Numbers 19:1 - 22:1
The Six Sixty Six of Chukas ©
By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Isadore and Fanny
Pannitz, may they rest in peace.

We read in this week's parsha, "This Statute of the Torah that Hashem commanded, saying, Speak to B'nei
Yisroel, And they shall take to you [the] perfect red cow with nothing deformed in it, with no lifting up,
going up upon it [no yoke]. Numbers 19:2

Chassidim, notice the words:

Ah Shehr - Ayin - Bawh - Moom, meaning "{the red perfect cow} with nothing deformed in it."

Occasionally I like to point out the utter theological confusion surrounding the number 666. Christians /
Messianics teach that this is the mark of the beast. They teach anyone receiving this mark on their hand or
forehead will be doomed to eternal hell. THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE OPPOSITE OF WHAT PARSHAS

First we know that the command of Chukas at first glance appears to be a paradox. Those who prepare
the perfect red cow become unclean so those who are unclean will become clean. This seems to coincide
with the Christian / Messianic thought that the False Prophet who works with the False Jewish Messiah
will lead 2/3rd's of Kal Yisroel and much of the world to accept the mark of the beast and as a result, G-d
forbid, be tormented in the fires of hell for eternity! That is what they believe...

Thank G-d we do not share that mistaken theology!!

Holy readers, according to Rashi the perfect place, the clean place where some of the Parah Adamah {the
perfect red cow's ashes} will be placed outside of the camp {outside of Jerusalem} refers to the Mount of
Olives. Christians / Messianics believe this is the location of their proclaimed messiah's {Jesus'} second

Now, Chassidim, notice that the purpose of the Parah Adamah is for cleansing... for purification. In other
words, for sprinkling upon one's forehead and upon one's hand {and body} which are the very places
Christians / Messianics claim to be EVIL!! These acts... these marks... {in Hebrew meaning} these signs...
are the very acts... signs... marks of Jewish purification using the Parah Adamah!

The ashes {of the beast, the perfect red cow} stored on the Mount of Olives are there for the Kohen
Godal to use in preparation of another Parah Adamah. According to our sages the first Parah Adamah
lasted till the time of Ezrah. After the return from Babylonian captivity a second Parah Adamah was
prepared. Seven more Parah Adamos were needed before the destruction of the second Bais Ha Mik
Dosh. The tenth Parah Adamah will be prepared by the Moshiach on the Mount of Olives.

In addition to this the Gematria Kotel of Ah Shehr - Ayin - Bawh - Moom, meaning "{the red perfect
cow} with nothing deformed in it" is 666, the very number Christians / Messianics associate with the mark
of the beast.

Now isn't it interesting that Christians / Messianics have Jesus first appearing on the Mount of Olives... Yet
Jesus is NOT a Kohen {"PRIEST"}! Jesus was a Nazzerite born to the tribe of Judah, according to the
New Testament. So according to the Torah Jesus cannot under any circumstances ever be the Kohen
Godal {"High Priest"} as Christians / Messianics claim. Jesus could NEVER enter the most holy place,
NEVER prepare the Parah Adamah and NEVER make atonement for sins. Only a Kohen descended from
Levi and from Aharon can fulfill these Torah commands!!

So the teachings of the New Testament are in complete contradiction to the teachings of preparation of the
Parah Adamah as commanded by Hashem for the purification process, as taught in Parshas Chukas! The
New Testament teaches that Jesus is the purifier. The Torah teaches that the ashes of the Parah Adamah
prepared in accordance with the Torah are required for purification.

Mystically speaking Chukas warns all Jews of false and erroneous teachings that oppose and contradict the
Torah! The Gematria 666 represents the perfect red cow as commanded by Hashem. It also represents
"Our Righteousness." Neither the perfect red cow nor Hashem {"Our Righteousness"} is the mark of the

Ah Shehr - Ayin - Bawh - Moom {the red perfect cow with nothing deformed in it}
655 = Mem 40 Vav 6 Mem 40 - Hey 5 Bais 2 - Nun 50 Yud 10 Aleph 1 - Reish 200 Shin 300 Aleph 1

666 = 655 + 11 letters

Tzeed Koh Say Nu {[G-d] Our Righteousness}
666 = Vav 6 Nun 50 Yud 10 Sav 400 Vav 6 Kuf 100 Dalet 4 Tzaddi 90

Blessings and peace!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk


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