Parshas Ki Sisa
{Exodus 30:11 - 34:35 }

The Insurgents ©

By Dr. G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Arnold Student Litman, may he rest in peace.

Our study this week takes us to the root of a very, very serious problem and the Gematria behind the problem. We begin with Hashem speaking to Moshe Rabbeinu on Har Sinai. Forty days appeared to have passed. Moshe hadn't returned. A problem immediately began... Things got out of hand. It was like a runaway freight train going downhill.

An evil idea was formed. Aharon was consulted. Gold was solicited, found, collected, formed into the image of a calf, finished and worshiped within hours... One could easily say this was a very dark day in Kal Yisroel's past. In fact Rashi says it was a very dark day. "On the sixteenth of Tammus the Satan came and caused disorder in the world by creating the appearance of darkness, deep gloom and confusion {so as to lead people} to say: 'Moshe has certainly died.'"

How could so much evil be accomplished in such a short time? How could things get so out of hand in just hours? The answer is not so complicated. Kal Yisroel arrived at Har Sinai on the first day of the third month. It was the first of Sivan. This was only 45 days removed from Mitzriam. Shortly after arriving they began the three day preparation period to meet Hashem. Then on the seventh of Sivan, just 52 days after being delivered from Mitzriam, Moshe went up on Har Sinai. He was away for the next forty plus days. Kal Yisroel's leader was gone. Our supreme judge was gone. Our teacher was gone. What were we to do now?

Let's face it, after ten plagues, heavy deliverance, the parting of the Sea of Reeds, total destruction of Pharaoh's army, a cloud to lead us by day and a pillar of fire by night, the sweetening of the water at Marsh, manna falling each morning, swarms of quail by evening, water gushing forth from the rock at Rephidim, the battle with Amalek, the establishment of a legal system, preparation to meet Hashem and meeting Hashem and the giving of the Torah; what could the next forty days have been like?

We have a clue. Kal Yisroel had not been taught the entire Torah, their legal system {the system of leaders appointed by Moshe} was in place less than three weeks when Moshe Rabbeinu departed. Just sit back for a minute and think about this. Besides this there were two distinct groups of people. There were over three million Jews and there were a few thousand non Jews who came along for the ride. They were not Jews. They were not Torah observant. They were observers... They were reporters... They were insurgents...

At every difficulty they were there doing what insurgents do. At the Sea of Reeds B'nei Yisroel cried out to Hashem, but they {the insurgents} said, to Moshe, "Were there not enough graves in Mitzriam that you took us out to die in the wilderness?..." At Marsh they complained... they led the complaints against Moshe in the wilderness, "If only we had died by the hand of Hashem in the land of Mitzriam, when we sat by pots of meat and ate our fill of bread..." The insurgents stirred it up on the Shabbos... then at Rephidim again they stirred it up... then when Moshe did not return they began all over again. How do we know this? While Kal Yisroel learned Torah, observed Shabbos and awaited Moshe's return they, the insurgents, made plans to stir it up. They devised schemes. Everything was in place. By the sixth hour on what may have been the fortieth day they went into action. Their intentions, their purposes, their actions were designed to return Kal Yisroel to slavery. Their plan was to attack the only commands that Kal Yisroel had heard from Hashem at Har Sinai.

"I am Hashem, your G-d, who brought you out of the land of Mitzriam, from the house of slaves." Exodus 20:2

"You must not have any other gods before My Presence." Exodus 20:3

"You must not make for yourselves any carved image, or picture of anything that is in heaven above, or on earth below, or in the water below the earth." Exodus 20:4

"You must not prostrate yourself to them, and you must not worship them. For I, Hashem your G-d, am a jealous Alm-ghty..." Exodus 20:5

It was these commands that the insurgents attacked. They said, "These, Yisroel, are your gods who brought you up from the land of Mitzriam." Exodus 32:4

Now notice the Gematria Mispar Katan of these eight words = 116
Vah Yom Roo + Ay Leh + Eh Lo Heh Chaw + Yisroel + Ah Shehr + Heh Eh Loo Chaw + MaEretz + Mitzriam.... {see eight lines of black Gematria at top of page}

Vah Yom Roo
20 = Vav = 6 + Reish = 2 + Mem = 4 + Aleph = 1 + Yud = 1 + Vav = 6

Ay Leh
9 = Hey = 5 + Lamid = 3 + Aleph =1

Eh Lo Heh Chaw
12 = Chof = 2 + Yud = 1 + Hey = 5 + Lamid = 3 + Aleph = 1

Yis Raw Ayl
10 = Lamid = 3 + Aleph =1 + Reish = 2 + Shin = 3 + Yud = 1

Ah Shehr
6 = Reish = 2 + Shin = 3 + Aleph = 1

Heh Eh Loo Chaw
23 = Chof = 2 + Vav = 6 + Lamid = 3 + Ayin = 7 + Hey = 5

Meh Eh Retz
16 + Tzaddi = 9 + Reish = 2 + Aleph = 1 + Mem =4

Mitz Raw Yem
20 = Mem = 4 + Yud = 1 + Reish = 2 + Tzaddi = 9 + Mem = 4

116 = 20 + 16 + 23 + 6 + 10 + 12 + 9 + 20

116 are the exact years of Kal Yisroel's slavery. The intent of the insurgents was to neutralize Hashem as G-d Alm-ghty, our Deliverer, terminate our worship of Him, terminate our freedom of worship and return us to the slavery of idol worship.

They were well organized. They were well prepared. They moved swiftly. The suddenness of their actions temporarily overshadowed us, casting us into a temporary obscurity. For a short time our sense of reasoning was blacked out. We were cast into a spell of deep darkness. This was Ah Fe Law. The Gematria for Ah Fe Law = 116 {see first blue Gematria at top of page}

{From Right to left}
116 = Hey = 5 + Lamid = 30 + Pey = 80 + Aleph = 1

Finally we were greatly missing "His Right Hand." We were missing the hand that carried the rod. We were missing that hand that raised the rod against Pharaoh, and the hand that raised against the Sea of Reeds, the hand that struck the rock, the hand raised in blessing over our battle with Amalek, the hand that guided us and blessed us... It was Moshe's hand, His right hand. In the same way when someone very special like a parent or grandparent leaves us we greatly miss them. We miss their courage and their encouragement. We miss their visits. We miss their presence. And every Erev Shabbos we miss their right hand gently reaching out to bless us. {see second blue Gematria at top of page}

Our enemies seized our loneliness for Moshe and attacked us. We see this in the Gematria Yaw Me Noh.

116 = Vav = 6 + Nun + 50 + Yud + 10 Mem = 40 + Yud = 10

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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