Parshas Balak
Numbers 22:2 -25:9
What Does No Mean? ©
By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Isadore and Fanny
Pannitz, may they rest in peace.

The Torah states "Balak continued!" "Balak persisted!" "Balak increased his witnesses!" "Balak produced
more evidence!" {Numbers 22:15} In other words, Balak did not accept NO as being the final answer.
Balak was NOT willing to respect the dignity of another person's refusal. Balak was set on getting his way!
"Balak persisted!"

Do you know someone like Balak? Do you know someone who refuses to accept 'No' as being the final
? Mystically speaking, we learn that the person who does NOT accept 'No' as being final is...

CONFIDENT and CUNNING... They want you to think they are strong like a lion. When it is necessary
they will use force or fear to accomplish what they desire. They will take you by the arm to lead you...
They will say things that cause fear.

A salesperson will spend hours selling you their product. They will tell you of all its wonderful features.
They will speak of its dependability. They will quote statistics of consumer confidence with this product.
Then after you agree to purchase the product they will suggest that you purchase a service agreement or
an extended warranty. WHAT A JOKE! Who is lying here? Is the product that they spent hours selling
you on actually that good? Dear reader, they have just moved away from selling the product to selling a
policy for the product! You now own the product they just sold you! NOW the salesperson is your best
friend who once drove through your hometown, ate at your favorite kosher deli, etc.... And as your best
friend they are suggesting to you that a service policy is a very good idea just in case their wonderful
product breaks down....

They are Ci Ahr Yayh, meaning "like a lion." Anything that a lion does they may do. A lion creeps along
the ground stalking his prey. A lion leaps from out of nowhere to seize its prey. The lion is seeking his
prey right NOW! Dear reader, will you be the next victim?

Ci Ahr Yayh {LIKE A LION}
236 = Hey 5 Yud 10 Reish 200 Aleph 1 Chof 20

A LEADER... They carry a staff of leadership in their hand. They want you to feel comfortable with... to
relate to... their ideas... to their leadership. They are there as a confident leader to guide you. The staff they
hold is intended to represent their leadership... is intended to represent that they are an expert... is intended
to comfort you... They are there to guide you... Everyone who carries a staff is NOT a leader - or an
expert for that matter - but if they look authentic, if they act the part, many will place confidence in them.
They are Oo Mah Kehl Chehm, meaning "and your staff." In other words, they are prepared as described
in Exodus 12:11. They have their waist belted. They have their shoes on their feet. They have their staff in
their hand. They are ready to move in haste. Mystically speaking, they are waiting for you. They are
waiting to guide you to what they have already decided is best for you.

Oo Mah Kehl Chehm {AND YOUR STAFF}
236 = Mem 40 Chof 20 Lamid 30 Kuf 100 Mem 40 Vav 6

A HOME BOY / GIRL... They often attempt to connect with you as a native, as being from your region,
as being home born. They need to make that good ole boy hometown connection. Using this tactic, they
are attempting to comfort you by implying we are from the same town. Everyone from our town is good!
Everyone from our town is trustworthy! The people from our hometown are all honest, decent people...
What crap! Yet hometown works! Yet there is something comforting about the person who has lived
somewhere that we have lived... somewhere our wife has lived... our child or even a distant relative has
lived ... There is something comforting about the person who attended school in the same town... went
through basic training there... who has a best friend... a satisfied customer there... etc. This is nothing more
than a tool to connect.

We must understand this!! The fact is, the more we have in common the more likely we are going to trust
each other. If we share many bridges between each other, then we experience many levels of connections.
Ci Ehz Rah Ach, meaning "[be] like the native born" is almost always good for the person who wants to
exert influence on you. REMEMBER THAT!!

236 = Ches 8 Reish 200 Zayin 7 Aleph 1 Chof 20

A SPEAKER / COMMUNICATOR... They are skillfully trained in overcoming objections. They use
words, Li Dah Bayr {meaning to speak... to communicate}. They practice. They are taught to practice
their shpiel. They are taught to practice answering questions. They are taught what to say and what not to
say. They are taught how to guide the conversation. They practice answering objections cleverly. If you
listen to them then they are succeeding!

236 = Reish 200 Bais 2 Dalet 4 Lamid 30

They understand the importance of not OVERSELLING their product or idea. They practice being subtle.
They use their powers of persuasion, connection and leadership normally. They know as Yaakov did that
Ood Faw Koom {meaning "and if they overdrive them"}, they will die. It will kill the deal. They will go as
close to the limit as they believe possible without crossing the line. This type of person frequently
misjudges and crosses the line. When they do, they often become Ci Ahr Yayh, "like a lion!"

236 = Mem 40 Vav 6 Kuf 100 Pey 80 Dalet 4 Vav 6

They understand the importance of agreement. They disagree with you, but they say something like: "If I
were in your shoes I'd feel the same way as you do." Such a statement gives the semblance of empathy
and gives the impression that they are in agreement when in fact they disagree. In other words, they
recognize your opinion. They acknowledge what you are saying even though they disagree. They want
you to feel comfortable. They want to gain your confidence. They need you to relax.

I see this often with religious leaders. This past week a staff member discussed an issue with me regarding
a religious leader. He wrote a letter to this leader. Later they sat down to discuss the issues. The leader
began by recognizing this person's issues. He acknowledged the letter by saying, "If I have done those
things I am sorry." Chassidim, THAT IS NOT AN APOLOGY! It is nothing more than giving Vah Yah
Cayr {meaning "and [giving] recognition"}. Instead of beginning by saying, "I didn't do those things," he
began by saying, "If I have done those things I am sorry." Instead of saying, "I did do this and this and I
am sorry" because of pride... because he is a powerful rabbi... because he is more learned... he said, "If
I have done those things I am sorry." THAT IS BULL! That is nothing more than a sales tactic used to
influence the person one is speaking with. That is WRONG!! That is NOT INTEGRITY! We have
discussed this in the article entitled "If I Have Done Anything To Offend You."

236 = Reish 200 Chof 20 Yud 10 Vav 6

People who want to influence will normally first make an attempt to make you feel comfortable, to
remove / to take down your defenses. They will skillfully attempt many approaches to set your mind at
ease. They want you to feel comfortable!

Yoh Ree Doo, meaning "and they shall take it down" is one of the keys to influencing others. Take down
their concerns! Take down their worries! Take down their lack of confidence. In other words, take down
whatever you need to gain their confidence. When someone is attempting to, as they put it, "OVERCOME

236 = Vav 6 Dalet 4 yud 10 Reish 200 Vav 6 Yud 10

Now, dear holy readers, it is not by chance that each of these seven tactics are taught by experts who
successfully use them to accomplish what they want. They DON'T CARE what you want! Their ONLY
goal is to accomplish what they want! They call this success! Well, dear reader, there is another type of
success that we are going to talk about: Teaching high pressure what NO means! Each of these seven
tactics are mystically connected to the Gematria number 236, Vah Yoh Sehf Ood, meaning [Balak greatly]

236 = Dalet 4 Vav 6 Ayin 70 - Pey 80 Mah 60 Yud 10 Vav 6

Just being aware of the mystical connection gives one the tools that one can teach high pressure
NO! Dear reader, knowledge is power!
These tools are like a subliminal message that high pressure
may use
to influence you! BE AWARE OF THAT so you can teach high pressure what NO means!

Best Wishes!

Dr. Akiva  G. Belk

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