Pesach - Gematria For Second Day
Leviticus 22:26 - 23:44 / Maftir Numbers 28:16-25

Reaching Towards Hashem At Pesach ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of the weekly parsha is dedicated in the loving memory of Naomi Channah, Mrs. Naomi Lipton Kravitz may she rest in peace, by her son, Daniel Kravitz, and family.

Pesach, meaning "Passover", has a special directional flow from man towards Hashem. Each letter of Pesach increases in Gematria value as it moves in reverse order from the left towards the right. This concept is derived from the fact that man's progression towards Hashem begins with the Aleph which is the lowest number of the Aleph Bais then progresses towards the Sav which is the highest number in the Aleph Bais. Hashem on the other hand begins with the highest number of the Aleph Bais, the Sav, and progresses towards man at the other end of the Aleph Bais. So Gematria numbers that begin with high numbers on the right and move in progression to lower numbers on the left represent man's ascent towards Hashem. Man moves from lower numbers on the left towards higher numbers on the right which are represented by Hashem. The word Pesach is a classic example of this.

{From Right to Left}
Ches = 8 + Samech = 60 + Pey = 80

8 - - - -> 60 - - - - -> 80 - - - - -> Man progresses towards Hashem on the right.

The first man Adam was formed from red clay, dust. When we approach Hashem we come humbly and contritely before Him, from the left towards the right. He is our Maker and we are His Creation. Pesach spelled in reverse order is Chah Sawf meaning potsherd, clay. We humans are constructed of this clay, of this potsherd.

Now when we approach Hashem properly as Cha Sawf, clay, in actuality the Gematria sequence is moving away from Hashem. The fact is, no one can actually approach Hashem. Hashem is too HOLY for people of clay. What this means is that we have to open our hearts to Hashem and that in turn Hashem reacts to our open hearts, reaching out to us.

Pey = 80 + Samech = 60 + Ches = 8

80 <- - - - - 60 <- - - - - 8 <- - - - -

Pesach begins with the Pey representing man's need to speak. Pesach progresses to the Samech which represents what man is to speak about. Man is to speak about his memory and about the memory of his forefathers. In this case man is to speak about what his father taught him and his father's father taught him and so on until we reach descendants who were delivered from Mitzriam and cruel slavery. Pesach progresses to the last letter, the Ches, which represents G-d's Divine Grace, His Favor and life. Without Hashem's Favor / Grace, the lives of our ancestors would have been extinguished in slave camps in Mitzriam and our lives would have also, G-d forbid.

The Gematria of Pesach is 148. It is most interesting that the Gematria for Keh Mahch, meaning flour or meal, is also 148. It is also interesting to note that Keh Mahch is a directional word like Pesach. Keh Mahch flows from the left towards the right.

8 < - - - - - 40 <- - - - - 100 <- - - - - Man progresses towards Hashem on the right.

However the point here is at Pesach we remember that our ancestors did not have time to make lechem, bread. Lechem is bread which has had time to rise. Lechem is bread that has yeast or leaven. Instead our ancestors made bread in haste. They made unleavened bread. They made matzoh! During Pesach we are not eliminating flour. We are eliminating yeast, leaven, SIN!

The Torah records, "The people {B'nei Yisroel} took their dough before it was leavened." Exodus 12:34. Normally the word chometz meaning leavened bread is spelled {from right to left} Tzaddi - Mem - Chess which only has the Gematria of 138.

138 = Tzaddi = 90 + Mem = 40 + Chess = 8

However one time in the entire Bible we find chometz spelled with a Yud included. Then and only then the Gematria is 148. That one occurrence is Exodus 12: 34 where the Torah states, "The people {B'nei Yisroel} took their dough before it was Yech Mawzt. In this instance chometz is spelled {from right to left}
Tzaddi - Mem - Chess - Yud.

Yech Mawzt
148 = Tzaddi = 90 + Mem = 40 + Chess = 8 + Yud = 10

It should also be noted that the normal spelling of Chometz is directional as is Cha Sawf. It moves away from the right representing Hashem and runs towards the left.

Tzaddi = 90 + Mem = 40 + Chess = 8

90 <- - - - 40 <- - - - - 8 <- - - - -

There is a reason that the Chometz has a Yud added at this specific place and time in the Torah. The Yud represents added strength as in the ten creative utterances at Creation. The Yud is metaphysical / supernatural. The Yud frequently represents trials as in the ten trials of Avraham. The Yud represents strict observance as in the Ten Commands. And in Mitzriam, the Yud in the Ten Plagues represents the supernatural power of Hashem, the trials of B'nei Yisroel and the punishment of Mitzriam. That being the situation one should realize the great test, the great trial in the observance of removing the chometz from our lives. Yet even though that may be the case we have all the required tools to succeed! The direction of Chometz / Sin flees before
G-d! It runs from righteousness....

Wishing you the very best Kosher Pesach,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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