Aleph = 1 + Lamid = 30 + Vav = 6

Shawm Ooo
416 = Vav = 6 + Ayin = 70 + Mem = 40 + Shin = 300

Bi Koh Lee
148 = Yud = 10 + Lamid = 30 + Vav = 6 + Kuf = 100 + Bais = 2

601 = 37 + 416 + 148

So the spies that encouraged B'nei Yisroel to believe in their slander of Eretz Yisroel, the spies that improperly described, portrayed, sketched, outlined and narrated the land of Eretz Yisroel brought a most serious curse upon Kal Yisroel. Hashem prepared to destroy B'nei Yisroel for distrusting in Him and for believing the slander. The results of this curse meant Kal Yisroel would wander in the BaMidbar for 38 and one half more years until those that distrusted Hashem died... until those that believed in their slander died...

Now on the other hand Caleiv spoke for Hashem! Hashem identified Caleiv as Vi Ah Dee Chaw Lav, meaning "My servant Caleiv.." One could also say that Caleiv honored Hashem like a well trained {sheep}dog cares for his Master's sheep. Caleiv means dog. One could also say that Cah Lav honored Hashem with all his heart. The letter Chuf means "All" and the letters Lamid and Bais spell heart.

Chaw Leiv
52 = Bais = 2 + Lamid = 30 + Chuf = 20

Cah + Lav
52 = Bais = 2 + Lamid = 30 + Chuf = 20


The Gematria of Vi Ah Dee Chaw Lav is 144.

{From Right to left}

Vi Ah Dee Chaw Lav

Vi Ah Dee
92 = Yud = 10 + Dalet = 4 + Bais = 2 + Ayin = 70 + Vav = 6

Chaw Leiv
52 = Bais = 2 + Lamid = 30 + Chuf = 20

144 = 92 + 52

The Gematria of Ke Deem, meaning first, implying the best, is also 144.

Ke Deem
144 = Mem = 40 + Dalet = 4 + Kuf = 100

Yeh Cheh Saw Yoon, means "His {Hashem's} refuge, shelter, place of protection." Each morning as we wrap ourselves with the Tallis we say Psalms 36:8-11 which is an expression of this refuge.

"How precious is Your kindness, O G-d! The sons of man take shelter in the shadow of Your wings {being wrapped up in the Tzitzis and Tallis} . May they be sated from the abundance of Your house; and may You give them to drink from the stream of Your delights. For with You is the source of life - by Your light we shall see light. Extend Your kindness to those who know You, and Your charity to the upright of heart." Psalms 36:8-11 It should be noted that Parshas Shlach concludes with the command regarding Tzitzis {Numbers 15:37-41} which is the third paragraph of the Shema.

{From right to left}

Yeh Cheh Saw Yoon
144 = Nun = 50 + Vav = 6 + Yud = 10 + Samech = 60 + Chess = 8 + Yud =10

So we see Hashem proclaiming "My servant Caleiv" which means that Caleiv has essentially taken shelter in the promises of Hashem, in the word of Hashem, in the voice of Hashem. To this Hashem stated, "{Caleiv} possessed in him a different spirit, and followed Me fully."

Caleiv's attitude is the attitude that every Jew should desire even though it may not be comfortable or convenient, even though we may not know the process as to how everything will be accomplished. Hashem keeps His Promises! In Joshua Caleiv and his family did see Hashem's promise fulfilled.

Connecting with the correct attitude is so important! As in Caleiv's situation this meant going against most of the popular leadership. It meant isolation. It meant fear! It meant rejection! Yet Hashem said Caleiv has "followed Me fully."

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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