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Akiva G. Belk, Director


I am disappointed that shows like Grace Under Fire are written with such unfeeling and mean spirit towards other religions.

I used to think that other shows, including the sit com with Mel Brooks, would use the office of the Pope as a laugh outlet for Jewish humor.

With a Jewish mother and a Catholic father, I was never allowed the luxery of poking fun at any religion. My question is why do Jeswish writers thrive on these media outlets to further their economic gain.

And, you say you work for free. With a treasurer?



Subject: Why does JewishPath Have a Treasurer?

Subject: Anti Semitic Remarks: An example of what they are...

Shalom Marsha,

First, according to the laws of the United States every non profit corporation is required to have a minimum of three CORPORATE officers: President, Vice President and Secretary / Treasurer.

Second, JewishPath does receive contributions. We need contributions to pay for the operating expenses of an organization this size. Our organization requires computers, software, printers, scanners, copiers, faxes, phones, internet service providers,... etc. DO YOU THINK THESE THINGS ARE FREE?

Your question should be, WHY DOES ANY WRITER THRIVE ON THESE MEDIA OUTLETS TO FURTHER THEIR ECONOMIC GAIN? To say it as you did is anti-Semitic! JewishPath is a non profit volunteer organization. We deeply appreciate every contribution. Even the smallest gift is greatly appreciated. If every fifth visitor sent just $1.00 we could hire and support a fulltime
staff to answer questions like yours.

In advance we thank you for whatever you may be able to do...

JewishPath, Inc.
POB 1075
Georgetown, Colorado USA 80444

With kindest regards and all the best wishes for you and yours,


Ben Silverman
Associate Editor


Editor's Note:

Subject: Anti-Semitic Remarks: An example of what they are... continued

Subject: Giving Money To Non Profits, Be Very Careful!


Marsha's point is that one should NOT PROFIT MONETARILY OFF OF RELIGION. In her view Jewish writers are. However there are many others who make a profit off of religion. To center on Jewish writers alone is anti-Semitic.

Recently Dr. Belk wrote about our obligation as supporters of non profit organizations to investigate the institutions we contribute to. The article entitled "The Wonder of Wisdom" is insightful.


Rachel Gold,



Im a music composer in south florida. I just got your email off a website i found off yahoo. Anyways, i am looking for a music producer or songwriter to help me out with these songs i wrote. I'd like to colaborate with another good songwriter. The songs are styled with reggae - techo - funk & rock.

If you want to remix any of my ideas, feel free! Just email me back and i can send you all the individual tracks to do a remix.

Or if you know someone else who would be interested in this, Please fwd this to them.

Thanks for your time,


Subject: Making a connection between Music Composers and Producers

Shalom AB,

We forwarded your request to people that may be of assistance. We wish you well!

Please remember JewishPath is a non profit organization that would dearly appreciate even the smallest of contributions.

POB 1075
Georgetown, CO 80444 USA


Rachel Gold


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