Parshas Toldos
Genesis 25:19 - 28:9

Might and Strength Subdued by the Torah ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Mrs. Ethel Sakash Belk, my mother, may she rest in peace.

Our parsha begins with Yitzchok pleading to Hashem for children. His wife Rivkah is barren... Rivkah conceives, thank G-d!. The Torah states {a short time later}, "The children clashed inside her, and when this happened she said, 'Why am I experiencing this? She went to inquire of Hashem. Hashem said to her, 'Two nations are in your womb, and two governments will separate from within you. One government will be mightier than the other, but the greater one will serve the smaller one.'" Genesis 25:22,23

Our sages state that when Rivkah would pass by the doorways of Torah study at the school of Sheim and Evier Yaakov would rush to come out, and when Rivkah would pass by houses of idol worship Eisov would rush to come out. Can you imagine how Rivkah must have felt?

Let's examine this a little closer. Notice the phrase, Shi Nay - Goy Yim' - Bi Veet Naych, meaning, "Two nations are in your womb." Within these three words there are two unique acrostics.

Shi Nay - Goy Yim - Bi Veet Naych

The first acrostic is from the first letter of each of the three words of the phrase, Shi Nay - Goy Yim - Bi Veet Naych

Shi Nay
Yud Nun

Goy Yim
Mem Yud Vav

Bi Veet Naych
Chof Nun Tes Bais

This spells {read from right to left}:

Bais Gimmel Shin

Saw Gahv {meaning "to be high, mighty, strong, extolled, sublime"}. This describes Eisov the first born...

The second acrostic follows the first as Yaakov followed Eisov in birth. This acrostic is taken from the last letter of the last two words of the same phrase Shi Nay - Goy Yim - Bi Veet Naych

Goy Yim
Yud Vav Gimmel

Bi Veet Naych
Nun Tes Bais Bais

This spells {read from right to left}:

Chof Mem
This spells the word
Mawch, meaning "poor, humble." This describes Yaakov the second born...

So from the same three word phrase Shi Nay - Goy Yim - Bi Veet Naych {meaning "Two nations are in your womb"} we have the acrostic of Saw Gahv representing Eisov and the acrostic of Mawch representing Yaakov. The Gematria of Saw Gahv is 305 as follows {read from right to left}:

Saw Gahv
305 =
Bais = 2 + Gimmel = 3 + Shin = 300

Gematria 305 describes the actions and intent of Eisov in the word "Li Haw Rah" {meaning "to hurt, harm; to do evil"} which is what the Torah states Eisov intended to do to Yaakov. "Eisov said in his heart, 'The days of mourning for my father are approaching. I will then kill my brother, Yaakov.'" Genesis 27:41 {Read from right to left}:

Li Haw Rah
305 =
Ayin = 70 + Reish = 200 +Hey = 5 + Lamid = 30


The Gematria of Mawch is 60 as follows {read from right to left}:

60 = Chof
= 20 + Mem = 40

In the Gematria 60 we see reverence for G-d and reverence for His commands in the Torah in the word Hah Law Chawh {meaning "law, rule, tradition"}. It was Yaakov who loved to study Hah Law Chawh according to our sages, Yaakov who loved to dwell in tents of learning... Yaakov learned with Sheim, the righteous son of Noach, and with Eiver, the righteous great grandson of Sheim.

Hah Law Chawh
60 = Hey = 5 + Chof = 20 + Lamid = 30 + Hey = 5

So among these two nations we see Eisov, the "high, mighty and strong one," subdued by Yaakov, the "humble" student of the Torah!

May you have the best!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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