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Dr. Akiva G. Belk ,Director

My Rabbi asked the question:

"A Bar Mitzvah is associated with a boy. A Tallit is also known as a
prayer shawl. The Chumash is the same as the first five books of Moses or
the Torah. These all being true, then Knaydikh would likely be associated

A. Chanukah
B. The weekly Sabbath
C. Synagogue prayers
D. Chicken soup
E. Answers B and D

Your help would be appreciated..


Subject: Meaning of K-nay-dlakh


Knaydl is a round dumpling normally made from matzah meal, cooled then boiled in chicken soup. The word your rabbi used k-nay-dikh or k-nay-dlakh is plural for knaydl.

Best regards,

Rachel Gold

Hi there-

Question: The term Kenahorra (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) - Does it mean a blessing, or something good - As in: "My grandson is growing so big, Kenahorra."

Or does it represent a curse, or something bad - As in: "Your business is doing so well this year!" -- "Yes, but please, don't give me a Kenahorra."

Thanks for the knowledge.



Subject: What Is The Meaning of Kayn Aynhoreh?


There remains a degree of disagreement in Jewish circles regarding Kayn Aynhoreh. Some mystical Jews repeat the word after making a statement to protect against bringing evil upon the one they spoke of. Evidently hundreds of years ago pagans would attempt to place curses upon Jews, so to guard against "their evil eye" one would say, Kayn Aynhoreh meaning,

Kayn {German} No

Ayin Ha Raw {aynhoreh} The evil eye

"No, the evil eye" in other words saying no to the evil eye.

Other Jews repeat the words Kayn Aynhoreh as a statement meaning 'I do not wish to cast the evil eye.'

Best Wishes,

Ben Silverman
Associate Editor

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