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How Do I Find Out?

The Essence of My Name
By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Gary Lee Belk, may he rest in peace.

Every Hebrew name has an essence of good and not so good... Non Hebrew names also have an essence even though it is not evident in the original language. We are all part of G-d's Creation. Sometimes the essence of a name is very clear and at other times it is like mud. Non Hebrew names are very difficult to determine but possible through a series of questions.

Many of our readers have wondered what is the essence of their name?

As a result, in certain instances we will provide the Hebrew essence of a name as we understand it at the time it is requested... One must understand that the revealed essence of a name is only as deep as the individual who studies the name. Also some names have drawn more attention of those who are astute in Gematria resulting in more information / revelation about those names. Since our revelation of Gematria is clearly limited that means our determination will also be limited.

Understanding our limitations... If you would like to have information on the essence of your name their are two requirements:

First, the following information regarding the essence of your name is provided free of any charge as a benefit to members of JewishPath:

Hebrew Name Definition
English definitions may differ from Hebrew, provide a partial meaning or omit several important second usages and side notes.

Hebrew Name Gematria
Hebrew names can have several spellings which will greatly affect the Gematria outcome of a name. Do you know how your name is spelled? If not, we determine which spelling is appropriate based on information you provide us.

Hebrew Name Direction
Hebrew letters flow in different directions. Their flow establishes patterns towards G-d and away from G-d... towards man and away from man.... Again, knowing how your name is spelled is very important...

Hebrew Name Constructed Gematria
Each Hebrew letter is constructed from other Hebrew letters normally. The constructed Gematria represents the foundation of each individual letter. When the letters are combined together, we learn the constructed foundation of the name. From this we learn our interesting foundations.

Hebrew Associations To Your Name Gematria
Hebrew Associations are what we draw from to learn hidden meanings associated with our name from other Hebrew words sharing the same Gematria as our name.

Hebrew Relatives to Your Name
Hebrew relatives are the Gematria words both before and after our Hebrew name Gematria. In other words it is good when our name is sandwiched in between two powerful Gematria meanings. One could compare Gematria relatives to the company they keep...

Now from the above descriptions one can partially see the value of knowing their Hebrew Name Gematria. So if you are not a member of JewishPath this is just another reason to support a very special outreach to our world... and at the same time participate in the blessings resulting from it!

Second, you MUST have a Hebrew name....

Third, Those who do not have a Hebrew name can provide the following name information that may assist us in determining the essence of their name.


Origin of Name: English, French Russian etc...

The Origin Meaning of Name: What does your name mean in English, French, Russian, etc...

Are you Ashkenaz or Sephard? Don't know... Not Jewish...
Ashkenazim descend generally from France, Poland, Russia and Scandinavia. Most Americans are Ashkenazim. Sephardim are descended from Spain, Portugal and the Mediterranean countries generally. Most Ashkenazim do not take names of living relatives. On the other hand Sephardim generally do take names of living relatives.

List your five strongest characteristics.

List your seven weakest tendencies.

List your three favorite Hebrew Names.

Wishing you the best in understanding your Gematria roots,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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