The Engrafted Tree©

By dr. Akiva G. Belk

This essay study is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Max and Mrs. Augusta Litman, may they rest in peace.

Paul teaches that non Jews are grafted into the nation Yisroel because G-d has rejected the Jewish people for not believing in Jesus, {Romans 11:17,19,23 and 24}.

Let's carefully examine Paul's claims:

First, there is no reason for Jews to believe in Jesus. (See  RESPONSE TO MESSIANICS for more details.) There is such a mess surrounding Jesus. The New Testament is the only record about Jesus. It gives the impression that he attracted CNN Headline News, ABC, CBS, NBC and other worldwide news organizations everywhere he went. Yet the only information about Jesus is recorded four to ten decades after he died in the manuscripts that contradict his whereabouts, his discussions, his suggested miracles, etc. The information was eventually compiled hundreds of years later to form a few books which eventually became the New Testament over a thousand years later, and still not the New Testament as it exists in its present form.

Second, throughout the world, records exist on many different events going back thousands of years. Scribes {historians} worldwide gathered information, named resources, dates, places, people and verified facts about thousands of subjects before, during and after Jesus, Paul and the disciples. Yet in all their research not even two lines exist anywere about Jesus... Something is wrong!

Third, the entire world went through a period known as the Dark Ages {476 C.E. - 1000 C. E.} in which most people, especially those in Europe, could not read or write. During that time only the very wealthy, the very powerful and the priesthood were educated. Yet there was a small group of people scattered throughout the world who did read and write. In fact many of this group's great scholars studied and wrote about the Torah during this period of time when the majority of the world was illiterate and in decline. The church controlled most documents, manuscripts and other pertinent information during this time. There was time to lose articles... There was time to alter articles... There was time to do just about anything because few could read. I cannot say what went on during this time...

Fourth, hundreds of years pass and new doctrines begin to develop. Doctrines that to this day do not exist in Tenach, ideas foreign to Judaism yet supposedly taken from our Tenach. Concepts neither written about nor supported by thousands of years of Jewish learning are introduced and developed just before, during and after the Dark Ages. Today many of these foundationless doctrines / concepts still exist. People speak about them as if they were fact and THEY ARE NOT!

Fifth, every religion has its rebels, dissidents, heretics, malcontents, misfits, nonconformists, renegades, traitors, turncoats and outcasts who revolt, plan mutiny, create insurrection and stir frenzy. Legends are written about the Robin Hoods of the world who attack the ruling class, fight the system and aid the poor. Over time their feats grow, especially during the illiterate Dark Ages.

In the western world how did Halloween, Santa Claus, Easter Bunnies, Saint Patrick's Day and many other holidays begin? They have grown and spread like the legends of Robin Hood, Jesus, Paul and many others...

The root of each of these problems is founded on the lack of education mixed with mankind's desire for spirituality. Mankind is superstitious... Mankind within just about every religion attributes daily events, etc. to supernatural causes...

Before one can understand the facts about what Paul is credited with writing concerning grafting, one must understand The Seven Noach Commandments and the real purpose for the destruction of the world by flood.

In brief, when Hashem created the world He established it with natural laws and spiritual laws which are still in effect. One of the natural laws is like being with like and kind being with kind. One of the spiritual laws established by Hashem from the begining was to prohibit man {who had the power to alter natural laws created by Hashem} from mixing the seed of animals with other kinds of animals and by mixing the seeds of vegetation with other kinds of vegetation.

Unfortunately mankind has broken the laws of nature many times. Man has experimented with seed mixtures of animals and plants for hundreds of years. Most humans think little of it. Mankind does not think of such experiments as altering Creation as G-d intended it to be.

Mankind does not consider that improper mixtures of seed was one of the primary reasons the first world was destroyed by water. Unfortunately most of mankind accept this lack of restraint as normal. That being the situation it is pathetically understandable when we as Jews read or hear such outlandish claims as Paul taught about grafting.

Grafting {mixing species ...seeds.. etc.. by any means} is a prohibition by Hashem {our Creator} to all mankind. This is one of the Seven Noaic Commandments given to every human which is still in effect today. This is one of the Torah Laws in effect today.

As a result when Paul {aka the Apostle Paul} spoke of grafting, he as a Jew was in violation of the sanctity of the Torah and as a resident of this world was in violation of the Seven Noach Commandments. Both prohibit grafting / engrafting!

Now Paul in outright rebellion taught what he knew to be in violation of both the Torah as a Jew and to the Seven Noaic Commandments as a resident of this world. He was NOT instructed to do this by G-d the Creator of the Universe. This is so clear because G-d as Creator of the universe destroyed the world because of improper mixtures, grafting, etc. in Noah's day!

Grafting is in total REBELLION to both physical and spiritual laws of G-d. It is similar to a Jew marrying a non Jew or a believer of another religion marrying outside of their professed religion! IT IS WRONG! This clearly exposes the utter rebellion of Paul and his improper teaching to violate what G-d has commanded from the beginning, even before the existence of the Torah!

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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