The Rock ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Gerald Goodman, may he rest in peace.

The first time, in Parshas Beshalach, decades earlier, Moshe was commanded to strike the rock. The Hebrew used for "the rock" was Ha Tzoor. In Parashas Chukas Moshe was told to speak to the rock. The Hebrew for "the rock" was Ha Seh Lah. From the Gematria of Ha Tzoor and Ha Seh Lah we gain interesting insight. Ha Tzoor is the Gematria of 301 which is also the Gematria of Ka Raw, meaning to call. However Moshe was not told to call. He was told Bah Tzoor, meaning place his staff in the rock which resulted in splitting the rock. The Gematria of Bah Tzoor is 298.

When Moshe and Aaron were accused of nepotism in Parashas Korach, Moshe did not argue with the people. He took a staff from the head of each of the twelve tribes at Hashem's direction. He wrote each man's name on his staff. He wrote the Kohen Godal's name, Aaron, on the staff for the tribe of Levi. Hashem told Moshe to place the staffs inside the Tent of meetings overnight, stating, "It shall be that the man whom I choose his staff shall Yef Rawch {meaning blossom}". We know the story. Moshe commands the tribal leaders to press their staffs into the ground. In the words of Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetsky, "Ahron's stick begins to bud before their eyes. It grew leaves, flowers, and almonds." The point here is the Gematria for Yef Rawch is 298. From this we see in the first occasion Bah Tzoor, when Moshe placed his rod in the rock at Hashem's command, water came gushing forth. And in the second instance when Aaron at Hashem's command placed his rod in the earth of the Tent of meetings, almonds immediately blossomed forth.

Now, we must ask the inevitable question, what is the connection to Moshe striking the second rock, the Ha Seh Lah, against Hashem's command? The answer is Ha No Fayl, meaning the one who falls. Both Ha Seh Lah and Ha No Fayl are the Gematria of 165. Unfortunately Moshe our wonderful, brilliant and humble leader failed.

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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