Parshas Vayakhel
Exodus 35:1 - 38:20

Obtaining Wisdom ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of the weekly parsha is dedicated in the loving memory of Mrs. Ethel Sakash Belk, my mother, may she rest in peace .

"And all wise hearted among you shall come and make everything that Hashem has commanded." Exodus 35:10 We know that Hashem selected only the finest in their fields of expertise to prepare and construct the Mishkon. Hashem selected only the very best! We recall last week's parsha, "And said Hashem to Moshe, stating, 'Observe! I called by name Bi Tzahl El, Son of Oo Ree, son of Choor of Yehuda's tribe. I have filled him with the Spirit of G-d [perfect judgment] in wisdom and in understanding and in knowledge and in all occupations to devise from [carefully] calculated [plans] of a metal [craftsman] in gold and in silver and in copper and in artisan work of stones and in artisan work of wood to metal [craft] in all occupations. And I, behold, I have given him Aaw Haw Lee Aawv son of Ah Chee Saw Mach from Don's tribe. And in the heart of all wise hearted I have given wisdom and [now] they [can make as] artisans all that I have commanded!'" Exodus 31:1-6

Holy reader, from this second passage our sages teach that there are two types of wisdom. First there is the wisdom present with us as stated, "And in the heart of all wise hearted I have given wisdom..." Then there is the wisdom obtained / supplied from Hashem as in " I have filled him with the Spirit of G-d [perfect judgment] in wisdom and in understanding and in knowledge and in all occupations..." This provides us with the most intriguing concept. There are those who now possess the wisdom and spirituality to fulfill Hashem's commands and there are those who Hashem will grant the wisdom and spirituality to fulfill His commands.

Since we are discussing wisdom, regardless of the wisdom, we must acknowledge Hashem as the source of wisdom. So while we can and do learn from others, their wisdom is also received from Hashem. Receiving instruction from seforim is also the result of Hashem's blessing regardless of the subject. Unfortunately wisdom can and is often misused!

Next we examine the word most associated with W I S D O M - Chaw Chawm meaning "wise". The first occurrence for Chaw Chawm is Genesis 41:33 where Pharaoh said to Yosief, "After G-d [the G-d of discernment] informs you of all this there is no one intelligent and wise like you." Genesis 41:39 In other words, 'I realize in our brief discussion that G-d shares His wisdom with you. Since that is the situation who would be better qualified than you to lead our nation through these years of prosperity and famine? What wisdom... what spirituality... what integrity... what honor can match yours?'

Holy reader, when Hashem shares wisdom with you as Hashem did with our forefather Yosief there is no greater honor that one can receive even if they are made Viceroy of the greatest nation on earth as Yosief was!

In the spelling and in the Gematria of Chaw Chawm we observe that wisdom proceeds from Hashem. Notice Chaw Chawm from the right to the left:

Chaw Chawm
Mem = 40 Chof = 20 Chess = 8

The first usage is actually spelled with the connecting letter Vav and is pronounced Vi Chaw Chawm. Yet the order of reception remains the same

Vi Chaw Chawm {and Wise}
Mem = 40 Chof = 20 Chess = 8
Vav = 6

Now, holy reader, please notice the progression of Gematria values in the letters. The progression is from right to left. It begins with the letter Chess {8} representing Hashem, the author and source of all wisdom, on the right. It then proceeds to the next letter on the left, the Chof {20}, and then to the final letter on the left, the Mem {40}. This is a mystical example of Hashem's flow of wisdom, flowing to man on the left as the recipient of His Wisdom.

Next, dear reader, we observe the progression of increased Gematria values of the letters. Wisdom begins with the Chess {8} then progresses to the Chof {20}and then to the Mem {40}. In other words, wisdom begins small increasing little by little. When we examine the essence of each letter constituting wisdom also known as Gematria Miluy we see an intriguing pattern emerging. Gematria Miluy is when we total all the letters of a word. There are three words: Chess, Chof and Mem.


418 = Sav = 400 Yud = 10 Chess = 8

100 =
Pey = 80 Chof = 20

80 =
Mem = 40 Mem = 40

Notice that in the normal essence of the word Chaw Chawm that the letters supporting the spelling of each letter Ches, Chof and Mem DO NOT APPEAR TO SUPPORT our original thesis of the blessings flowing right to left. In fact they are exactly the opposite in Gematria Miluy! WHY?

Chaw Chawm {Wise}
598 = Mem = 80 Chof = 100 Chess = 418

Dear holy reader, Gematria Miluy in this instance represents what occurs when our lives fail to reach our full potential. Gematria Miluy demonstrates what occurs when we slip backwards, when we hesitate for an instant, so to speak. The reverse happens. The natural flow of Wisdom from Hashem ends. The reverse happens. When the reverse happens, represented by Gematria Miluy, the wisdom that we depend upon flows from a second source... a human source... an imperfect source... US! This wisdom is not presently feeding or receiving information from the original source but a secondary source, an inferior source...SO WHAT DO WE DO?

To insure that this does not occur requires living on a high madraga. In other words, we must be careful to first recognize Hashem as the total source of our supply of Wisdom and second keep a righteous vigil to constantly maintain clear reception through careful Torah observance.

Why do we tie 'CAREFUL TORAH OBSERVANCE to this high madraga?

Notice what occurs when we consider the Gematria Miluy Godal. That is when we total all the normal Gematria letters and the final letters when they are present. Now, dear reader, there are only five final letters. These letters are Chof, Mem, Nun, Pey and Tzaddi. They can be interpreted both as normal as in Gematria Miluy or as final letters as in Gematria Miluy Godal. When they are interpreted as Gematria Miluy Godal their very essence HAS TO REPRESENT A HIGHER LEVEL, A GREATER MADRAGA!!


418 =
Sav = 400 Yud = 10 Chess = 8

Chof {spoon, palm {of hand}, sole {of foot}, handle...} {with final letter]
820 = Pey = 800 Chof = 20

Mem {with final letter]
640 = Mem = 600 Mem = 40

Chaw Chawm {Wise}
Mem = 640 Chof = 820 Chess = 418

Now we have the concept known as "multidirectional" which means the letters' Gematria values move from the outside right { Ches = 418} to the center {Chof = 820} and from the outside left {Mem = 640} to the center {Chof = 820}. In other words, the center letter is introverted. It is the dominant letter. What does this mean? It means that both Hashem on the right and man on the left are flowing together. Both are converging on the center letter which in this situation is the Chof. The Chof means spoon, palm {of hand}, sole {of foot}, handle...

So, holy reader, when we reach the higher madraga of Gematria Miluy Godal our wisdom is being placed in our hand, so to speak. Our wisdom is developing feet to carry it out into the world. Our wisdom becomes the handle that opens the door that holds a hot pot that is useful. This is how Torah observance works. The Torah is our handle to every Mitzvah, to every command of Hashem! Torah observance is the handle to the door of operational wisdom...

Wishing you the best!

Good Shabbos!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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