Parshas Chukas
Numbers 19:1 - 22:1
The Perfect Red Cow ©
By Dr. Akiva G. Belk



This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in loving memory to David and Molly Litman,
may they rest in peace.

In this week's parsha we read, "This Statute of the Torah that Hashem commanded, saying, Speak to B'nei
Yisroel, And they shall take to you [the] perfect red cow with nothing deformed in it, with no lifting up,
going up upon it [no yoke]. Numbers 19:2

There are three separate issues here:

First, "[the] perfect red cow" means a cow in which every hair is entirely red. In other words a cow with a
black or white hair is disqualified

Second, "with nothing deformed in it" means a cow without any physical deformity.

Third, "with no lifting up, going up, upon it [no yoke]."

Each of these issues corresponds to the Gematria of one Hebrew letter of Chukas, Ches = 8 Kuf = 100
Sav = 400.

The Gematria number 8 of Ches represents the Bris Milah, the eighth day of Pesach, the eighth day of
separation for a person quarantined outside the camp of Kal Yisroel and the eight holy vestments only
worn by the Kohen Godal in the performance of his office.

In other words Ches represents "PERFECTION"! A child that does not live to the eighth day does not
qualify for Bris Milah. The eighth day of Pesach represents the fulfillment of at least eight full days without
harboring sin. Pesach represents the separation of Chometz, a symbol of sin, from every Jew during the
celebration of Pesach. Eight days of separation are required for a person quarantined outside the camp of
Yisroel before they could be examined and readmitted. In other words, holy reader, the person isolated
from among Kal Yisroel had eight days to think about their sin, to seek forgiveness for their sin, to choose
to repent, to make plans not to repeat the same mistake and to consider restitution. The intent for the
person in isolation was to improve. The intent was for that person to reach a level of perfection. The eight
holy vestments only worn by the Kohen Godal in the performance of his office represent a level of
holiness, a level of perfection that he is expected to live at. If he failed in maintaining the level of perfection
required by his position he would die within the holy place. Kal Yisroel would have no one to represent us,
to make atonement for us on Yom Kippur {the day on which EVERY JEW must reach towards that level
of perfection}...

The Gematria number 100 of Kuf represents Hashem's command to Avraham, Lech Lecha, meaning
"Go! Get out!" "Leave your homeland, [leave] your place of birth and [leave] your father's house." The
Kuf represents the birth of Yitzchok. Avraham was 100 when the child of promise was born to Sarah and
him, Genesis 21:5. The Gematria for the letter Chof, representing the Crown of Holiness, is 100. The first
two letters of Ah Lee Yaw meaning to ascent... to rise... are Ayin and Lamid which equals 100.

Hebrew Letter Chof
100 =
Pey 80 Chof 20

Aw Law
Hey Lamid Ayin

Aw Leh Haw
Hey Yud Lamid Ayin

Lamid Ayin

Notice the above words Loh - Aw Law - Aw Leh Haw - Ool, meaning "with no lifting up, going up upon
it [no yoke]." The first two letters of the words Aw Law, Aw Leh Haw and Ool are the letters Ayin and
Lamid. So the center letter of Chukas {Kuf} represents lifting up... prohibiting any yoke and crowning
with holiness.

The Gematria number 400 of Sav represents oppression. We were enslaved in Mitzriam 400 plus years.
{Genesis 15:13} Our enemy Esov came against our father Yaakov with 400 men. {Genesis 32:7} Our
father Avraham was forced to pay the exorbitant price of 400 silver shekels for the cave of Machpelah to
bury his beloved wife Sarah. {Genesis 23:3 -20} Mystically the Sav represents the forces of evil that are
outside the Mish Kon... outside the Bais Ha Mik Dosh. These forces are brought to ashes... the Esovs... the
people of Mitzriam... Hashem changes the very course of nature just as He changed the words of Baalam!!

Now we notice that in the Gematria of the direction of the word Chukas the letters progress from right to
left which represents Hashem's blessed desire for His people. G-d provided the perfect red cow as a
symbol of what our future will be. Even though we as a Jewish people today are divided, unsettled and
express many disagreements among ourselves we are actually the exact opposite in G-d's eyes. Hashem
sees us as if we have already arrived at our final destiny! We are united! We are settled in Eretz Yisroel!
We agree!

Chukas represents us as we will be...!!

Blessings to you!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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