Parshas Pekudei
{Exodus 38:21 - 40:38 }

Overdeveloped Egos and Broken Cords:
Awaiting Moshiach's Translucence

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of the weekly parsha is dedicated in the loving memory of Ms. Lynda Elliott, may she rest in peace.

In our Gematria lesson on Parshas Vayakhel we discussed unity by drawing a comparison between Ha Mishkon Echad {meaning all the parts of the Mishkon made up one Mishkon} then with Kal Yisroel today. The theme was that the Jews then were centrally located in the Bamidbar whereas today Jews are scattered to every nook and cranny throughout the world. Then Jews united together in cooperation to build Hashem's Dwelling Place, the Mishkon. Then we had one central leader, Moshe. Today we have no central leader.
Accomplishing the construction of "One Mishkon" exactly as Hashem had instructed Moshe and as Moshe had instructed Kal Yisroel was no small achievement. When one considers all the EXACT REQUIREMENTS, how was it possible for the Jewish nation of three million plus to come together in such cooperation? We all know the old saying, "Two Jews, three opinions."

We read,

"Thus was completed all the work of the Mishkon of the Tent of Meeting. B'nei Yisroel did everything just as Hashem commanded Moshe, so they did." Exodus 39:32

"Moshe saw the entire work, and behold, they had done it as Hashem had commanded, so had they done, and Moshe blessed them." Exodus 39:43

In the construction of the Mishkon the Torah only mentions a handful of Jews involved in the construction by name. That is by far fewer names than I have heard mentioned at Bar Mitzvah after Bar Mitzvah. Please do not think of this as a criticism. It is only a comparison.

On several occasions I have had the opportunity to be a charter member of a new congregation. On each occasion steering committees were formed. I was involved with two of the steering committees, on the first occasion much longer than the second. Anyone who has shared in this experience understands the enormous accomplishment involved in Jews planning, Jews discussing and Jews constructing the Mishkon without ego... without arguing... without disagreements... This indeed was a miracle. This miracle of the total, complete, exact construction of the Mishkon as Hashem directed without disagreement or injection is a forerunner to another great miracle that will soon be happening, {give or take several hundred years}.

Many Christians / Messianics have mistakenly thought the Prophesy of Jeremiah 31:30 -33 to mean the New Testament when actually it means nothing of the kind. The Novie Jeremiah said,

"Behold, days are coming - the word of Hashem - when I will seal a new covenant with the House of Yisroel and with the House of Yehudah: not like the covenant that I sealed with their forefathers on the day that I took hold of their hand to take them out of the land of Mitzriam, for they abrogated My covenant, although I became their Master - the word of Hashem. For this is the covenant that I shall seal with the House of Yisroel after those days - the word of Hashem - I will place My Torah within them and I will write it onto their heart; I will be a G-d for them and they will be a people for Me. They will no longer teach - each man his fellow, each man his brother - saying, 'Know Hashem!' for all of them will know Me, from their smallest to their greatest - the word of Hashem - when I will forgive their iniquity and will no longer recall their sin."

Just like thousands of years ago when Hashem gave certain people the complete vision of the Mishkon exactly as He {Hashem} wanted it constructed, in the future Hashem will give the complete vision of the Torah that we now observe. The difference will be that each Jew will know exactly what Hashem's Torah means and will follow it, from our youngest to our oldest. There will be no deviation of opinion. In other words... millions of Jews, one opinion. Hashem will reveal His complete intent of the Torah to us. We will know exactly every intent of what Hashem has said in the Torah.

It does not require much understanding to realize how difficult it is for people to contain their thoughts, their opinions, their attitudes, their "I know I'm right" attitudes about how a congregation should be formed or what property should be purchased or how a building should be constructed and designed, etc.

The Story On Agreement
Some years back my oldest son was visiting us for several days including Shabbos. We needed to move Mrs. B's oak dresser. It was a special wedding gift that she is quite careful with and fond of. For us to move the bureau it would be necessary to remove the drawers and the mirrors. We did that. Then when the bureau was in place we put the drawers in place and prepared to reattach the mirror. It was at this time that my son and I had a very different opinion as to how the mirrors should be reattached to the bureau. When we first discussed it, it was clear he wanted to take the shortcut that could with one slip cause serious scratches on Mrs. B's bureau. That was not acceptable! Finally it was necessary to request that he end his participation.

The Story Of Construction From A Mental Imprint
On another occasion we were constructing some storage shelves in our garage without written plans. The plans were in my mind. The construction plans were imprinted in my mind. I ordered everything from this mental imprint. My contractor and I picked everything up according to these plans. He asked questions. I answered them. He clearly did not understand what was in my mind. There was no way that I could communicate to him my vision. Fortunately he had worked with me before. He trusted me. He was getting paid anyway... Why should he fret if he had no plans to follow?

We began our construction project. It went very well for awhile, then Bill had an objection. There was no point in arguing. He did not understand what I was doing. It did not make sense to him. At each point when an objection would occur it would be necessary to ask Bill to "trust me." I'm not a carpenter... I'm not a contractor... I'm not an architect. It was asking a lot! Yet, from start to finish he trusted me. I had the imprint. I had the directions. As the shelving project wore on the objections were replaced with praise. Eight hours after beginning our project it was completed. We had constructed over 500 square feet of storage space. The contractor was amazed and impressed.

Every Jew involved in the planning and construction of the Mishkon had that mental imprint of every exact detail. Everyone understood every detail of their part of the preparation and construction. This is what the Novie Jeremiah was prophesying about the future new Covenant.

Now the issue in unity that we are considering this week is containing the ego. Those of us who don't have that mental imprint of a subject or a project have to trust those who do. It is difficult for both parties. The individual with the burning mental imprint cannot transfer it totally to others. The recipients have a poor quality copy of the fax imparted to them by the individual with the original. The individual with the original becomes tense and frustrated. The recipients cannot understand. They see ego everywhere they look. It's awful to them. They don't understand the poor quality transmission. They could only understand bits and pieces of the entire transmission.

This is one area where Moshe Rebbeinu was such an incredible leader. First he received a perfect transmission from Hashem. Those of us with the burning mental imprint do not have the translucent imprint as Moshe did.

Moshe contained his ego. He restrained his ego completely with a few exceptions... Those of us with the burning mental imprint struggle and often fail to adequately check our wildfire egos. We set off all too easily! We are not a Moshe Rebbeinu! We are not some great Tzaddik!

Moshe transferred his translucent imprint to the planners, to the constructors, to the laborers, et al. Those involved could clearly see G-d's will as it was planned and constructed at every stage. There was unity! There was fulfillment of vision at every turn. There was daily completion. We do not posses this translucence nor understand it. It is presently beyond us, but it won't be forever...

Dear reader, there is a strong degree of anxiety in not being able to transmit our very limited vision. Our ego goes crazy. We wonder, Why can't people understand?? Then those who do not suffer from ego overdevelopment cannot make the connection. It's like one prong is broken on their cord. The cord has to be plugged in just right for it to work some of the time...

So we see all these blocks to unity, to the proper flow of current. We suffer with the egos or we suffer with the broken cords, and we look forward to the day of Moshiach when we each will share translucence, thank G-d.

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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