Parshas Beshalach
Exodus 13:17 - 17:16

Staying Focused! ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Dr. Kathryne Lynn Wright, may she rest in peace.

We read in Parshas Bo, "And Hashem will pass through Mitzriam at the mid of night." Exodus 12:23

What was it like to be in Mitzriam at the mid of night when untold numbers were dying? What was it like to feel death everywhere? What was it like to ponder, how will the people of Mitzriam respond to such massive death? What will they do?

Holy reader, even though Hashem was moving mightily amidst B'nei Yisroel there in Mitzriam thousands of years ago, feelings of fear were extreme! Uneasiness was everywhere! We see this uneasiness in the Gematria 278. We see it in the words, "And Hashem Vi Aw Vahr {will pass through} Mitzriam at the mid of night." ... WHICH CREATES THE FEAR. That fear results from what is about to happen... Hashem passing through. However that fear is subdued for the households that have applied the proper principles.. for those who have observed the Torah.. for those who have obeyed Hashem's commands! WHY? Because Hashem's judgment of death will Pesach {Passover} instead of passing through. So Vi Aw Vahr creates fear and Pesach relieves fear.

When we contrast Vi Aw Vahr and Pesach we observe the following:

Vi Aw Vahr {pass through}
278 = Reish = 200 Bais = 2 Ayin = 70 Vav = 6

Pesach {Passover}
148 = Ches = 8 Samech = 60 Pey = 80

The difference between Vi Aw Vahr {Gematria 278} and Pesach {Gematria 148} is 130 {130 = 278 - 148} In other words the difference between Vi Aw Vahr and Pesach, the Gematria 130 is how one views things. How does one view the matters at hand? How does one view the Torah? How does one view the commands of Hashem? How does one view challenges?

The seventeenth letter of the Aleph Bais {Hebrew alphabet} is the letter Ayin. The letter Ayin is spelled:

Ayin {seventeenth letter of Hebrew Aleph Bais meaning eyes / sight}
130 = Nun = 50 Yud = 10 Ayin = 70

The meaning of Ayin has to do with our eyes... our sight... how we view what happens around us. That is the difference between passing through and passing over. Some of us observe differently because we experience spiritual insight that others have not seen yet. We are fortunate! Thank G-d!! Because we see and experience the benefits of Passover as opposed to the tragedy of passing through.

Yet, holy reader, we MUST be extremely careful that we do not lose sight of the Passover experience after we are delivered from our captivity and from the slave camps of Mitzriam. This is a caution to each of us... After B'nei Yisroel was mightily delivered from Mitzriam, several days later in possible relief and in understandable letdown, we read:

And Pharaoh {was} approaching, and they looked up, B'nei Yisroel {with} their eyes, and behold Mitzriam {was} marching after them. Vah Yeer Oo - Mi Od {They were greatly afraid!} They cried out, B'nei Yisroel, to Hashem! They said to Moshe, "Were we without graves in Mitzriam {was it necessary} to take us {out} to die in the wilderness? What is this? {What is} indeed accomplished by bringing us from Mitzriam? Is this not the {exact} word that we said to you in Mitzriam, saying forsake us from our portion and {let us continue being}slaves in Mitzriam. It was better to slave in Mitzriamthan to die in the wilderness." Exodus 14:10-12

Dear reader, B'nei Yisroel was greatly afraid of what they saw. Their fear caused them to question proper principles, Torah observance and Hashem's commands. Their fear caused them to LOOK BACK INSTEAD OF FORWARD! This is NOT the proper action for us! It is a challenge to G-d!

Vah Yeer Oo - Mi Od {They were greatly afraid!}
278 = Dalet 4 Aleph 1 Mem 40 - Vav 6 Aleph 1 Reish 200 Yud 10 Yud 10 Vav 6

So in the Vah Yeer Oo - Mi Od experience we also see the Vi Aw Vahr {pass through} experience. Unfortunately our eyes were turned away from our faith and obedience to Hashem and G-d forbid towards our enemies. In other words, our eyes were turned away from the righteous deliverance of Pesach/ Our eyes were temporarily diverted from the miracles of Pesach by our threatening enemies hastily marching against us. So the message is simple. Each of us should keep our eye focused on Pesach!

May Hashem bless each with the miracles of Pesach {staying spiritually focused]!

Wishing you the best!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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