Parshas Va'eira
Exodus 6:2 - 9:34

The Judgment ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Dr. Kathryne Lynn Wright, may she rest in peace.

Hashem said to Pharaoh through Moshe, "Ood Chaw - Mees To Layl - Bi Ah Mee," meaning "...You are still oppressing My people." In the more direct sense, "{This is} My testimony, you trample My people." Exodus 9:16.

We have three interesting Gematria words here.

Ood Chaw { My testimony}
100 = Chof = 20 Dalet = 4 Vav = 6 Ayin = 70

Mahl Cay {Kings}
100 = Yud = 10 Chof = 20 Lamid = 30 Mem = 40

Here we see the possibility of two different views from {the} Mahl Cay, meaning "Kings", that is the KING of the universe, Hashem, and the king of Mitzriam, Pharaoh. It was as if Moshe was in G-d's Universal court of justice. The trial was Hashem {and His people} - VS - Pharaoh and the nation of Mitzriam. Moshe was the prosecutor representing B'nei Yisroel against the defendant... the oppressor, Pharaoh and the people of Mitzriam.

The situation was simple, Hashem as the King of the Universe who was {is} over all earthly kings and kingdoms gave Pharaoh, king of Mitzriam, a Divine order... a command, "Send out My people and let them serve Me!" Exodus 9:13 Pharaoh refused to obey his Superior. As a result Pharaoh and his nation were being prosecuted. In this trial Hashem, King of the Universe, testifies against Pharaoh and the people of Mitzriam. Hashem's testimony is represented by the words Ood Chaw { My testimony}...

Next we observe the word Mees To Layl, meaning to trample... to oppress.

Mees To Layl {to trample... to oppress}
566 = Lamid = 30 Lamid = 30 Vav = 6 Sav = 400 Sameck = 60 Mem = 40

Now when we combine the Gematria of Ood Chaw { My testimony} with Mees To Layl {to trample... to oppress} we have 666 {100 + 566}. The Gematria of 666 represents Hashem as defender of what is righteous, of what is truth, of what is Holy. We see this in the Gematria of Tzeed Koh Say Nu, meaning {Hashem} our Righteousness! Hashem as the Righteous King judges and punishes all evil. In this case Hashem stated as our Righteousness, "My witness{is} you {Pharaoh} trample / oppress {My people}."

Tzeed Koh Say Nu {Our Righteousness}
666 = Vav 6 Nun 50 Yud 10 Sav 400 Vav 6 Kuf 100 Dalet 4 Tzaddi 90

At the conclusion of the trial we have the judgment... the verdict... When we combine all three words {Ood Chaw - Mees To Layl - Bi Ah Mee} we have the Gematria of 788. To the Gematria of Ood Chaw - Mees To Layl {666} we add:

Bi Ah Mee {My people}
122 = Yud = 10 Mem = 40 Ayin = 70 Bais = 2

This gives us the Gematria of 788. {788 = 100 + 566 + 122}

"I will pass through the land of Mitzriam on that night, and I will strike {kill} every firstborn in the land of Mitzriam, from man to beast; and against all the gods of Mitzriam, I will execute judgments, I am Hashem! The blood will be for you a sign on the houses where you are {staying}. I will see the blood and I will pass over you. There will be no Li Mahs Chees, {meaning to destroy} against you when I strike the land of Mitzriam. Exodus 12:12,13

Here we observe that the judgment of the Eternal King ... Judge ... righteous defender was destruction, Li Mahs Chees, meaning "to destroy." The Gematria of Li Mahs Chees is 788.

Li Mahs Chees { to destroy}
788 = Sav = 400 Yud = 10 Ches = 8 Shin = 300 Mem = 40 Lamid = 30

What we see here is that Pharaoh and the people of Mitzriam are being held accountable by The KING over all kings... by the JUDGE over all judges... for their sin against Hashem and against His people.

This serves as an example that Hashem's Word... Command... Torah... are to be obeyed. This judgment results after many warnings and much destruction...

I pray that in each of our lives we will be blessed with the desire to properly honor all Hashem's commands with joy in our hearts.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk


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