The Completed Jew ©
By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This essay study is dedicated in the loving memory of Ms. Fredriqua Ann Brown, may she rest in peace.

What is a completed Jew? Christian / Messianics believe that a completed Jew:
is a Jew who has accepted Jesus as their savior...
is a Jew who has acknowledge that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah...
is a Jew who believes Jesus is G-d...
is a Jew who has accepted the doctrine of the virgin birth...
is a Jew who believes Jesus died and after three days rose from the dead...
is a Jew who believes Jesus will return a second time and on and on...

The meaning as defined by Christian / messianics is so offensive!

The fact is that what Christian / Messianics term as a completed Jew The Torah views as a Jew who is LOST!

Unfortunately, the majority of Jews that for one reason or another fall prey to non Jewish religions NEVER EXPERIENCED TORAH JUDAISM!

A Lost Jew
Several years ago My wife and I were invited to an out of the way town in Southern Colorado. We visited an intermarried couple. They were very nice. They tried to be hospitable in every way. They purchased jars of gefilte fish, horseradish, paper plates, cups, plastic and other items required for Orthodox Jews to eat in such a setting. We were very honored. Their kindness us was over whelming.

Yet their live together is sad state. One is a Christian. One is a Jew. What a mess! It is so sad! It is pathetic! It is a marriage of convince and co dependency. They have two children who were born Jewish. Neither has any depth in Judaism.

While we visited with them they told us of plans their {non Jewish} community had for developing for a Kosher meat processing facility in their town. They showed us the new paper articles. They also told us of the time they sponsored a Pesach Seder at their home. According to them it was so wonderful.

After we left my wife commented that the Jew was considering conversion to Christianity. It came as no surprise! There are many lost Jews who have little understanding of the Torah or of Judaism. They are searching for G-d! Most are very sincere. Often in their search they take a wrong turn, get lost, need directions and many times do shuvah... return to the G-d of their salvation! Thank G-d!

Jews that embrace other religions normally know very little about Judaism. The fact is that it does take time to learn. Soul searching is a life time process. The futher one is from the Torah the more difficult it is to clearly understand. It is especially difficult when ones parents and grandparents had little or no serious Torah values. It is even more difficult when ones parents have already made the choice of another religion. The children are raised to believe one way BUT their neshima rejects what their parents are teaching them.

At the time most do not understand what is actually happening. It frequently takes years. A Jewish neshima can be force feed doctrines of other religions for years and NEVER be content until they do shuvah, until they they return to Judaism. Something always feels out of place. It's never just right.

Eventually, even though this process is sad it does often lead to the proper conclusion which is learning Judaism, studying Torah and an observant life with the complete acknowledgement that for a Jew to be truly complete they must return to Judaism.

Another point is most morale good people who are non Jews have no reason to believe that what they are being taught is unfounded. Most have little or no reason to question what their religious leaders teach them. Why would a non Jew begin studying hours and hours a day, weekly and monthly to prove what they have learned all their life is wrong. Most people are will going to do that.

In addition most Christian / Messianic leaders are not educated to the point where they can actually realize that all the puzzle pieces don't fit. This does not make them bad people. The simple fact is, normally they have little or no reason to question what they have learned in Bible school and Seminary. Many Bible schools do not offer Hebrew. They offer Greek. Seminary usually require six units of Hebrew. That is not enough! It does not provide enough of a foundation to even formulate an objection.

The point is they are not to fault for teaching what they were taught to believe. Most will NEVER develop an attitude that what they have learned is wrong. Why would they?

Most Christian / Messianics leaders and believers are doing what they truly believe to be correct. They believe and teach the completed Jew concept generally without question. They will continue to...

Yet for the Jew there is a question. There is discomfort. There is restlessness. There always will be util you follow the question to a satisfying answer. JUDISM!

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk,

A completed Jew... Who does not believe in Jesus etc...

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