Parshas Shemos Shemos
Exodus 1:1 - 6:1

Gematria: The Rod Of Moshe ©
Gematria 222 - 36 - 59 -139 ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Mrs. Ethel Channah Sakash Belk, my mother, who passed away this year on 22 Kislev, December 1, 1999, may she rest in peace.

After Yosief died and after all his brothers died we are told: "The B'nei Yisroel were
fruitful and prolific, and their population multiplied. They were exceedingly mighty and the land was filled with them..." (Exodus 1:7)

We also know that "The years of Levi's life were one hundred and thirty-seven years..." (Exodus 6:16) Levi came to Mitzriam when he was forty-three years old. He was four years older than Yosief who was thirty-nine when Yaakov brought all his family to live in Mitzriam.

Yosief died at 110 years of age. Levi outlived Yosief by twenty-three years. It was after Levi died that the above Kal Yisroel became "fruitful and prolific, and their population multiplied. They were exceedingly mighty and the land was filled with them..."

Now the entire time of living in Mitzriam was a total of 210 years. Moshe was born just thirty-six years after the death of Levi. When Moshe was born Kal Yisroel was in slavery... His very life was in great danger. Pharaoh had ordered that all the male children should be drowned in the Nile River.

Now if one considers Yosief's entire age 110 + the Gematria for the word for slave Eh Ved 76 + the thirty six years from when Levi died until Moshe's birth you have 222. We'll come back to this... {From Right to Left,} 76 = Dalid = 4 + Bais = 2 + Ayin = 70 {First Black at top of page}

Avraham was the shepherd of Yisroel. Yitzchok was the shepherd of Yisroel. Yaakov was the shepherd of Yisroel. Yosief was the shepherd of Yisroel. These are the Patriarchs of Yisroel. They are the men who Hashem made the covenant of Yisroel with.

Avraham lived 175 years
Yitzchok lived 180 years
Yaakov lived 147 years
Yosief lived 110 years

Total years lived 612 years. 612 is the Gematria of Bris, "Covenant".
{From Right to Left}
612 = Suf + 400 + Yod = 10 + Reish = 200 + Bais = 2 {First Blue at top of page}

Each of these men were considered a prince, a ruler. Avraham was called a prince by the inhabitants of the land. "The sons of Cheis replied to Avraham saying to him, 'Hear us my master, you are a prince of G-d in our midst.'" {Genesis 23.6} It follows that upon the death of Avraham Yitzchok would be considered a prince, and upon the death of Yitzchok Yaakov would be considered a prince, and upon the death of Yaakov, Yosief would be considered a prince...

Avraham lived 175 years
Yitzchok lived 105 years beyond his father, Avraham
Yaakov lived
027 years beyond his father, Yitzchok
Yosief lived
054 years beyond his father, Yaakov

Total years from Avraham's birth to Yosief's death 361 years. 361 is the Gematria for Ni Sei, meaning " Prince".
{From Right to Left}
361 = Aleph = 1 + Yod = 10 + Sin = 300 + Nun = 50 {Second Black at top of page}

Now both a shepherd and a prince rule. Both are leads. The rod that a shepherd and a prince carry is a point of identity. When Avraham died Yitzchok then officially carried his father's rod of leadership. When Yitzchok died then Yaakov officially carried his grandfather's and father's rod of leadership. When Yaakov died then Yosief officially carried his great grandfather's, grandfather's and father's rod of leadership. This is why the Torah states, "A new king came into power over Mitzriam who did not know Yosief." {Exodus 1:8} In other words, he did not know Avraham, Yitzchok, Yaakov or Yosief. He did not recognize their rod of leadership. After Yosief's death it was as if the rod disappeared. From Yosief to Moshe we do not read of a leader in Kal Yisroel. That was a period of 59 years. Yosief's older brother, Levi, lived twenty-three years on beyond Yosief. After Levi's death thirty-six more years passed before the birth of Yisroel's next leader, Moshe.

Moshe lived 120 years. The Gematria of the Mem is 40. The Mem of Moshe represents forty years in Mitzriam, plus forty years in Midian plus forty years in Midbar {wilderness} for a total of 120 years.

Forty years after Moshe fled from Mitzriam and forty years after he lived in Midian he saw a Burning Bush that was not consumed... His curiosity was seized by the Bush that Burned without being consumed... Moshe went to the Burning Bush... Hashem spoke to Moshe from the Burning Bush, "Moshe, Moshe"... Moshe removed his shoes and bowed before the presence of Hashem... Hashem said, "I am the G-d of your father, the G-d of Avraham, the G-d of Yitzchok and the G-d of Yaakov... I have indeed seen the suffering of My people that are in Mitzriam. I have heard how they cry out because [of the harshness] of their slave masters and I am aware of their pain."

It was shortly after this point that we first observe the Gematria of 36. Hashem says to Moshe, "What is in your hand?" Bi Yaw Deh Chaw means "Your hand." The Gematria of Bi Yaw Deh Chaw is 36. Hashem says to Moshe, "'Throw it on the ground,' He {Moshe} threw it on the ground and it turned into a snake. Moshe ran away from it. Hashem said to Moshe, 'Reach out you hand and grasp its tail.' He {Moshe} reached out his hand and took hold of it, and it became a rod in his hand." Exodus 4:2-4

Vah Yah Chah Zek Boh, meaning when Moshe reached out "AND TOOK HOLD OF IT," {the snake} it became a rod in his hand. The Gematria of Vah Yah Chah Zek Boh is 139. The Gematria of 139 is exactly where Moshe is standing at that very second in his life. It was 59 years after Yosief's death that Moshe was born and it was 80 years from Moshe's birth to the day he stood before Hashem at the Burning Bush. 59 + 80 = 139 which was the time for Moshe at Hashem's command to reach out and seize the snake, Pharaoh, by the tail. {From Right to Left}
139 = Vov = 6 + Bais = 2 + Kuf = 100 + Zayin = 7 + Ches = 8 + Yod = 10 + Vov = 6 {Second Blue at top of page}

Then at the conclusion of the conversation, Hashem charged Moshe, saying, "Take 'THE ROD' in your hand, for with it you will perform the [miraculous] signs." Ha Mah Teh, meaning "THE ROD" is the Gematria of 59. Fifty-nine represents the time from Yosief laying the rod down at his death and Moshe picking the rod up at his birth. Remember that Pharaoh ordered the Hebrew midwives to kill every male child in Exodus 1:16. Why? Rashi states, "His astrologers had told him that a son was to be born who would liberate them."
{From Right to Left}
59 = Hey = 5 + Tes = 9 + Mem = 40 + Hey = 5 {Third Black at top of page}

Now we return to the Gematria of 222. Before Kal Yisroel became slaves the Torah stated they were Vah Yah Ahtz Moo, meaning {exceedingly} "MIGHTY". The Gematria of Vah Yah Ahtz Moo is 222. {Exodus 1:1} {From Right to Left}
222 = Vov = 6 + Mem = 40 + Tzaddi + 90 + Ayin = 70 + Yod + 10 + Vov =6 {Third Blue at top of page}

Our sages say from the time of their enslavement until the time of their deliverance Kal Yisroel declined to the 49th level. It was here in the depths of no hope that Kal Yisroel again began their ascent to "MIGHTY". What happened? The Torah says, Vah Yah Ah Mayn Haw Awm, meaning "they {Kal Yisroel} believed." The Gematria of Vah Yah Ah Mayn Haw Awm is 222. {See Exodus 4:31} {From Right to Left}
222 = Mem= 40 + Ayin= 70 + Hey= 5 + Nun= 50 +Mem= 40 + Aleph= 1 + Yod= 10 +Vov= 6 {Fourth Black at top of page}

So now we await the Moshiach who will again pick up the rod of our fathers. He will lead Kal Yisroel. He will lead the entire world. He will hold the rod high like Moshe Rabbeinu did. Kal Yisroel will look upon the rod in faith, then our enemies will be defeated.

A related subject on "The Rod" is WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BRONZE SERPENT?

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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