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Hashem Is With Us!

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Mrs. Ethel Channah Sakash Belk, my mother, who passed away on 22 Kislev , December 1, 1999, may she rest in peace

Four times in the Torah the following words appear:

Vah He - Hashem - Ehs - Yoseif
The Gematria for these words are:

Vah He
Vav = 6 + Yud = 10 + Hey = 5 + Yud = 10 which equals 31

which equals 26

Aleph = 1 + Sav = 400 which equals 401

31 + 26 + 401 = 458

Genesis 39:2, 21, Joshua 6:27 Judges 1:19

Now two of these phrases include Yoseif's name {Vah He - Hashem - Ehs - Yoseif} "Hashem was with Yoseif" Genesis 39:2, 21 so we add Yoseif's Gematria of 156 to the 458. {see yellow box at top of page}

Yud = 10 + Vav = 6 + Samech = 60 + Pay = 80 which equals 156

458 + 156 = 614

From this a very powerful message is revealed.

We know that Yoseif was a Tzaddik, {a righteous man}. We know this because Yaakov, Yoseif's father, said upon learning that Yoseif was alive shouted, "My son Yoseif still lives." {Genesis 45:27,28}

Yaakov said this only after his sons told him "all the words of Yoseif" which according to the Midrash included the last halacha taught to him by Yaakov before he was sold into slavery. Upon hearing his sons repeat the words from the study of that halacha Yaakov said, "My son Yoseif still lives" meaning after twenty-two years he is still observant to the instructions I taught him which of course were words of Torah!

From this we understand that Yoseif took the halacha, the laws of Torah as taught to him by Yaakov his father with him into slavery. The laws of Torah total 613 then we add ONE because the Torah says, "Hashem was with Yoseif" which also equals 614.

As a side note in support of Yosief's righteousness the Midrash states Yosief married his cousin, Osnas, the daughter of Deenah, the daughter of his step mother Leah who had a child from Shechem. Yosief and Osnas are also accredited with teaching their sons Hebrew, living a kosher life etc... The Torah supports this claim. Yosief gave his sons Jewish names and identity.

The fact is that during slavery in Mitzriam Kal Yisroel followed Yosief's righteous lead by clinging to their Jewish names and identity even though they failed in other areas.

In fact, Yaakov was so pleased with the righteousness of Yosief's sons he took them as his own sons. This would NEVER have happened had Menasheh and Ephraim been like Laban or Esiov.

Now 210 years later, after the descendants of Yisroel had suffered as slaves in Mitzriam, we again see this promise surface when Hashem said to Moshe at the burning bush, "I remember!"

The Gematria for the word Paw Kad Tee, meaning "I remember" only equals 594 {see blue box at top of page}. To this Gematria of 594 we add the symbol used in Hebrew by Orthodox Jews for Hashem's name of Yud Yud {20}. In other words just as Hashem was with Yoseif He was with Kal YIsroel. "Hashem was with Kal Yisroel."

Pey = 80 + Kuf = 100 + Dalid = 4 + Sav = 400 + Yud = 10 which equals 594

Yud +10 + Yud = 10 which equals 20

594 + 20 = 614

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Wishing you the best,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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