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Dr. Akiva G. Belk ,Director


Subject: Hebrew Word Searches / Gematria Tools

Shalom... I am looking for something on CDROM to do Hebrew word searches with various number patterns as the source input... the purchase of reference volumes is also not beyond my means... can you help me in some way? I don't
know where to begin except to start asking questions... shalom... Tsiri

Shalom Tsri,
There are a variety of programs that offer word searches in Hebrew we do not make recommendations on the internet but suggest that you inquire from your local rabbi who may provide you with this information. We encourage learning Hebrew first then after developing a deeper understanding of Hebrew guided word searches. Word searches by a novice only create problems. One cannot read books of any language without first learning the alpha bet... One who knows the language also knows where to purchase such material.

Ben Silverman
Associate Editor

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