The Seven Noach Commandments ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of the Holy Days is dedicated in the loving memory of Mrs. Ethel Sakash Belk, may she rest in peace.

Non Jews are only obligated to observe the Seven Noach Commandments also known as "the Seven Noach Laws." Six of these commandments have been in existence since Creation and the seventh since the destruction of the world by water. The Noach commandments may be regarded as the foundations of all human and moral progress. They recognize that moral progress and its concomitant Divine love and approval are the privilege and obligation of all mankind. All mankind may attain spiritual perfection, by the observance of these laws and obtain a good life in the life hereafter. Failing to follow the Seven Noach Commandments will result in death. Let's examine these seven laws:


Commandment One:
Establish and Follow A System of Rulership / Justice

Commandment Two:
Do Not Blaspheme G-d's Holy Name

Commandment Three:
Only Worship the Creator. Idolatry Is Prohibited.

Commandment Four:
Do Not Steal!

Commandment Five:
Do Not Take Another Man's Wife

Commandment Six:
Do Not Murder!

Commandment Seven:
Be Kind To Animals


Commandment One: Establish and Follow A System of Rulership / Justice
First, G-d is the Creator of everything. As Creator of everything G-d is Superior to what He created. G-d is Superior to man, all creatures, the universe... everything. We understand this.

Now man is introduced to G-d in Genesis 1.28 with the words "Elokim said... to them." Then a second time in Genesis 1.29 again with the words "Elokim said..." Then in Genesis 2.16 we read, "Hashem G-d commanded the man..." So far it is clear to us that up until this point the Torah only records "G-d said" to the man... This is the first time Hashem G-d commanded the man. There is a very big difference between "G-d said" and Hashem G-d commanded!" The word "commanded" in Genesis 2.16 is from the same root as "commandments", as in "the ten commandments" in Exodus 20. The meaning for the word "commanded" is "Law". The meaning of "commandments" is "LAWS". This deviation in Genesis from "Elokim said.." to "Hashem Elokim commanded.." is the beginning of required observances... social laws... commandments. So G-d, Elokim, as the Judge of the universe He created, now sits in judgment over the man and his wife. The man as we shall demonstrate now sits in judgment over all mankind and over all the creatures of the earth.

In English translations of the Bible one could easily pass by the word "COMMANDED" thousands of times not noticing that this is the place in the Torah where social laws for all mankind began. One could even delve into non Jewish Hebrew concordances or lexicons and still miss what is actually happening here. In certain instances Christian / Messianic concordances and lexicons are very careful to avoid exact meanings in sensitive areas like this one!! In areas like these they normally use generic terms... The exact meaning is frequently omitted as it is here in Genesis 2:16. How convenient!!

When Hashem G-d commands the man, "You may certainly eat from every tree in the Garden. But from the Tree of Knowledge of what is good and evil, you shall not eat from it..." Hashem G-d established social laws! One may ask, "How did G-d establish social laws beginning here?"

Hashem G-d could have said, "Do not eat from the Tree of Knowledge." Then if the man or his wife had eaten from it they would be guilty of just disobedience. However, because of the way in which Hashem G-d worded His commandments He established two categories:

First, 'what belongs to you {the man} and your wife is acceptable to eat.'

Second, 'What does not belong to you or your wife is not acceptable to eat.'

By doing this Hashem G-d establishes a series of laws that He as Ruler of the universe governs over. If one or more of these commands that He established are disobeyed, then He as Judge passes judgment on the disobedient.

Next we see Hashem G-d establishing the man as ruler over His {Hashem G-d's} Creation by bringing every creature He created to the man to see 'what he {the man} would call them,' {Gen.1.19}. The word "CALL" {Yek Raw} means "to call" or "to summon" each creature. "Yek Raw" does NOT MEAN "TO NAME". So whatever "CALL" the man used to summon each creature to him became the creature's name by proclamation of Hashem G-d. It could be considered like a dog whistle that beckons one's dog to come. The sound the whistle makes calls the dog but the sound or the call is not actually the dog's name. IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THIS!

So we now see a chain of command developing. The man was inferior to his Creator, Hashem G-d, but superior to the creatures Hashem G-d had given the man authority to summon. This is the establishment of a system of rulership and justice. From this we can understand that just as the man had authority to summon any creature, Hashem G-d had authority to summon the man. We know this because Hashem G-d Vah Yek Raw, called, "summoned" the man, {Gen. 3.9} and the man responded. That teaches us that Hashem G-d has a name whereby He is called, man has a name whereby he is called and each creature of Creation has a name whereby they are called. Now man could summon each creature but Hashem G-d could summon each creature and the man. From this we learn the honor placed upon each level of rulership. This establishes a system of governing before other humans existed.


Commandment Two: Do Not Blaspheme G-d's Holy Name
Each creature paid homage to G-d as Ruler and Creator of the universe and to the man as ruler of the earth by the authority of Hashem G-d. The man paid homage to Hashem G-d only. Notice that the name the creatures of the earth paid homage to was "Elokim", representing only the attribute of justice. Notice the name the man paid homage was"Hashem Elokim," representing both the attributes of justice and grace. This is very important!

Many non Jews normally think of the name Elokim as G-d but creatures in Creation knew the meaning of Elokim to be "Ruler / Judge." The man knew Hashem Elokim as "Merciful Ruler / Judge." This only occurs when the plural name Elokim meaning Ruler / Judge is combined with the Singular name Hashem meaning Merciful. That teaches us that G-d is actually singular and NOT plural. Understanding the full intention and meaning of Elokim ORIGINALLY at Creation to all Creation is extremely important.

Unfortunately it seems as though the intention and meaning of Elokim has been displaced by some with FALSE DOCTRINE heading into the twenty-first century. It is imperative that we as the elements of Creation return to the original understanding of Elokim, that being Hashem G-d, the Merciful Ruler / Judge.

It is from this understanding that we intuitively know, just like a new born knows without instruction how to suckle their mother's breast, that we are to honor G-d and to honor His Holy Name Hashem Elokim! In other words, honoring G-d and His Holy name is a natural instinct established from Creation. It is a physical law in the same sense that birds, fish and animals mate after their own kind... that plant life does not naturally mix. Wheat produces wheat... apple trees produce apple trees... It is a series of natural relationships of the sun, moon and stars to earth's rotation... In the same way, we understand that we are to honor Hashem G-d and His name as the Merciful Ruler / Judge.

Life before the flood was considerably different than it is today. Creatures did not feed on each other. All creatures lived in TOTAL PEACE. Man was 100% vegetarian. The world then had a harmony. The sun was never too bright or too hot. Rain and snow did not exist. Mountains and oceans like we now have did not exist. Storms of any kind were unheard of. Man did not cover the entire earth as we know it today. The world then was a very special and wonderful place. Everyone spoke the same language before the flood. G-d's presence was felt everywhere. G-d was understood in a special way by His Creation everywhere.

All residents of earth could travel to the entrance of Gan Eden. They could see the angel with the flaming sword in person. Man had a closeness then that man does not have today. Man still had direct connections to Gan Eden that were visually evident for anyone to see. For over nine hundred years the residents of earth could speak with the original man. They learned first hand about the six commands if they choose. Man then had direct connections that do not exist today.

In the first world, man's responsibility of honoring Hashem G-d was clearly understood by all residents of earth. Man then understood that He was to worship only Hashem G-d. Clearly both Cain and Abel understood the requirement to honor Hashem G-d. They both brought offerings... It is also clear that Noach and his sons understood the requirement to honor Hashem G-d. Noach brought offerings to Hashem G-d. We discuss Cain's offering in the article "G-d Does Not Require A Blood Sacrifice."


Commandment Three: Only Worship the Creator. Idolatry Is Prohibited.
Hashem G-d who created everything is to be honored with our worship and praise as G-d, who Rules / Judges with righteous Judgment. Idolatry is worshiping His creation like: the stars, the moon, the sun, plants and animals. Idolatry of any form opposes honor to the Creator. In fact it is rebellion against the Creator of the Universe.

The world before the flood had a special relationship with Hashem G-d that is not the same as now. Today we have 100's of thousands of laws that did not exist then. Why are all these laws necessary today but were not necessary then?

It has to do with how man lived in relationship with Hashem G-d. Man's sense of understanding G-d's will was very keen then. As man moved further and further away from G-d eventually He was destroyed. Idolatry was destroyed! Then a new sense of awareness was reestablished after the flood with Noach and his sons. That special sense of understand Hashem G-d was reestablished with the Seven Noach Commandments They demonstrated their sense of understanding through sacrifice to Hashem G-d immediately after the flood. Everyone was present! Noach as the family head was also the High Priest. He offered sacrifices and worship to Hashem G-d.


Commandment Four: Do Not Steal!
Within our home we have two beagle pups, Kaley and Dovi. There are times we place them on a leash so they can enjoy the freedom of running back and forth on a line in our yard. Then there are times we separate them by leash during mealtime and for other reasons. They can go anywhere they want within the limits of the leash. At other times Kaley and Dovi are not on the leash. They are allowed to run free. In cold weather they play in our garage or their bedroom.

Originally the garage and bedroom had a door to contain them so they could not wander at will throughout our home. After several weeks we established the bedroom just for rest time and the garage for play time. Now we frequently remove the door. The boys have reached the age, the development and the training where they understand the rest place, the play place and understand that even though the door has been removed they are still not permitted to leave their area without permission. What is the point? Now that the door has been removed the boys have a choice. They can obey or they can disobey. At twelve weeks they knew the difference.

Now in a similar way G-d established certain laws for Adam and Chava.

When Hashem G-d commanded the man, "You may certainly eat from every tree in the Garden. But from the Tree of Knowledge of what is good and evil, you shall not eat from it...", the way in which Hashem G-d worded His commandments established two categories:

First, 'what belongs to you {the man} and your wife is acceptable to eat.'

Second, 'What does not belong to you or your wife is not acceptable to eat.'

By doing this Hashem G-d establishes a series of laws one of which is do not take what does not belong to you or your wife. "Do not steal."

When the man took from the tree that was forbidden to him he broke the commandment "Do Not Steal." He made the choice to take what did not belong to him.


Commandment Five: Do Not Take Another Man's Wife
Originally, after the woman was taken from the man's side,she was called or summoned to the man as the "woman". After the man's sin he then changed the call or summon from the "woman" to "Chavah" {Eve}.

Before the man's sin he made a proclamation as ruler over all the earth as follows: "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and cling to his wife and they shall be one flesh, {Gen. 2.24}."

How did the man know about the concept of "Father" or "Mother?" What did he know about leaving father or mother? The man had neither. This shows us that Hashem G-d had instructed the man in the sanctity of marriage, the birth and raising of children, and the family. It is clear from this statement that Hashem G-d taught the man he and his wife were "one flesh." So the terms husband and wife were established from the beginning to be "one flesh."

From these we learn that man and man or woman and woman do not equal "one flesh." We learn that man and beast or woman and beast do not equal "one flesh." From the beginning the term "one flesh" has only meant the union by marriage of one husband {singular} and one wife {singular}. From the beginning G-d blessed the relationship of the only human male and female. G-d said to them {instructed them},"Be fruitful and multiply." This meant together only as "one flesh."

This same command of "Be fruitful and multiply" was also given twice to Noach and his sons after the flood. Noach had his wife. Shem had his wife. Cham had his wife. Yafes had his wife. There were four married couples. This has always been G-d's plan.

Now we must notice that on three separate occasions {Genesis 1:28 before the fall, and Genesis 9:1 and Genesis 9:7 after the flood} the blessing, "Be fruitful and multiply," was spoken only by Elokim, representing the attribute of Justice. This demonstrates to mankind the sanctity of marriage. Marriage was created to be Echad, "ONE", just as G-d is "ONE." Therefore mercy does not exist for the one who violates the "ONENESS OF MARRIAGE!"

It was under these unfortunate circumstances that the world before the flood perished. Sins of stealing, adultery, lewdness, idolatry and mixing species brought on the destruction by flood. Having a sexual relationship with another person's spouse is a form of stealing but much worse! It is immoral! It is unforgivable. It is a form of idolatry like leaving G-d for another. IT IS A VERY SERIOUS VIOLATION!!


Commandment Six: Do Not Murder!
The only place in the Torah where death is explicitly decreed for non Jews is in Gen. 9.6 where it is stated, "Who so sheds man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed." It is a general law, applicable to all, having been given in the pre-Abrahamic era; 'his blood shall be shed' refers to the sword, the only form of death where blood is shed.

However the prohibition of shedding blood extends back to the command, "You may certainly eat from every tree in the Garden," which also meant eating animals was prohibited. It is also clear from Creation that all creatures and man were to feed on plant life {Gen 1. 29,30}. Before the flood, plant life was considerably different than in today's world. The climate, the soil and other conditions were perfect. The product of the field was considerably superior to ours proceeding the flood.

Man understood that taking the life of any creature was prohibited. This was clearly demonstrated by the man and his mate sewing fig leaves together as opposed to taking the life of an animal {Gen. 3.7}. Hashem G-d had not given the man authority to take life. The man intuitively understood that life was precious.

We also have the example of Cain and Abel. Cain murdered his brother, Abel. Yet in Cain's disobedience Hashem had compassion. From this unfortunate murder in the first family we learn of the prohibition of murder in accordance with Genesis 9:6. Hashem said, "Therefore, whoever kills {not murders} Cain revenge will be taken on him {Cain} sevenfold." Meaning do not kill Cain. Vengeance will be taken on him by his descendant Lemech in the seventh generation....

The point is that earth inhabitants would have, in the normal course of justice which was established by Hashem G-d, taken Cain before the man, {Adam} the ruler, the high priest and judge of earth to be judged. The man would have found Cain, his own son, guilty and sentenced him to die by the sword. Justice would have been served. However Hashem had compassion on the man because Cain at that time was the man and the woman's only son. Justice would have to wait until after Seth was born.

Yet we learn from this verse that mankind had already been instructed in revenging murder. Hashem's attribute of mercy intervened... Notice only the attribute of mercy {Hashem} is present in dealing Cain.


Commandment Seven: Be Kind To Animals
We have already shown in the first six Noach commandments that,up until the time of the flood, man was prevented from shedding blood except for sacrifice. All mankind were vegetarians until after the flood. Now after the flood G-d permits man to eat flesh providing he first removes the blood from the meat and providing he does not cut a limb from a living animal and eat it, Genesis 9:3.

The climate obviously had changed. The atmosphere had also changed. In addition, animals towards the end of life on earth before the flood began to rebel against G-d with unnatural mixes. As a result, after the flood everything became food for mankind. This was a judgment against unnatural mixes; first, angels and man and second, animals of one kind with animals of another kind. They were forbidden by G-d to mix.


Additional Information
There is a wealth of additional information like the following two examples that prove the existence of the Seven Noach Commandments.

In addition to the Seven Noach Commandments, history proves some information on several other forms of justice existing thousands of years back. Consider the Hammurabi Code and the Assyrian Laws which are both in excess of 3,800 years old and the Hittite Code which descended from Heth the great grandson of Noach. Each of these are shorter versions of the Seven Noach Commandments.

In addition to this, the Torah records, "There shall not be found among you any one who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or who uses divination, or a soothsayer, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer, or a medium, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination to Hashem; and because of these abominations Hashem G-d drives them out from before you. You shall be perfect with Hashem your G-d. For these nations, which you shall possess, listened to soothsayers, and to diviners; but as for you, Hashem your G-d has not allowed you so to do," {Deut. 18:10-14}.

Also science has proven the existence of the natural laws referred to in this article. These natural laws established at Creation by G-d were in existence thousands of years before science recognized them and eventually proved their existence. Consider gravity or DNA as examples...

In conclusion, all mankind on the face of this earth from the Noach flood on are required to observe the Seven Noach Commands. Before the flood, all mankind was required to observe the Six Adamic Commands.

Yidden on the other hand are required to observe the 613 commandments given to Moshe Rabbino on Har Sinai. Yidden do not have a choice between observing the Seven Noach Laws or observing the 613. For Kal Yisroel it is mandatory just like the Seven Noach Laws are mandatory for non Jews.

This may seem too simple but that is all that there is to being a G-d fearing religious person who will pass from this life into the next. Essentially drinking, smoking, movie theaters, believing in Jesus or the fear of HELL has nothing to do with it. All that is involved is observing the Seven Noach Commandments.

People tortured for years with the Nonsense of FALSE DOCTRINES and of religious "B E L I E F S" are finding the TRUTH in these simple Seven Noach Commandments. Many congregations world wide now practice the Seven Noach Commandments. If you need more information please E-Mail us.

Wishing you the best,

Good Yom Tov!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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