Readership Response

JULY 2000

Akiva G. Belk ,Director

Rachel Gold, Editor

I recently received an email from a friend about a planetary alignment. In this email he mentioned "a Hebrew letter "Dalet". He said the definition was a door, passageway, nose, entrance, exits, nodes, gates, opening to past, present, and future......ect......ect. Could you shed some light on this for me? I have no idea what he is talking about, because I have never even heard
of this before. I thank you in advance.

Shalom Paula,
In response to your e mail, here is some information about the Dalet.

Subject: Hebrew Letter, Dalet
The Dalet does represent the concept of a door because it appears like one half of a door frame. Years ago Dr. Belk wrote an article on the
Dalet . This article should prove very helpful to you.

Best regards,

Rachel Gold

Dear friend ,
My given Hebrew / Jewish name is ILana which I am told means tree dove . As a child I lived in Isreal and never heard these words used . Could you possibly tell me how and where to find information ? I looked desperatly for a Hebrew / English dictionary online but was only met with advertisements . (strange....not so with other languages ???)

I want to give my son a Hebrew / Jewish name and was hopeing you could please help me translate it . The name is "little man" . I would appreciate any help you could give me . Please respond only to me!

Thank you!




Subject: The Great Importance of Giving Our Children A Proper Jewish Name

Shalom Ilana,

In Judaism a name is extremely sacred. It would be improper for us to do as you have requested. Hebrew letters are the spiritual foundation for Hebrew names that represent the essence of what a person is in life. A Hebrew name must have soul! A name should carry on... carry forward from the past. Ashkenazic Jews name a child in memory of someone who has died. In so doing the intention is to perpetuate the neshama of a great tzaddik or tzadakkah, a relative, etc. Sephardic Jews name a child in honor of a living relative to continue their essence into the next generation and so forth.

Best regards,

Rachel Gold

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