Parshas Haazinu
Deuteronomy 32:1 - 32:52

"For This Is Your Life"
The Sweetness of Torah

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

"For it is your life"
648, the Gematria of Cah Yay Chem, meaning "for it is your life" is shared with two concepts:

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Mrs. Ollie and Mr. T.J. Norman, may they rest in peace.

Leading up to Simchas Torah...

We read in Tenach that the Torah is perfect.
The Torah restores the Nefesh.
Dovid Ha Melech testifies:
to the accuracy of the Torah,
to the reliability of the Torah,
to the mental / spiritual transformation power of the Torah,
to the uprightness of the Torah,
to the power of absolute joy flowing out from the Torah,
to the lucidity of the Torah,
to the mental / spiritual enlightenment of the Torah,
to the fact that the Torah is a projection of the essence of G-d,
that just as G-d is feared the Torah is feared,
that just as G-d is pure the Torah is pure,
that just as G-d is eternal the Torah is eternal,
that just as the judgments of G-d are true the judgments of the Torah are true,
that G-d and the Torah are righteous and in complete unison,
to the fact that theTorah is more desirable than gold,
to the fact that theTorah is more desirable than quantities of the finest gold,
to the fact that theTorah is sweeter than the drippings of honeycombs and
to the fact that theTorah guards great rewards.
...from Psalms 19

As a side note:
The Torah is the first five books of Tenach: Genesis , Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. That is the Torah. Orthodox rabbium also include the Oral Torah but not everyone is in agreement with this inclusion. The New Testament is NOT the Torah so it is NOT included here, in Psalms 19. Nowhere in Tenach or the Oral Torah is the New Testament called or referred to as the Torah. This discussion is in an upcoming article "The Torah is NOT the New Testament."

In the closing minutes of Moshe Rebbeinu's life he shared these last few words as a testimony to Kal Yisroel:

"...Apply your hearts to all the words that I have testified against you today, with which you are to instruct our children, to be careful to perform all the words of this Torah, for it is not an empty thing for you, for it is your life, and through this matter shall you prolong your days on the Land to which you cross the Jordan to possess it," Deuteronomy 32:46,47.

As we sit at our Shabbos tables preparing to enjoy our wine and our challah with honey and our honey with apples all in hopes of a sweet and pleasant new year, it will be good to reflect that the honey is representative of the Torah. Just as one consumes challah with honey one should consume challah with Torah. Just as one desires the sweetness of a new year one should likewise desire the sweetness of Torah.

First, Cah Ah Sher - Tzvaw - Hashem, meaning "Like Hashem's command" is reflected on by Metsudas Yeshoshua in his comments on Psalms 19:12. "Because the Divine reward is contingent on fufilling G-d's commands, they {referring to the words / commands of Torah } are guardians of that reward." In other words the length, strength, wisdom and enlightenment of Cah Yay Chem is based upon our observance of the Torah.

Second, just as Moshe Rebbeinu gave these last words as he prepared to die another great man, Yaakov the patriarch, would offer his last words, blessings to his twelve sons (the heads of the twelve tribes of Yisroel) before his death in Genesis 49:1-28. The blessings concluded with these words: "All of these are the tribes of Yisroel - twelve -and this is what their father {Yaakov} spoke to them and he blessed them; he blessed each according to his appropriate blessing." Ceh Ver Caw So, meaning "according to his appropriate blessing" reflects on Cah Yay Chem "for it is your life." A Jewish father's blessing and mother's blessing is vital to the present life and future life of their children and grandchildren. That is why each Shabbos we bless our children as Yaakov blessed...

Cah Ah Sher - Tzvaw - Hashem, "Like Hashem's command" is also somewhat like our forefather Yaakov's command to Kal Yisroel regarding the blessing of their children / grandchildren. " So he {Yaakov} blessed them {Ephriam and Manasseh} that day , saying, 'By you shall Yisroel bless saying,'May G-d make you like Ephriam and Manasseh.'"

Following the Midrash, Rashi comments that Yaakov wished to tell his children when the Moshiach would come but the Divine presence left him. As a result he thought maybe one of his children, G-d forbid, was like Yishmael or Eisov. He questioned his sons! All twelve sons immediately responded to their father in unison Shema Yisroel...

The response of Yaakov's sons is similar to Cah Ah Sher - Tzvaw - Hashem, "Like Hashem's command." The sons said to Yaakov their father, 'Just like you followed Hashem's command we will follow Hashem's command.'

In addition Yaakov in his blessings pointed to the strengths and weaknesses as Moshe did before he departed from Kal Yisroel years later.

Our point is that each of the gematrias tie together through the specific blessings of Yaakov our forefather to us ... through Moshe's statement "for it is your life" and in the 61 different places that Tenach records Cah Ah Sher - Tzvaw - Hashem, "Like Hashem's command." 61 is the gematria for "Master".

At this time it is appropriate to pray,

"In the book of life, blessing, and peace, and good livelihood, may we be remembered and inscribed before Hashem - us and all the entire people the Family of Yisroel for good life and for peace."

Please take a few minutes to read:

Torah or Bust

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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