The New Testament Is NOT Founded Upon...©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk
This essay study is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Arnold Student Litman, may he rest in peace.

Frequently I have heard the following comments by well meaning Christians / Messianics: "The New Testament is based on the Old Testament," "Christianity is founded upon Judaism," or "Christianity takes its roots from Judaism." FALSE! FALSE!! FALSE!!! The time has long passed for Jews to STOP accepting such rubbish! The New Testament is NOT based, established or rooted in the Tenach! Please don't act so shocked!

Just because Jesus was a Jew does not support the idea that the New Testament is part of Tenach. That is like saying a poorly educated, back country used car salesman speaks with authority for Ford or General Motors. We know that is not true... Yet millions believe something that is just as ridiculous!

Many believe Jesus, Paul and their followers spoke for G-d. That is so absurd even though you may not realize it at this time. Jesus {who Christians / Messianics believe to be perfect}, Paul and their followers constantly violated the Torah given by G-d Alm-ghty to Moshe on Har Sinai! THAT PUT IN SIMPLE TERMS IS SIN! Jesus sinned! Paul sinned! Their followers sinned!

You see, Jews are required to observe the Torah given at Sinai.

The uneducated, rebellious opinions of Jesus, Paul and their followers are similar to a half baked car mechanic arguing with Ford or G.M. about the design of their cars.

What I am saying is neither Jesus, Paul nor their followers, their opinions, or teachings, etc. were given or commanded by G-d Alm-ghty who gave the Torah to Moshe on Har Sinai! They are in opposition to what the Tenach teaches:

The Tenach does not teach or support the Christian / Messianic doctrine of the trinity. Judaism teaches G-d is One. Not three in one.

The Tenach does not teach or support the Christian / Messianic doctrine of a virgin birth. Since G-d is One He cannot reproduce Himself.

The Tenach does not support or teach the Christian / Messianic doctrine that G-d impregnated Mary. This would be a Torah violation of the sovereignty of an individual, of the sanctity of marriage and of G-d's command to not mix seed (which angels were punished for and the world was destroyed over). This act would constitute forcible rape and adultery, both violations of the Torah. And it would constitute many, many more violations of the Torah...

JewishPath offers many proofs and examples as to why it is incorrect to claim that the New Testament is founded upon the Tenach or is an extension of the Tenach. They are not similar! They do not agree!

If you take the time to actually learn then you will come to realize that the New Testament is not founded on the Tenach (Old Testament).

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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