Subject Isaiah 53:10 A Former Christian Speaks Out!
My name is Joseph. I'm writing to say thank you for your efforts in clearing up some highly blown out of proportion teachings!
I, myself am a Sephardic Jew. With a sur name of Hernandez. I have been raised a gentile all my life! I grew up learning about Jesus Christ and until about eight years ago I was introduced to Yahshua HaMashiach. I never acknowledged my Jewish roots to my faith in Yashuah until just recently (four months ago actually).
After diving into the Jewishness of my faith in Yahshua being the Messiah of Israel. I was involved in a Y'shivah that was entitled "What Gospel Did Yahshua teach?" This study helped me to start question the teachings I've taken for granted my hole life! I was attending a Messianic synagogue that felt we should be Torah observant and this is what Yashua taught! In fact in this study it was shown that Yashuah pointed the way to Ha Shem and not Himself!!! This was amazing to me. Because it wasn't the Gospel that Paul taught without contradiction. I sit now as an outcast and feel a bit alone in this world amongst believers in Yahshua being the Messiah. It is not my faith any longer. I do feel if any of the New Testament teachings are true, then He was a good prophet and that was it!
Well, now I delight in knowing that I wont be apart in idolatrous behavior any longer and that I'm trying to teach others what I've been shown in the Tenach just recently! This is why I write. Being uneducated in Hebrew and in the Tenach, What articles do you have about Isaiah 53 and specifically verse 10?
I'm currently studying Hebrew but not having a Hebrew teacher is rather tough. My study takes patients and lots of research. I know that Isaiah 53 is talking about Israel now and not Yahshua like I used to think, so can you help me!
Shalom once again,
Joseph V
Shalom Yoseif,
Dr. Belk will answer your E-Mail, G-d willing, but it will not be immediately. His correspondence list is quite long so it could be even a month.
REMEMBER there is a great difference between the Torah and the prophets. While Isaiah is very great IT IS NOT ON THE LEVEL OF THE TORAH. We do consider Isaiah inspired but ONLY THE TORAH IS PERFECT!
Ben Silverman
Associate Editor
Comments On Isaiah 53:10 ©
By Akiva G. Belk
Shalom Yosief,
And Hashem wished {chose} to oppress him with sickness, {however} if {on the condition,} his soul fearfully repents guilt, he shall see seed {children} and he shall see many days and wished Hashem, with his hand, {for} him to succeed. Isaiah 53 :10
This is poetic language regarding Kal Yisroel {"ALL YISROEL"} as one. When we do wrong Hashem desires to punish us with sickness as He said {warned}, "If you vigilantly obey the voice of Hashem, your G-d, and do what is upright in His eyes, give ear to His commandments, and preserve all His statutes; {then}, every sickness that I wrought upon Mitzriam, I will not bring upon you, for I am Hashem who heals you." Exodus 15:26
Just as Hashem closed the womb of the women of Gerar because of the sin because Avimelech king of Gerar took Sarah, wife of Avraham... {Gen 20:1-17} Hashem as promised may do the same to Kal Yisroel. Yet if Kal Yisroel as "ONE" nation... as "ONE" people... as "ONE" soul.. repents of guilt then Hashem will desire to prosper the hand of Kal Yisroel with greater desire than he chose to make them sick. We know this because Hashem is a loving G-d and because Hashem placed the desire to prosper us in front of His Name. Whereas when he punished us the desire followed his name.
We see Hashem's desire in the Gematria of the words, Chaw Faytz {meaning wished, desired} and Vi Chay Fhetz {meaning and wished, desired}.
{From right to left}
Chaw Faytz
178 = Tzaddi = 90 + Pey = 80 + Ches = 8
Vi Chay Fhetz
184 = Tzaddi = 90 + Pey = 80 + Ches = 8 + Vav = 6
With the Chaw Faytz we see Hashem's true desire to prosper B'nei Yisroel and for B'nei Yisroel to succeed, but this particular prosperity / success required oppression. We see this in the Gematria relationships of 178.
{From right to left}
Chaw Faytz {"wished / desired"}
178 = Tzaddi = 90 + Pey = 80 + Ches = 8
Mahtz Lee Ach {"prosper / succeed"}
178 = Ches = 8 + Yud = 10 + Lamed = 30 + Tzaddi = 90 + Mem = 40
Loh Chah Tzeem {"oppress"}
178 = Mem = 40 + Yud + 10 + Tzaddi = 90 + Ches = 8 + Lamed = 30
This difficult experience of Mitzriam was necessary for many reasons. As already mentioned it was a point of reference {Exodus 15:26} that B'nei Yisroel understood having lived through it.
With Vi Chay Fhetz we see Hashem keeping his promise to restore and prosper Kal Yisroel if their soul fearfully repents of guilt. The Torah states, "Hashem said, 'I have indeed seen the suffering of My people that are in Mitzriam and have heard how they cry out because {of the harshness} of their slave masters and I am aware of their pain.'" Exodus 3:7 It was because of their oppression that they cried out to G-d. That is often what causes man to seek G-d's assistance. As a result of their cry which in essence is like shuvah {repentance}, Hashem heard and Faw Kahd {"remembered"} His promise to Avraham. In the same way Hashem will respond in Isaiah 53:10.

{From right to left}
Vi Chay Fhetz
184 = Tzaddi = 90 + Pey = 80 + Ches = 8 + Vav = 6
Faw Kahd
184 = Dalet = 4 + Kuf =100 + Pey = 80
So we can see before Isaiah the actual process established in the Torah. Isaiah was only reiterating what Hashem had established as a promise and warning years earlier.
Please keep in touch.
Wishing you the best,
Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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