Parshas Yisro
{Exodus 18:1 - 20:23}

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Donald Wayne Belk and Mr. Gary Lee Belk,, may they rest in peace and may their memory be for good!.ish Gematria has many disciplines.

The parsha study is a lesson on the weekly portion (parsha) of the Torah specified for study by our sages. Each week of the year is assigned a particular portion for study by the Jewish people. It is an essential element of Judaism meant for the upliftment of Kal Yisroel.

At the conclusion of each day's Shacharis prayers we recite the Song of the Day. This began in the Bais Ha Mikdash when the Levium chanted the Tehillim suited for that particular day in relation to Creation. The song for each day of the week is intended to elevate us one giant step closer to Shabbos. It is also intended to make a daily connection to Shabbos. That is why we say, for example, On Sunday, "Today is the first day of the Shabbos, on which the Levites would recite in the Holy Temple" and on Monday "Today is the second day of the Shabbos, on which the Levites would recite in the Holy Temple.."

Each day is connected to its relationship with Shabbos.

Tehillim 92
Day Seven
Tehillim 93
Day Six
Tehillim 81
Day Five
Tehillim94:1 -95:3
Day Four
Tehillim 82
Day Three
Tehillim 48
Day Two
Tehillim 24
Day One

One may wonder how this relationship exists. The Gematria principle Mispar Temuri which is taking the Gematria of another word other than the original word by a permutation of its letters. In this Gematria Mispar Teruri, we use the letter preceding each letter of the word Shabbos. The letter Reish precedes the letter Shin. The letter Aleph precedes the letter Bais. The letter Shin precedes the letter Suf.

From right to left...

For the Shin in Shabbos we use the Reish
For the Bais in Shabbos we use the Aleph
For the Suf in Shabbos we use the Shin.

Now we notice that Reish Aleph Shin spells Rosh, meaning "Head" or "Top". So by using the Mispar Temuri we see the hidden connection of each day's ascent to Shabbos, the Top of the entire week. This connection is extremely important because it places Shabbos in its proper position of honor as the Queen.

Other religions that observe other days on the ladder as their climactic point of the week are out of sync with what the Creator designed as the natural flow of His Creation. They hit their religious peak on their approach to the top, Shabbos, then they go over the other side without ever really reaching to the true summit. Any climber will tell you that the real thrill, the real exhilaration is reaching the summit, not one of the lower peaks along the way. Shabbos from its top position of the week views the other peaks below!

Also, those who do not daily connect with Shabbos and build towards the crowning of the Shabbos Queen on the seventh day are only using just a small portion of the computer program intended for their benefit by the Creator. They are missing all the benefits along the ascent to Shabbos. For the person who wanders through life out of touch with the natural flow of G-d's designed Creation, it would be like taking a raft downstream not knowing what lies ahead, not knowing what to expect, not knowing what to look for and not knowing what they missed. They pass the cherry groves, the melon patches, the cornfields and all the other wonderful benefits that are marked on the map leading towards Shabbos without knowing that they even exist.

Connecting With the Flow of What is Natural

Placing A Lid On It!

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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