Parshas Pekudei
Exodus 38:21 - 40:38


By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Donald Wayne Belk and Mr. Gary Lee Belk may they rest in peace.

STORY: Transformation Of The Old School House
There was an old, ugly, hot pink building, glaringly obvious, sitting along the main entrance to our historic town. The building was formerly a school building that was relocated from another little town nearby then converted into an antique store. A retired couple owned the building and the business. The inside was dark, dirty, dusty and filled with antiques. Floor to ceiling was stuffed with everything imaginable. There were several paths guiding you down one aisle and back the other. It was quite a place. I had no idea IT WAS FOR SALE!

A local businessman was standing in line at the neighborhood hardware store behind the son-in-law of the couple who owned the antique business. He mentioned that he was shopping for a location to open a new business. The son-in-law informed him the business was for sale. Immediately the businessman contacted the owners and arranged to purchase the business. He purchased everything. He purchased it for an incredible price!!

Shortly after purchasing the business he had a going out of business sale in which he did very well. After the building was empty I viewed it. Both the inside and the outside were extremely rundown.

Within a month the old schoolhouse / antique store began to take on a fresh new look. It was tastefully redesigned into a restaurant / bar. Some walls were removed and and others restored in natural wood. The ceiling was restored. Beautiful hanging lights were added. The windows were sanded and painted. A beautiful hardwood floor was added along with new bathrooms and a kitchen. The outside was sanded and repainted. A handicap ramp was added along with a rustic deck built around two thirds of the building extending out over a romantic mountain creek. Soon he opened for business...

Dear reader, when we read the words of Parshas Pekudei, "And spoke Hashem to Moshe saying, 'In the day [of the moon's] renewal, in the first [day] of [the moon's] renewal set up the Mishkon, the Tent of Meeting...'" In other words OPEN HOUSE! Begin operating! Start the process that the house is intended for! Now we notice in Exodus 40:2 that the Gematria perspective of Taw Keem - Ehs - Meesh Kahn meaning, "Set up the Mishkon" extends itself to mean "harmony". In other words, one purpose of the Mishkon was to establish and maintain harmony between G-d and man and between B'nei Yisroel. We see this harmony in the Gematria Temuri when a permutation of the actual word is used. Here we take the first letter from each word of Taw Keem - Ehs - Meesh Kahn, {right to left} Mem - Aleph - Sav which spells both Taw Ahm meaning "to match" and Toh Ahm meaning "harmony".

Gematria Temuri:
Taw Keem - Ehs - Meesh Kahn {Set up the Mishkon}
Nun Chof Shin Mem - Sav Aleph - Mem Yud Kuf Sav

Taw Ahm {To Match}
441 = Mem = 40 Aleph = 1 Sav = 400

Toh Ahm {harmony}
441 = Mem = 40 Aleph = 1 Sav = 400

This is accomplished when we forsake... reject... forcibly remove irritants of our past... when we regurgitate them! That is when we take the old school and remove everything, then repair and replace it... shuvah!! We change our lives! We see this evident with the inside letters of the words Taw Keem and Meesh Kahn. Ehs has no inside letters so we do not consider it. The inside letters of Taw Keem are {right to left} Yud - Kuf which are the first two letters of the word Kee meaning "to vomit" which is spelled Aleph - Yud - Kuf. This represents the expelling of our impurities. In other words, when we set up the Mystical Mishkon of our neshama {our soul} we must cleanse our insides. We must, so to speak, expel the impurities. We must vomit them up. We must rid ourselves of them. Then we repair our relationship with G-d. We do shuvah. The inner two letters of Meesh Kahn, which are {right to left} Chof - Sin, remind us of Hashem's desire to dwell among us. Again these are the first two letters of the word Shaw Chayn, meaning to dwell. Once the Mishkon was built, the intent was for Hashem to dwell in it. Once we have expelled the impurities from within us we repair and restore our inner Tent of Meetings. We make it a place for Hashem's presence to dwell.

Gematria Temuri:
Taw Keem - Ehs - Meesh Kahn {Set up the Mishkon}
Nun Chof Shin Mem - Sav Aleph - Mem Yud Kuf Sav

Kee {To Vomit}
111 = Aleph = 1 Yud = 10 Kuf = 100

Shaw Chayn {To dwell}
370 = Nun = 50 Chof = 20 Sin = 300

How is this done? The Torah says, Peh Sah Ach - Meesh Kahn - Ooh Hehl - Mooh Ayd, meaning "Open the door to the Mishkon, the Tent of Meetings." Exodus 40:6 What door is the Torah referring to? It is the door that leads to the Misbayach, the altar. When we examine the Gematria for Peh Sah Ach - Meesh Kahn - Ooh Hehl - Mooh Ayd, we see it equals 1054 which mystically represents the 613 Mitzvos + Emes {441} truth.

Normal Gematria:
Peh Sah Ach - Meesh Kahn - Ooh Hehl - Mooh Ayd
{Open the door to the Mishkon, the Tent of Meetings}

Peh Sah Ach - Meesh Kahn {Open the door to the Mishkon}
8 = Nun = 50 Chof = 20 Shin = 300 Mem = 40 - Ches = 8 Sav = 400 Pey = 80

Ooh Hehl - Mooh Ayd {The Tent of Meetings}
156 = Dalet 4 Ayin 70 Vav 6 Mem 40 - Lamed 30 Hey 5 Aleph 1

1054 = 898 + 156
1054 = 613 Mitzvahs + 441 = Emes {Sav = 400 Mem = 40 Aleph = 1}

We see that the altar is open to anyone who desires to obey the 613 commands in full compliance with the truth from Aleph {the first letter of the Aleph Bais} to Mem {the middle letter of the Aleph Bais} to Sav {the last letter of the Aleph Bais}. Together they spell Emes, "TRUTH". So if we desire harmony in our lives... between us and G-d... between us and our fellow man, we must employ truth. The same letters which spell Toh Ahm meaning "harmony" also spell Emes, "Truth". We accomplish this when we move the Sav behind the Aleph and the Mem. In other words it is when the Aleph is first that we have truth. When the Sav is moved to the rear of the Aleph and the Mem, we become a nation unto Hashem...that is, when Truth is honored!

Toh Ahm {harmony}
Mem Aleph Sav

Emes {Truth}
Sav Mem Aleph

The last letters of Taw Keem - Ehs - Meesh Kahn, {right to left} Nun Sav Mem spell Mee Tayn, meaning to "slow or to restrain [ourselves]" or Mah Tawn, meaning, "to give a gift." So when we put everything in its proper perspective, mystically speaking, we have harmony. This is because we have removed the impurities from our life by doing shuvah and we have presented our life as a gift to Hashem. In His honor we throw open the door, inviting His presence to occupy our inner Mishkon.

Gematria Temuri:
Taw Keem - Ehs - Meesh Kahn {Set up the Mishkon}
Nun Chof Shin Mem - Sav Aleph - Mem Yud Kuf Sav

Mee Tayn {to slow or to restrain [ourselves]}
490 = Nun = 50 Sav = 400 Mem = 40

Mah Tawn {To give a gift}
490 = Nun = 50 Sav = 400 Mem = 40

As we approach Pesach, the Festival of Freedom, it is the time to throw open the door of shuvah, to rid ourselves of impurities. It is time for us to restore the old schoolhouse... to repair, rebuild and renew the beauty of our inner Mishkon.

Best Wishes!,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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