Readership Response

Dr. Akiva G. Belk, Director


Subject: Meditation
Aug. 22, 1999

Dear Sirs:
As a Kabbalah student, I've been studying your interesting Guematriot and wondering if you can explain us in a more deeper sense, how and when do we meditate in letters. I've found your site very useful. I would also like to contact anyone willing to chat about these issues.

Thank you.

Buenos Aires

Dear Ruth
Dr. Belk does not presently teach Jewish meditation on the internet even though he strongly believes in its value. He feels that meditation is an area in which one should be in touch with a well experienced, educated, established and respected leader of one's community.

Warmest Regards,

Rachel Gold

Shalom Ruth,
Have you had any success in your meditation search of Gematria letters? Since our last E- Mail to you we have attempted to make contact with Rabbi Ginsberg in Yisroel. He is an expert on Jewish meditation. We are sorry to say that we have been unsuccessful in obtaining his address. He is the head of Galei Nai Institute. He is a Chabad Rabbi. Rabbi Yisroel Engle at may be able to assist you in reaching him if you are patient.

We hope this will be of some help. If you have success in making contact with Rabbi Ginsberg please forward his address to us. We would like to add it to our link page.


Rachel Gold


Subject: Israel
Aug 1999

We were hoping to hear about Isreal . We live in the U.S.A we want to learn about Isreal especially at this time of year it's our way of connecting with the Holy Land we've seen the U.S.A. you dont understand you need to daven more than we do.

Sept. 1999
Dear JoAz Shalom,

Your suggestions are appreciated. We are not in a position to offer what it sounds like you are searching for however we would like to make a recommendation for the future. Please examine the following two sites:
Virtual Jerusalem at:
Maven at:

We hope this will be helpful. Thank you for visiting JewishPath!

Warm regards,

Rachel Gold


Subject: Request Permission to Publish Story on Luffman Torah History
Aug. 1999
Dear Josh,

May we have permission to place the story of your family's Torah on our Stories page at JewishPath?

Your family's story of the Torah would have gone well with last week's parsha. Please respond to

With best wishs,

Akiva G. Belk


Subject: Story on Luffman Torah History
Aug. 1999

Dear Akiva,

Please Email Morris Loffman...for permission.


Subject: Request Permission to Publish Story on Luffman Torah History
Aug. 1999

Mr. Morris Loffman,

May we have permission to place the story of your family's Torah on our Stories page at JewishPath?

Kindest regards,

Akiva G. Belk

Subject: Permission to Publish Story on Luffman Torah History
Aug. 1999

Dear Akiva G. Belk
On behaf of of my entire mishpacha,I give you permission to place the story of the Luffman Torah on the story page of jewishpath but on condition that you send me a copy of jewishpath with the story in it. If jewishpath is an internet creation then E-mail the story & page to Josh & me...

Obviously you are on the right Jewish path. Best wishes
MD Loffman

Subject: Thank You for Permission to Publish Story on Loffman Torah History
Sept. 1999

Mr. M.D. Loffman and Josh...

Thank you for responding favorably to our request. JewishPath is a nonprofit internet outreach organization.

You will find The story of The Luffman Torah located at:
the exact location is

We at JewishPath pray that the New Year is healthy and prosperous in Torah
learning and in business for you and all your mishpacha.

With Warmest Regards,

Akiva G. Belk

Subject: I Stumbled Upon Your Site By Accident..
Sept. 1999
I am not religious at all however was raised conservative. It has been many years since I have attended services. Some years ago me and my wife were having financial troubles and could not get into services without a ticket which we could not afford at the time. Since then I have not attended services as it seems the houses of worship have been transformed into a fashion display of designer names and jewelery. I guess I was surfing in search of something on this high Holy day, although I'm not sure what that is. Certainly I have remorse about not attending and at the same time resentments as well. I would like to become involved again on some level although I'm not sure what that is.

Mr. A

Continued... Sept. 1999
Dear Mr. A

Dr. Belk believes nothing is by mistake. Truly your discovery of JewishPath was at G-d's direction. Presently, Dr. Belk is away until next week. He read your E-Mail and will respond to it when he returns. He said to tell you that he understands how you feel and, "More importantly, G-d understands! Resentments exist because usually the problem still exists. It is very difficult to put a problem behind us when we see it happening over and over again. Often it is necessary to express our feelings as you have done and hopefully will continue to do."

For now connect with G-d in the best way you can, like in the article "The Shofar's Blast." The first steps in returning to G-d are often not connected to attending shul. Dr. Belk has written a wonderful article called "The Five Steps of Shuvah," please read it. Also please stay in touch with us! We at JewishPath pray that this year should be much better for you!


Rachel Gold

Continued... Sept. 1999
Mr. A

Your response to JewishPath is filled with emotions I can personally relate to. Congregations and their leadership can be most insensitive to tightness of funds. However, in many, many situations it DOES NOT result from greed but simply from the fact that some congregations have 6,000 members and only 3,000 seats including overflow. In those congregations the demand is so high that many people are without a place for the High Holidays. In most of those congregations it makes no sense to add on because they are usually empty except for the High Holy Days.

That is not to say that every congregation fits this category but the majority of them do during the High Holy Days. On the other hand I do not know of any Orthodox shul that turns Yidden away during the High Holidays. It's frequently repeated among Chassidim, "There's always room for one more."

I understand the "SHOW TIME" religious Jews. It disgusts Hashem... and many other Yidden! There are pretenders in every religion including Orthodox Judaism. There are a significant number of rabbium even Orthodox rabbium and Yeshiva rabbium who seriously need to do shuvah!!

Having said all this what does one do?

Remember it is the Torah of Hashem that is perfect NOT JEWS or anyone else for that matter! One must establish a safe place with their Creator... a place they can go in difficult times. That place is different for each of us. For some it's the rabbi's home, for others it's the shul, for others it's the internet and others it's the ocean, the desert, the mountains or a friend's home. The point is, each of us can find a comfortable place to connect with Hashem. Remember, Hashem is not nearly as judgmental as some rabbium would have one believe. Yet that does not give us an open ticket to do as we please.

As Jews we do have responsibility. We are supposed to live as examples for the world to follow. Sounds a little far fetched... The fact is, we must attempt to observe the Torah to the best of our ability regardless of our individual hurt. Believe it or not G-d will deal with the JHYRWSCXH's.

So, please go forward. Do your best! G-d is your Judge!

Sir, I myself have made mistakes too along with every member of JewishPath. None of us are mistake free. We're inundated with e-mails, requests, problems. And shortage of cash flow. People can be very demanding. Everyone wants to be treated special - including me! But all of us must understand, frequently there just isn't enough time for each of us to get the treatment we need. Everyday my wife and I and every member of our staff must face the fact that we must get up and go to work and earn a living. None of us depend on JewishPath to supply our needs. Many people who write to us feel they have no obligation regardless of how much they demand of our time, energy and efforts.

Now don't misunderstand, we are here for you to the best of our ability and believe me, there are many 19-20 hour days. And we still cannnot get caught up. This is not a complaint, this is just a loving fact. We love hearing from our readership and we want you to keep writing to us. Yet on the other hand, put yourself in our shoes: serious dedication to our fellow Jew....with very little financial support. We realize at JewishPath that G-d has given us this outreach and we do take it very seriously. We honestly wish we could do more.

So there are many sides to this complex issue. Each of us must be careful not to become embittered by our day to day misfortunes or lack of good fortunes or overconfident because of Hashem's endless blessings.

Finally, to any rabbi, congregation leader, Kohan, Levy or other Jew who may read this E-Mail, G-D WILL HOLD EVERYONE OF US ACCOUNTABLE FOR HURTING ANOTHER JEW OR TURNING AWAY OUR BROTHER! THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER!!

It truly HURTS ME TO RECEIVE E- MAIL FILLED WITH BITTERNESS AND SORROW LIKE THIS! G-d help us as Jews to be sensitive and caring for our fellow Jew and fellow human being! END

With kindest understanding and warmest regards,

Akiva G. Belk


Subject: Finding A Place To Publish On The Internet
Sept. 1999



September 14, 1999
Dear Fran,

We pray for all who mourn in Zion.

Please send us several of the articles you have written. We may be willing to publish some of them on our "sight" but you will need to become a member of JewishPath, a stepping stone is just $36.00. This helps offset our costs of promoting JewishPath and publishing it on the World Wide Web. For every file we publish we have to have back ups, and for every file we publish normally three files are required to publish it.

Our staff would very much like to publish some articles in this area and to set up a page on death and dying and bereavement. We have plans to accomplish this,
G-d willing, this year.


Rachel Gold

Subject: Statistics & Percentages Of Inter-marriages Ending In Divorce
Sept. 1999


Do you have any statistics that would reflect the percentage of inter-marriages that end in divorce?

Thank You,


Sept. 1999

Dr. Belk draws his information from many years of experience in dealing with and observing intermarriage problems. Normally the problems begin when one mate in the marriage becomes observant. It is usually the Jewish mate. Of the situations Dr. Belk is aquainted with in Orthodox circles, over 90% of the non-Jewish wives divorce their husbands and get custody of the children. Over half of the non-Jewish male partners will convert to Judaism. Eventually some of those end in divorce with about half remaining commited Jews. These are his observations of people he has had personal contact with. It is not based upon a survey. His opinions are also from discussions with outreach rabbium who deal in these areas.

There are statistics on intermarriage. Please contact the Intermountain Jewish News. From time to time they publish articles with stats.


Rachel Gold

Subject: I Was Impressed With The Love And Kindness At JewishPath
Dear Mr. Belk,

This is my first visit to your website, and I will state up front, that I am a born again Christian. I would like to say that after looking through your "Responding to Messianics" section, I was impressed with the love and kindness you showed in your attitudes. I totally understand your standing up for your faith and for stating your beliefs the way you did. I was amazed that your articles were non-confrontational and you offered explanation without bitterness or anger. I thought your article about "Dealing with Missionaries" was a little harsh, but the manner in which you were approached was very wrong and would make me angry also. I hope you know that not all of us are that tacky and practice deception.

Thank you for the effort you have taken, and especially for the manner in which you presented it.



Continued... Sept. 1999
Dear "Fiercely Independent"...Karen,

Thank you for writing such kind thoughts.

Orthodox Jews experience many unique situations. This past Sunday I was preparing
to observe Yom Kippur in a hotel with about 400 other Yidden. About 30 minutes before Yom Kippur began a man approached me and begain asking questions. It was very clear. It normally is. The man was not Jewish. He was polite but he had no clue to the fact as to how preoccupied an Orthodox Jew might be in such a situation. I did not intend to be rude and tried not to be. However you would be suprised at how many people want tojust talk with an Orthodox Jew about anything. Sometimes we can spare the time and others we are in a rush.... We have things to do like everyone else.

The pastor who approached me in the airport was a liar. He was deceitful! He was wrong! I didn't go to the airport to make conversation, to witness about my faith or to attack another person's belief. I went with the intention of picking up a rabbi from our school and studying in some private corner and not bothering anyone. I was NOT looking for trouble....
We stand out in a know, white beard, black hat, long black coat, slacks, shoes.. it's kind of a give away for anyone who's seen The Frisco Kid, The Chosen, A Stranger Among Us, The Jazz Singer and on and on and on.

It is frustrating when Christian / Messianics treat Jews like we are unintelligent about religious matters, etc. Our eyes are not blind like so many people think. Very few religious leaders, especially Christian / Messianic, interpet the Bible correctly. It is almost always with a slant, with a predesigned goal.

That is not how searching for truth works. Searching for truth is like mining for silver. You dig a hole, you use equipment and your best understanding of where silver may be, but you do not start out knowing where the silver is - you must search for it. Christian / Messianics start out with a goal in mind. They generally think they have already found all the truth there is to find when it comes to Jews, Jesus, and the messiah. Believe me, many Jews know more about the messiah than most Christians / Messianics will ever dream of knowing. Very few people know that many Orthodox Jews study as much as twenty hours a day everyday. We are very dedicated to learning. We are dedicated...

The point is Christian / Messianics teach that our eyes are blind when it comes to Jesus. Actually, I find this very offensive knowing how theological institutions work. Fiercely independent thinking generally does not exist. When a Christian / Messianic stands up as Martin Luther did they are greatly persecuted, G-d Forbid!

Our issue is with Christians and Messianics who don't study hours everyday, who don't know how to properly interpet scripture, who cannot read or understand Hebrew, who have no clue to the fact that the Torah is perfect! It is these types of people who believe Jesus is the Jewish messiah. It is these people who try to tell us how to interpret our Torah, that our Torah is no longer valid, etc. It is so ludicrous for anyone on the mountain looking down. Why? Much is based upon belief. Little is supported by fact. For example, Dr. Josh McDowell suggests that the New Testament is divinely inspired because he has eleven historical proofs from NOT THE NEW TESTAMENT BUT the Jewish Tenach. That is similar to saying the Yellow Pages proves there is a G-d because it has churches listed in it. It does not add up.

Well, it was very nice to hear from you. Keep your independent attitude and thank you again for your very kind words.

With best wishes for you,

Akiva G. Belk


Subject: Condescending...
Sept. 999

Dear Mr. Belk,

Thank you for your response, and please send my thanks to Rachel, also, who kindly let me know that my mail was received and that you were not available.

I understand your point, and I would not pretend to have studied the scriptures in any proportion to you or your brothers. Your dedication and knowledge are astounding, and that is something that must please the L-rd. All I can say, on my behalf, is I know what G-d has done for me personally, through my relationship with Jesus. No one can dispute the miracles and ways that He has intervened in my life. I give Him the glory and the credit! I am sorry for those who have come in the name of deception, and I would never pretend to be something I am not to try to impress or coerce anyone. I don't believe it is my job as a Christian to prove to anyone that they are wrong, blind, or anything else. It is my job to tell what G-d has done for me, and that is all I can do.

I wish you the best in this new year and please know that I pray for Jews and Jerusalem daily - not in a condescending or "hoping their blind eyes will be opened" kind of fashion - I do it because I think it pleases G-d and I know that you are His people. You will be on my prayer list as well!

Thanks again for taking the time to write to me.


"Fiercely Independent" Karen


Subject: Miracles

Oct. 1999

Dear Karen,

At some point in the future, G-d willing, Dr. Belk will be publishing an article entitled "G-d Hears Your Cries." This article discusses people of all religions that cry out to G-d each with their own belief, each with evidence of miracles. In the article Dr. Belk does not argue with any person who claims to have experienced miracles. The article will discuss who actually answers our prayers.

Karen, thank you for your prayers. Our staff also has a prayer list (non published) of individuals we pray in behalf of each day. Every Member of JewishPath is included on our prayer list as well as many others and their requests. WE KNOW THAT G-D ANSWERS PRAYER! We have included your name. END

For Dr. Belk and all our staff,

Best Wishes in the year 5760...


Rachel Gold

Subject: Posted letter

Thank you for posting my letter.

Any interest in similar material for a regular column on Jewish themes?


Subject: Publishing on JewishPath
Oct. 1999

Shalom H.R.,

We do provide some publishing for our membership generally on established subjects or subjects we have plans to publish. Normally our staff requires that individuals desiring to publish on The JewishPath be members. Yet this does not guarantee that every or any articles will be published. We reserve the right to refuse any article.

We would need to know more about your intentions.


Rachel Gold

Subject: Inquiry
Sept. 1999

Who are you. What is your organization. What are your credentials

Sept. 1999
Shalom BinZev,

Take some time to read: Readership Response... June, July August and tomorrow's September editon; it will answer most of your questions.


Rachel Gold

Subject: 6 6 6
Sept. 1999

I was told that the initials for the World Wide Web - WWW - are the same as the number of the beast - the antichrist ='666'. Is this true?

Contact me asap, please.



Sept. 1999

Dear Pam,

Dr. Belk will be happy to respond to your inquiry after he learns where you heard about the WWW being 666, the anti c....

It is total, uneducated nonsense.

Please get back to us.


Rachel Gold



Subject: 666
Sept. 1999

Thank you for your quick response to my inquiry.

We had a missionary at our church from Jordan. He said that the Hebrew definition of the WWW(World Wide Web) was the number of the beast, the antichrist, being 666. He had told our Assistant Pastor this information, and our Assistant Pastor in turn asked someone in Louisiana, from another church, if this was true. This person said yes.

What does WWW in Hebrew, stand for, if it stands for anything at all other that World Wide Web?

Again, Thank You.




Dear Pam,

If the World Wide Web was invented and established in Russia for example then we in America would translate the name they choose {in Russia} into English. If the World Wide Web was invented and established in Yisroel then we would do the same thing.

However if we were to attempt to spell the words World Wide Web so that they would be pronounced as closely to the English language as possible {in Hebrew} then each letter would normally begin with a Vav. The Hebrew Gematria of Vav is six so if you place a Vav and a Vav and another Vav together there would be 6.6.6. Now that is an absolute aberration to suggest or imply that such a configuration represents the anti c. as Christians / Messianics believe... WHY? Because this is a non Hebrew acronym! This is an English acronym. Gematria does not apply in such instances. Also the words World Wide Web when written in Hebrew do not begin with a Vav.

I am reminded of an instance many years ago when some very uneducated non Jewish religious leaders discovered that through a method of numbers they had determined that the letters of Dr. Henry Kissenger's name were equal to 666 using an English formula. Later it was also learned that the same formula indicated that the name Mickey Mouse was also equal to 666.

These above examples are NOT HEBREW GEMATRIA! SEE THE SAV. END


Akiva G. Belk

Subject: Youth Convention / The Study of Gematria by Youth
Sept. 1999

Hi, I am planning a youth convention in early November. Our topic is Jewish mysticism, do you have any other information that could be useful with the teen age group, or where to look. I would appreciate it greatly.

Thank you
Heather Toblin


Subject: The study of Mysticism by youth
Oct. 1999

Shalom Heather,

It was a very deep honor to receive your letter. Thank you for considering JewishPath in your educational experience. I commend your desire to learn! It is difficult to reply to such a request, but since you asked...

Heather, normally the study of mysticism is reserved for men over the age of 40. I do ascribe to this teaching "with limits" just as I also ascribe to the laws of America which have many age restrictions like... Curfew... Driving... Drinking.... Movies.... Retirement etc.

I believe young adults should spend their Jewish learning time studying the foundations of our religion. Driving before one walks does not make proper sense. Studying mysticism is like dessert after a full course meal. Mysticism in itself is not intended to be the meal! As a result Gematria is only one part of JewishPath.

Maybe given more facts I could offer limited assistance but without them I must respectfully decline your request. This isn't easy because I appreciate your desire to learn. END

Wishing you the best,

Akiva G. Belk

Subject: The JewishPath as a Source for learning
Sept. 1999

Exploring Jewish learning for the fifth-or-sixth time, but this time with my new computer (65th b-day present from the kids) I'm excited about the opportunities available to study, learn daily. Thanks for being a source of light for me.


Niki, Mozel Tov!

First on your birthday, second on your desire to learn and third for your desire to learn using the computer as one source. We are pleased that you selected JewishPath as a source of learning! Our prayer for you on your sixty-fifth birthday is that you will be healthy, happy, enjoy your children, grandchildren... and continue to enjoy your Jewish Learning on your new computer.


Rachel Gold


Subject: Tattoo and Conversion to Judaism
Sept. 1999

I have been corresponding with someone who is interested in information about Judaism (with an eye toward conversion). He has some native American blood and because of this, he has a tribal Tattoo. Must he remove that tatoo before he converts? Or is the halacha that one cannot get a tattoo but once someone has one, it isn't necessary to remove it?


Oct. 1999
Shalom Debbie,

G-d accepts us as we are when when we begin the path of Shuvah. From Dr. Belk's point of view the same holds true for a convert. Yet the final word for this matter will be with the Rav performing the conversion.

Warmest regards,

Rachel Gold

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