Parshas Matos
Numbers 30:2 - 32:42

Men of Evil! ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in loving memory to Kathryne Lynn Wright, may she rest in peace.

In last week's parsha we read how Hashem commended Pinchas for taking the lives of Zimri and Kosbi. We read, "And [because of his actions] I did not destroy B'nei Yisroel. Confirm, say, I give him My Covenant of Peace." Numbers 25:11,12

This week we read that B'nei Yisroel killed every male of Midian, five Midian kings and Bilam son of Beor, the evil prophet. In other words, B'nei Yisroel removed evil and evil influences from among and around them. One of these influences was Bilam, son of Beor. He was a long time enemy of Yisroel. He advised Pharaoh and other kingdoms. He sold, i.e., charged for, his curses and his blessings. The Torah does NOT refer to him as a false prophet... He was an evil prophet! There is a difference. He was in a position of high influence! He prostituted his office of Novie {prophet}. His concerns centered around POWER and MONEY and CONTROL! Does this sound familiar?

In our world today on a much lower level we have many small kingdoms. Yeshiva Kingdoms, Bais Yaakov Kingdoms, Day School Kingdoms, Kashrus Kingdoms, Kollel Kingdoms, Shul Kingdoms, Internet Kingdoms and so forth. If a leader within one of these miniature kingdoms becomes faulty... defective... estranged to Torah, then he has begun in part to follow evil as Bilam son of Beor did. He is not necessarily a false leader but instead AN EVIL LEADER!! He runs his miniature kingdom usually for the same reasons as Bilam did. He uses his influence as Bilam did! He in his own way takes on his own independent nature of Bilam.

Just as Pinchas killed Zimri to eliminate evil among Yisroel, B'nei Yisroel killed Bilam, son of Beor. So the Torah does establish a precedence for eliminating evil among us! Yet one must remember this was practiced only in the highly righteous Theocracy of the BaMidbar under Moshe's direction! Today we as a people have slipped to a much lower level. We have no leader like Moshe in our world! As a result we have many miniature kingdoms where EVIL LEADERS preside. And we as a weak people allow it! I am NOT SUGGESTING that we kill our evil leaders. However we need to dethrone them!! We need to remove their evil from power!

In the Gematria 426, Hawr Goo - Beh Chaw Rehv {meaning "they killed with the sword"} which is in reference to Bilam, son of Beor, we mystically observe the results of such an action ordered by Hashem through Moshe his servant.

Hawr Goo - Beh Chaw Rehv {They killed with the sword}
426 = Bais 2 Reish 200 Chess 8 Bais 2 - Vav 6 Gimmel 3 Reish 200 Hey 5

Notice the words, Eshs Bi Gaw Davv {meaning "his garments"}, which was in reference to Aharon, the Kohan Godal's garments. Notice the words, Vi Ehs - Beeg Dai {meaning "and [his sons'] garments"} which was in reference to the garments of Aharon's sons, the Kohanim... The Gematria for both Eshs Bi Gaw Davv and Vi Ehs - Beeg Dai is 426. In other words, there is a direct tie with the man who wears garments of religious leadership as the prophet Bilam, son of Beor, did and the termination of such evil. That termination was death by the sword!

Eshs Bi Gaw Davv {His [Aharon's] garments}
426 = Vav 6 Yud 10 Dalet 4 Gimmel 3 Bais 2 - Sav 400 Aleph 1

Vi Ehs - Beeg Dai {And [his, Aharon's, sons'] garments}
426 = Yud 10 Dalet 4 Gimmel 3 Bais 2 - Sav 400 Aleph 1 Vav 6

The result of ending such evil... the result of removing such evil from Taw Vehk {meaning "amidst us," from our "center," from our "interior"} is Noh Shah, meaning "to be redeemed"! Since we are NOT living in the Theocracy of the BaMidbar under the direction of Moshe and since we are not on such high levels of righteousness as Kal Yisroel was in the BaMidbar, the best that we can hope for is to expose and dethrone such evil leadership from among us!!

Taw Vehk {Amidst us, [Our] Center and [Our] Interior}
426 = Chof 20 Vav 6 Sav 400

Noh Shah {To be redeemed}
426 = Ayin 70 Shi 300 Vav 6 Nun 50

Chassidim, anyone can make a mistake. That is NOT what we are referring to here! We are discussing an established pattern of evil! We are discussing evil behavioral problems that Hashem does not approve of! We are talking of consistent Torah violations! We are focusing on leadership with a history of evil. They are the ones we are making reference to! They are the ones that Kal Yisroel must rise up against! They are the ones that Kal Yisroel MUST CHALLENGE! EVIL LEADERSHIP MUST BE REMOVED FROM THEIR MINIATURE KINGDOMS OF POWER AND CONTROL FOR THE GOOD OF KAL YISROEL!!

May Hashem bless us with wisdom, caution and strength in observing Torah!

Good Shabbos!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk


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