Dear reader, each month we receve requests for translation services of names, words, yes words from the New Testament, words that people have made up, words from passages in the Tenach {Old Testament} and words from who knows where.
Here are a few examples:
I wanted to know if you could translate the following into Hebrew for me.
It's from Isaiah
I'd like to see what it would look like in Hebrew characters.
Thank you
Maynard A. M.
Honestly, dear reader, do you actualy think that we have all the time in the world? Have you stopped to consider our costs? What do you think it costs, in time and money to translate I AM THE L-RD;S from Isaiah? Do you have a Hebrew program? Can your computer decifer Hebrew letters? Normally NO! It is costly in time and in money to provide this type of service that we are so frequently requested to..
So we have two problems. The first problem is time. JewishPath is a labor of love to the world. Dr. Belk and all the other staff members of JewishPath are UNsalaried. Everyone is a volunteer. Everyone works for a living at a regular job... That being the case, there just is not enough time to provide translation services.
The second problem is money. We provide "FREE LESSONS" on the internet but we do not provide free translation services. If you are really interested in translation services we have people who will do this for $25.00 per hour with a one hour minimum.
I believe it to be pronounced: "Kapeech" Meaning - do you understand me?

Can you supply me with the correct spelling of this charming word?

Judy D.
Dear reader, this is NOT a Hebrew or Yiddish word, IT IS ITALIAN.
I was wondering if you could tell me the meaning of the place name "Bethany". I believe "Beth" means "house", so could it have originally meant house of something??

Thank you for your assistance.

David H.
Bethany is a New Testament Word. It is NOT found anywhere in Tenach. Dr. Belk however did an article on Bethany because Bethany NEVER EXISTED! Yet this reader is attempting to take New Testament words and apply them to Hebrew. It is very silly! If you only knew...
I would be very much obliged if you could tell me how to pronounce "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?". I would also like to know if "Eloi" is a hebrew/aramaic word. And what about "sabachthani"? Thank you in advance.


Madalena L.
The extent of foolishness is beyond imagination. This is another New Testament word. Why do Christian / Messianic people that have all this faith but so little learning come to Jewish sites seeking answers from the people they believe are blind? Dear reader, Christians / Messianics teach the world that we Jews are blinded to the New Testament. They teach that our eyes {the Jews' eyes} are blinded to the truth. Then they ask us what words mean. Then they ask us to translate words...
Dear reader, let's be fair in what we ask for, in what we expect. If you have any love of G-d maybe you can understand that we are deserving of a contribution. {OR} Are you one of those that asks for FREE THINGS FROM JEWS BUT CONTRIBUTES TO CHRISTIAN / MESSIANIC ORGANIZATIONS THAT EXTEND MUCH EFFORT TO CONVERT US??
Are you one of these?
I do translations all the time and never get paid. Of course, I'm not Jewish. Thank you for your message. I don't really need a web site that charges for translation; I'm a student, and I don't have that much money to spend. When I do, it's never for my own profit.

Madalena Lim

This was from the reader that does not know how to pronounce "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani... This was from the reader who translates for "FREE" but does not know if "Eloi" is a Hebrew or Aramaic word.
Again, lets be fair... This reader who "is not Jewish" does not believe it is proper for us to request a contribution.
I was fortunate to go to Israel a couple of years ago. It seems like a remember a Hebrew word for "good morning" being something like bolkatolv (I'm just spelling it the way a remember hearing it). Can you confirm this?
Thank you,
We are called upon to teach language also...
Another reader writes...
I had a dream I woke up with the word Dalet, I knew I had to look for information.
Another reader requests:
I am looking up my daughter's Hebrew name and it is not in here. It is Nechama Eliana. Can you help? Could you also tell me how to spell it with Hebrew letters please?
Thank you in advance,
Jason M.
Another example of the ridiculious requests that we receive...
Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me something. My grandmother, she speaks yiddish, she called my dog (dachshund) a mumza, when I asked my mom what that meant, she said it meant "german bastard". I chuckled. But I'm not sure that's how it's spelled; mumza or mamza? Can you tell me which one is right?
Thank you for your help.
We are a religous "Sight" why would we want to waste our time translating filth...?
I was wondering what the word "Nashua" means. Is it a hebrew word? If you can please give me the meaning.
Asif Z.
Here is a reader that asks, "Is it Hebrew?' What's the meaning?
Dear reader, do you know every English word in the dictionary? I suppose that we are supposed to know every Hebrew and Yiddish word even though you may not know every Spanish or French or Russian word... Then we are supposed to know the definition.
Do you know how to spell every word correctly? Well, translation is more difficult for reasons I will not begin to explain. We just don't have the time to expend on such fruitless searches.
We responded to this one..
Where did you read this word?
Send us the context that it was used in. Transliterations from Hebrew into English can vary greatly.
Shalom Rachel,
Basically my church is on a road called 'Nashua Drive" and so my Pastor asked me to find out if it meant anything. Any help you can provide would be great.
Asif Z.
Have you had enough yet? Think about us.... come on... how about just one more...?

To Whoever It May Concern:
I noticed this name below (Mammele) which is my name and I wondered why it was used and what it means in hebrew. It's so unusual to see it used and spelled the same way as I do. Please let me know. I am amazed, and whatever information you could provide me would be greatly appreciated.

EDITOR'S NOTE THE FOLLOWING IS A JOKE FROM OUR HUMOR PAGE, "RESTSTOP" entitled: "Two Shirts You Loose". This is where our reader found the word "Mammele."

The purpose of JewishPath is to teach Torah and to refute false doctrine. We are not translators!!
Everyone of these readers had to pass through our E-Mail page to send us an E-Mail. They just whizzed on by. They ignored our VERY SIMPLE REQUEST: Before Sending E - Mail To JewishPath Please Read This!
On the E-Mail page we explain what we have determined as unfair requests. They are:
- Translation Services...
- Special Subject Services..
- Views about other religions...
Every week we receive requests from readers who expect us to do hours of reasearch without a thought of our costs or expenses. It doesn't work like that. Have a heart! Show some kindness! Each subject that we share with you requires hours of research, writting and editing. Please keep this in mind.
Many good questions are presented every week by our readership. Yet, even though that is the case, it is not possible to respond to everyone with our limited resources. We truly thank G-d that our "SIGHT" has a readership of over 20,000 per month. It is a real blessing to know thousands of readers study on the JewishPath each month. Yet this wonderful blessing, you our readership, can be very overwhelming for our staff of volunteers.
Ben Silverman
Associate Editor

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